Nga Puna O Waiorea

Newsletter No.5 - 13th June, 2006


Changes to the Normal Timetable: School Closure, 12 June
The decision to close the school at 11.00am yesterday morning followed a 2.5 hour period without classroom lighting and heating and with the prospect of another 2.5 hours without the electrically powered sewerage pumps needed to keep the toilets operational. Fortunately, Ritchies were able to provide buses to service the Balmoral and Titirangi routes.

Late Start for Year 10s on Wednesday, 14 June
Springs hosts the Year 8 Ponsonby Intermediate students for a full menu of workshops covering all curriculum areas on Wednesday morning, 14 June. As a result of the impact on our teaching resources Year 10 students are asked to delay their arrival at school until interval ( 11.00-11.30am ). The normal teaching timetable will operate for periods 3, 4 & 5. If this schedule change seriously inconveniences any families, parents are welcome to contact the school office staff so that arrangements for supervised study can be made for your daughter or son during periods 1 & 2.

Early Finish: Paid Union Meeting, 23 June, 12.30pm
The school is required by law to finish early on Friday, 23 June, to enable the teaching staff to attend a regional NZPPTA meeting to address issues relating to the upcoming renegotiation of the Secondary Teachers’ Collective Agreement. Consequently, all students will finish their lessons for the day at 12.30.

End-Of Term Farewell for Springs Librarian
After over 15 years of wonderful service to the students and teaching staff of Western Springs College librarian Jenny Harper has decided to take on the challenge of managing a library in a tertiary institution. Towards the end of the month Jenny will take up the librarian’s position at St John’s Theological College in Meadowbank.

During her tenure at Springs, which began in 1991, Jenny has led or facilitated an impressive range of developments which have made the college library a true centre of learning. Jenny readily embraced the move to improve student access to the library by increasing the hours: for a number of years the doors have opened before school at 8.00am and do not close until 5.00pm. She has always shown an active awareness of the changing interests of students and technological developments, witnessed, for example, by the way that graphic novels have become such a popular feature of library borrowing in recent months.

Jenny must be credited for the excellence of the special collections – Maori; Pasifika; Asian – which distinguish the Springs library, and for the constantly changing, eye-catching displays which have helped generate student and staff interest in current events and research themes. Not least noteworthy is the physical environment Jenny has created: our library is a wonderfully welcoming, aesthetically pleasing space where students feel at home and inclined to linger. Jenny, you have served us so well!

Sports Facility Development
The WSC Sports Facilities Development Committee has decided to invest $300,000 in the construction of an artificial turf surface across the courts area. The internal fence dividing the courts in half will be removed, opening up the whole area for Physical Education and Sports Academy classes as well as sports team practices in hockey, netball, basketball, touch, soccer and rugby, not to mention the provision of six tennis courts and a running track around the perimeter. We expect the works to be completed by term four this year.

Social Studies Department

Asian-Wise Competition – Promoting the Social Sciences:
Once again this challenging learning experience is being offered to all Year 9 and 10 students. They will be tested on their research skills, particularly in the use of ICT to answer 50 multi choice questions. The questions will focus on Australia, New Zealand and Asia. Different topics are covered, they include Geography, History, Climate and Famous People.

In previous years our students have achieved excellent results and I anticipate the same success this year. This is an excellent opportunity to do extension work in Social Studies.

All students will receive a certificate recognising their achievement and this year the department will acknowledge the top student with a reward.
Sharda Patel

News from the mathematics Department

1. In the previous newsletter, we put parents to the test with 3 problems. Here are the answers:
Problem 1: How many lame ducks? Answer: There were 12
Problem 2: How many sheep and how many turkeys? Answer: 9 sheep, 18 turkeys
Problem 3: The minimum number of people required for the relations to exist was 7.

2. Maths Extension program:
The first of two half-year programmes for junior students is slowly but surely coming to an end with students working towards presenting their information through oral presentations and displays. Topics include human reaction time related to sport, carbon dating, maths in music and much more. Student selection for the second half-year programmes will take place at the end of this term.

3. Maths Publication:
With student editor Tom Wilson and student mentor Catherine Roberts at the wheel, Maths Uncensored is yet again well on its way to becoming a very popular and interesting read. Articles cover topics such as blackjack, bunny populations, eggs and omelettes and much more. The publication date is set for later this term.
Thea Kilian

Paanui mai te Wharepukapuka/ Notice from the Library

In 2005, two Rumaki students from Nga Puna o Waiorea achieved highly in the Ngarimu VC and 28th Battalion Memorial Scholarship Fund essay competition. Book credits to their school library formed part of their prizes. Te Ura Taripo Hoskins won the Senior English and Rei McLay won the Intermediate English competitions. Te Ura chose a high quality hardback book of the coffee table variety about the dress designer Chanel. Rewi chose the autobiography of Anthony Kiedis, lead singer of Red Hot Chili Peppers, who has survived to escape the drug dependency trap. There was even enough in Te Ura’s and Rewi’s credit to replace some much-read and worn out fiction in the Pukapuka Whakamarama Maori collection. 

