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The Board's Position

The brief from the school to the Ministry includes

  • a design which is responsive to the school surroundings and enhances the school’s dignity and mana;
  • a design that takes account of wind (prevailing wind from west) and sun;
  • a design that recognises the importance of the Rumaki as a separate kura within a kura and that the Rumaki has a separate identity, which is to be enhanced;
  • a design that recognises that TAPAC has a separate identity as part of the local arts community, which is to be respected whilst recognising the synergies with the teaching of dance, performing arts and technology in TAPAC;
  • the development of the school “street-front”, with location of the community utilised facilities (library, hall, gym together with TAPAC and the Rumaki wharenui and wharetapere) on the street edge.
  • a full modern learning environment with associated technology benefits.

    The Board’s position is that the original streetscape option, upon which the community was consulted in 2014, meets this brief and is preferred. In the Board’s view, siting a building platform on the NE corner of the property would not be optimal. It considers a full rebuild the best means of addressing health and safety issues. It accepts the need for staging.
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    Community Meeting 15/6/2016
    Presentation of the Masterplan
    Ministry of Education Statement on Redevelopment 13/11/2015
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