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Newsletter No.1 - 17th February 2006

News from the Mathematics Department
A big welcome back to all staff in the Mathematics Department with a special welcome to Bryony West, a fabulously talented and experienced teacher joining us all the way from the United Kingdom. We had an exceptionally successful year in 2005 and look forward to more of the same in 2006.

Parents are reminded that a scientific calculator is an absolute must for all students studying Mathematics. These are available from the front office as well as stationery stores such as The Warehouse stationers. The cost is around $20. Senior students studying achievement standards courses will be required to have a graphics calculator. More information on this will be provided by the relevant classroom teachers.

Homework will again be a very important part of Mathematics teaching and learning at Springs. Parents should expect students to receive homework on a regular basis and to be notified in the event of students not completing the required work.

A range of activities are yet again on the calendar for 2006. Students will have the opportunity to join the Chess Club, Maths Publication team or enter a variety of competitions throughout the year. More information re these will be posted in the daily Bulletin.

We look forward to yet again working alongside parents and caregivers to ensure the best possible outcome for all our students in 2006.
Thea Kilian

English News
1. Book Returns.
This is an urgent plea to parents and students to return any novel or book used in English last year. Unfortunately there are still a large number of books that have not been returned from last year that are needed for classes this year. We are asking all parents of students who did English last year to look in their son/daugther's rooms for any of our books. All of the books will be covered and labelled as belonging to WSC English Dept. Often students think they have returned them when they haven't so please have a quick look in their rooms yourselves!

2. Debating.
The inter-school debating competition starts now with the first debates occurring in March. The students have been notified about the need to sign up to get involved in debating over the last 4 days of school and teams will have been formed by the time you read this newsletter. We hope for a similar level of success as we had last year.

3. Year 11 Student Published.
Congratulations to Zarah Butcher-McGunnigle who has had some of her writing accepted for publication in the annual Re-Draft competition for teenage writers. Zarah competed against other writers between 13-19 years of age to have her work accepted for publication. This is a great achievement and is testament to Zarah's talent and dedication to writing.

Other students interested in writing should keep an eye out for notices about the school's Writer Club and competitions and workshops that will be held during the year.
Sean Hawthorne HOD English

Social Studies News
OPENING OF 'S' BLOCK- Thursday 9 February
The day dawned perfectly clear contrary to the rain that had been forecast. Last minute cleaning and landscaping was hastily arranged to meet the 11am opening deadline. Many thanks to Richard Corbett, our new Property Manager, and Dave Luttrell, our grounds man.

Special guests, teaching staff, support staff and the year 9 and year 13 students were lead through the block by Chris Selwyn and Rawiri Walker who carried out the blessing of the building. We all gathered in the foyer and S2 and on the deck to listen to speeches honouring the occasion.

Board chairperson, Rick Pearson, acknowledged the striking architectural features of the building in a tribute to the work of architect, Lloyd Ellis. Other acknowledgements were made to project manager, Paul Styles, and construction company manager, Mike Astley. Karl McGuirk, a year 13 student who is currently studying senior History and Geography, spoke of his fascination for the social sciences and their contribution to the understanding of ourselves as people and the society we live in. I am sure that he inspired at least some of the year 9 students in his excellent address. Finally, our special guest, Ian Carter, Professor of Sociology at the University of Auckland, officially declared the building open.

Students and teachers fortunate enough to be timetabled in the new block are looking forward to using the new facilities. We certainly are the envy of the rest of the school! There are special features of the design which are impressive. On the west side, for example, the large windows look directly to the fields, and the central foyer can also be used as a shared teaching space. I must say one could not ask for a better teaching and learning environment.

We welcome Tania Secker (MA First Class Honours) to the department from Christchurch. Tania has a wealth of skills and knowledge and I'm sure her classes will benefit immensely from her teaching.

Rob James has also joined us. He has significant experience in the class room and his students are responding positively to his enthusiastic and conscientious approach to teaching.
Sharda Patel

Peer Reading Mentor Scheme
Some Year 9 and 13 students will be involved in an exciting new reading mentor scheme. Thank you to all senior students who have expressed an interest. It is a great way to get involved in the school community and is mutually beneficial for juniors and seniors. Juniors will be invited to participate and it should be up and running by Week 4. It's not too late for Year 13's to sign up.
Kate Meade

Geography News
Geography Fieldtrip to Fiji 9-15 August 2006
Planning is well underway and an important meeting for parents/caregivers of any Year 11, 12 or 13 Geography students who want to participate in this trip will be held in the school library at 5pm on Wednesday 22nd February, before the new parents'barbeque.
Jenny Jones

X Team 2006
Year 9 students selected for our Gifted and Talented students philosophy class (the X team) will be catered for in 2006 by an option class in Terms 2 and 3. The selection process will take place in Term 1 with intermediate recommendations, interviews with our DP, Linda Dillon, a WSC assessment, PAT's and teacher recommendations taken into account. Year 9 Maths extension students will be withdrawn from their Maths class for 1 of 4 classes each week. Parents will be notified of these student selections over the next few weeks.

Year 10 Philosophy and Maths students from last year will be assessed again and their performance last year evaluated. If they are selected, they will be withdrawn from class for one period a week maximum. The period will be rotated as much as possible and Philosophy students will be withdrawn only to set up a project, which they will then complete in their own time.

As the term progresses we will keep you informed and notify you if your son/daughter is selected for the X Team or any other extension class.
Jenny Jones

Congratulations to:
Paris Goddard who has been selected as a member of the NZ Junior (U18) Ice Hockey team competing in the World Division III Championships in Metulla, Israel, against teams from Romania, South Africa, Israel, Turkey and the qualifier between Bosnia-Herzegovina and Armenia.

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