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Community Response to Western Springs College Redevelopment

A meeting was held on Wednesday 24 June 2015, to inform school community about progress of the Western Springs College (WSC) redevelopment. Nearly 400 people attended the meeting.

Representatives from the Ministry of Education (MoE) presented broad descriptions, and corresponding budgets, for the proposals that the MoE intends to include in its business case to Cabinet.

Following the meeting, over 70 emails were received from the wider school community. The emails reflect a community of confident, high-achieving, ambitious parents – many with corporate experience. The main themes of the emails are:

  • The views of the community are largely aligned;
  • The community will not accept vague reassurances;
  • Support for a rebuild option that maximises community and cultural engagement. The “streetscape” option is preferred – the only design option that the community has been consulted on.
  • The Western Springs College Board of Trustees have summarised the views expressed by the community and sent this to the Ministry of Education for inclusion in their business case to Cabinet.

    The full report and executive summary can be found here if you wish to see what has been sent to the Ministry of Education.

    Our New School
    Executive Summary -
    Community Response to Western Springs College Redevelopment
    Full Report -
    Community Response to Western Springs College Redevelopment