Several donations have been made to the Library this year. Staff have passed on good used books and recent magazines of high quality, and one member of the Board of Trustees has been especially generous in sending the payment involved in this position to the Library accounts. Many thanks.

On the purchasing side, the Library has just bought the new edition of the World Book encyclopaedia, an excellent source of quickly-accessed, well-researched, trustworthy and reliable information which never goes off-line and is pitched perfectly for our readers.
Jenny Harper

Performing Arts

The ‘Bring it On’ hip hop dance group performed recently at the Western Zone competition. After 6 weeks’ rehearsal led by Jeremy Poi and Desiree Westerlund, the group of experienced and beginner dancers grew in skill and confidence. Though they knew their dance was not competitive with groups such as Kelston (the Boys’ High School were winners) and Massey, their enthusiasm remained high and their seriousness carried them through. Ms Davison, who organised rehearsals and ran the group, expects student leaders to emerge for next year’s competition.
Bruce De Grut

Comedy Festival
Winner of the Stand-Up Comedian Award at last weekend’s Class Comedians Showcase, Alaric Arapai.

The Showcase, part of the Oddfellows NZ International Comedy Festival, featured students from secondary schools all over Auckland.

Look out for Alaric as MC for the Fiafia Night on June 29th.

Winner of the Stand-Up Comedian Award at last weekend’s Class Comedians Showcase, Alaric Arapai.

Ponsonby Intermediate Dance Exponents

Ponsonby Intermediate students have nearly completed a term of Dance at WSC. They have learned salsa, contemporary dance and hip hop and have created their own imaginative dance sequences.

Look out for their performance at the Arts Festival in Week 8, 18th - 23rd June, 6 – 8pm.

Arts Festival in Tapac and hall 18 – 23 June Week 8


Mon. 19

Tue. 20 Wed. 21 Thurs. 22 Fri. 23

4 – 6pm Battle of our Bands - hall

Video Fest Video Fest Video Fest
6pm Literary Festival

6pm Theatre Sports/comedy

6pm Wearable Art 6pm Year 10 plays 6.30pm Music concert 6pm Dance
7 pm Top Girls

7.30 pm Top Girls

7.30 pm Top Girls 8pm Chalk Circle 8pm Chalk Circle 8pm Chalk Circle


Shakespeare Festival

Congratulations to Anthea Hill and Alida Breitag who received three awards at the national Sheilagh Winn Festival of Shakespeare in Schools, in Wellington at Queen’s Birthday Weekend.

Anthea and Alida, selected to represent Auckland at the regional competitions last term, returned with the Student-Directed Ensemble Award and the Globe Link Award for Interaction. Additionally, Alida collected a Special Individual Performance award.

The girls chose a scene from Henry V which was spoken entirely in French!

Further to the Shakespeare win, Anthea Hill has won a place at the National Shakespeare workshop in New Plymouth. Only 30 students nationally were chosen. From this group 15 will be selected to visit the Globe in London next year.

Alida Breitag, Anthea Hill and Josefine Welsch perform in Top Girls at the upcoming Arts Festival. Arts Festival in Tapac and hall 18 – 23 June, Week 8

Stage Challenge

Dancers, set-builders, costume workers and the organising team have been putting many hours in to complete the necessary tasks ready for the big performance day; 14th June. However, these tasks (which include the construction of a 4m high rocket, and the making of 70 costumes) could not have been made possible without the financial support of Harry Gosselman from Atomic Roasted, the Auckland Petanque Association for allowing us to hold a baking fundraiser for one of their tournaments, the PAG who gave us the opportunity to do three Ericsson Stadium clean-ups, and the students, parents and PAG members who helped to pick up rubbish at these clean-ups.

This year’s theme is ‘Alien To Me’. It explores a German philosopher’s theory of the process that a person goes through when dealing with the unknown. The story follows three astronauts who have landed on an unchartered planet and proceed to encounter three differing tribes of aliens, each representing a stage of dealing with the unknown; rejection, curiosity and acceptance. 

Come and see the show!
Tickets can be bought at Ticketec. 
We hope to see you there!

Message from Dal McGuirk, Dean of International Students

Host families for international students required.
Our partner language school, Worldwide School of English, is looking for host families in our area. At times it has short term family bookings (mother and child) or individual international students requiring homestay accommodation. Payments are from $250 per week for an individual child up to nearly $800 per week for a family of 4 (2 bedrooms). They also have a need for host families interested in hosting older students. Rates are from $190 per week for over 18 year olds. Please also note that currently the IRD do not tax income earned from a homestay student. If interested please contact :

Mrs Jeanne Northwood on 302 5288 or jeanne@worldwideschoolofenglish.com

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