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Design Ideas  

Becoming A New School - Design Ideas

This section features architects and their views on modern learning environments, in particular, the links between pedagogy and the design of learning spaces.

Designing Spaces for Effective Learning: A guide to 21st century learning space design
JISC, UK 2006
Article - JISC 2006 (pdf)


Kenn Fisher: Building Excellence: Linking the Curriculum for Excellence to the Design of Learning Environments (Curriculum for Excellence/Aligning Pedagogy and Space/Designsfor Flexible Learning) 2007
Summary - Ken Havill (pdf)
Source Article - Kenn Fisher 2007 (pdf)


Kenn Fisher: Proposed Planning Principles: Linking Pedagogy and Space 2005
Summary - Ken Havill (pdf)
Source Article - Kenn Fisher 2005 (pdf)


John Sofo: quoted extensively in Schools of the future, John McCrone's (Christchurch) Press article (2012) which is on the intranet. John is the NZ architect who designed Papamoa College, Mission Heights and Botany Downs


Bruce Curtain: Breaking out of the Box, An Introduction to the Principles of Modern Learning Environments School News article 2012


Prakash Nair: article from online Education Week publication-The Classroom Is Obsolete 2011
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