Nga Puna O Waiorea

Newsletter No.3 - 5th April, 2006


English Department News

1. Australasian English Competitions.
The annual Writing and English competitions have now been notified to the school. Students at all levels are invited to enter these competitions. Students should approach their English teachers for entry form letters if they are interested. 

The writing competitions entries have to be in by Friday the 7th of April and the English competition entries have to be in by the 13th of April.

2. Debating.
The junior debating teams have now had two rounds of their competition. WSC has continued its proud tradition of debating success with only one of our six junior teams being defeated in each round so far. The Advanced team have had two debates and had one loss and one win. Congratulations to all debaters for their commitment so far this season.

3. Year 11 Speeches.
These have now been completed by all year 11 classes and have been done to a generally high standard. There were, however, a few students who did not complete the speech and parents will be notified.
Sean Hawthorne

Social Studies

Marae Visit.
All year 9 students recently visited our Marae, Nga Oho, with their Social Studies teachers. Local features and their importance to individuals and groups are an important aspect of the Local Studies Module in year 9. The Marae was the meeting place at the Powhiri for all new students and their families at the beginning of the year so it was timely that we give students an understanding of the functions of this building.

Many thanks to Chris Selwyn, Neil Barnett and Hana Aranga who enlightened both staff and students with an excellent talk about Nga Oho, which is the name of the Wharenui, and its significance to the students of the college and the community. Our students learnt that Nga Oho is not just a building but is a living entity and therefore should be respected. I believe we are now better informed and have a greater understanding of this prominent local feature.
Sharda Patel

News from the Mathematics Department

1. Year 9 Banding.
We are pleased to inform parents and caregivers that all year 9 classes have been banded since the start of week 6. Student are quickly settling into their new environments with staff making the most of the new opportunities this brings in terms of better catering to the needs of all their students. Letters have been sent home with the students, informing parents/caregivers involved of their student’s new class as well as the processes involved in placing students. If, however, there are any concerns or questions, feel free to contact me, preferably via e-mail.

2. Chess Tournament.
The first school wide tournament was held on Tuesday 28 March. The main aim of the event was to give as many students as possible the opportunity to try their hand at competitive chess. Considering that there were 60 students battling it out for the better part of 2 hours, I would say mission accomplished.
A big thank you to Bryony West and student leader Catherine Roberts for organising the event.

3. National bank Maths competition.
This competition is scheduled to take place on Wednesday 5 April. 29 students have entered and we wish them the best of luck. Thank you to Simon Henley for co-ordinating the event.

4. Junior Maths extension groups.
13 students are currently involved in researching the role of Mathematics in everything from CSI to Basketball and Snooker while still finding the time to play Soduko and solve Haunting riddles. The current programme will be completed at the end of the second term after which another 15 students will have the opportunity to take part. As has become tradition in the department, students will have the opportunity to present and display their work at a Mathematics evening which will take place early in the fourth term. I am looking forward to finding out who killed the butler in the kitchen with the rope!
Thea Kilian

Drama Showings

Year 11 are doing Commedia plays for public showing in TAPAC Theatre. Tuesday 11 & Wednesday 12 April at 7pm. $2 entry.
Year 12 will be up this week in TAPAC Theatre Tuesday 4 and Wednesday 5 April at 7pm performing scenes from Shakespeare. Hear the story, watch the drama. $2.

These showings are work for assessment of student knowledge of theatre. Year 11 studies Commedia dell’Arte by doing a show in that style. Year 12 studies the theatre of Shakespeare in the same way – by doing it.
Bruce De Grut


The dates for the Fiji Fieldtrip have now been confirmed as Saturday 12th August – Thursday 17th August 2006. A payment of $500 is due by Friday 7th April at 3.15pm. Before a deposit is paid to the travel agent, students’ behaviour and work records will be reviewed with senior management and a final decision will be made as to which students will be allowed to participate in the trip. Letters will be sent home to inform parents if a student is not allowed to participate and deposits will be refunded.

Fundraising is being organised by Anne Millan, John Ward and Debi Jacka. Thanks to them all for their hard work.

Three clean-ups at Ericsson Stadium have been booked for the weekends 2-4 June, 16-18 June and 19-21 May. A desert evening is also being organised.
Jenny Jones

X Team

Year 10 students from last year are attending two withdrawal groups, one period a week, to study P4C (philosophy for children) with Jenny Jones. Letters have been sent home. At present, they are researching a philosophical idea and its relevance to our lives for presentation next term. Withdrawal periods are rotated as much as possible to avoid hitting the same option each week. A selection process is under way for any new students.

Year 9 students are in the process of being selected for a philosophy option of 3 periods per week to be run in Terms 2 or 3 by Helen Thorpe. Students selected will be interviewed individually and letters will be sent home to parents informing them of their child’s choice and details of the programme for the term.

Mathematics extension is organised by Thea Kilian. In Year 9, students are involved during their Maths classes and in Year 10, students are withdrawn from classes but withdrawal is minimised and the period hit is rotated.
Jenny Jones


The photography department is calling to anyone in the community with old unused camera bags no longer wanted. We need 4 camera bags large enough for 35mm SLR cameras. If there are any available for donation to us we would be most grateful.
Ashra Clement

Community Notices

Tax Credits for Families
“Up to 85,000 more New Zealand families will become eligible for Family Assistance from Inland Revenue from 1 April, 2006. Higher income limits and a new In-Work Payment for eligible working families will mean that families who weren’t previously eligible for Family Assistance may now find that they are. Anyone who thinks they may qualify for Family Assistance can go online to <http://www.workingforfamilies.govt.nz/>www.workingforfamilies.govt.nz or find out if they qualify by calling 0800 257 477

The Great Gladstone Gala
Gladstone Primary School
Seaview Terrace, Mt Albert
Sunday 9th April 2006, 10 – 2pm
Craft stalls, dunk the teacher, gumboot throws, entertainment, raffles, auctions, lucky dips and much much more.  Bring lots of good coins. Rain or shine, Eftpos available.

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