Nga Puna O Waiorea

Newsletter No.5, June 6th, 2007


ERO Review: Parent Participation
The Education Review Office team leader has asked that parents be notified that they are welcome to contact the reviewers during the review ( 11-20 June ). Contact information will be held by Beth Parker and Christine Goodes at the school office.

Parents are also able to respond to the parent survey on the ERO website until 30 June. This survey will inform the national Families’ Report, not the Western Springs College report.

During the review the reviewers will meet the following Springs parent groups at the times designated below:

Mainstream Maori Parent Group Tuesday 12 June, 3.00-4.00pm
Marae Committee Tuesday 12 June, 6.00-7.00pm
Pasefika Parent Group Wednesday 13 June, 6.00-7.00pm
Parent Action Group Monday 18 June, 7.00-7.30pm

Complaints Policy
The WSC Board has recently reviewed the school complaints policy and procedures. The policy rationale states that:

It is expected that all members of the school community ( staff, students, parents, other community members ) will endeavour to maintain high standards of operation and/or interaction in their daily practice.

When there is a perceived breach of such practice the school aims to respond to complaints in a fair and consistent manner, in accordance with employment contracts, legislation and the school’s code of conduct.

The policy guidelines and procedures are designed to enable all complaints to be dealt with according to set procedures and resolution to be achieved as a result of clear guidelines and practices. If you would like a copy of the WSC complaints policy and procedure, please either telephone Beth Parker or Christine Goodes at the school office ( ph 8468197 ) or email.

School Production The Dracula Spectacular Opens Next Week
I would like to encourage the school community to attend a performance of the annual school production on one evening next week. The show has been in rehearsal for many weeks and promises to be highly entertaining. Director Barnaby James is beaming, " I know it’s going to be great! "

Tickets are on sale now from the school office ( students, $10.00; adults, $15.00 ). The show runs for six nights at TAPAC from Monday, 11 June until Saturday, 16 June at 7.30pm.

Stage Challenge, Aotea Centre, Thursday, 7 June
Best wishes to the cast and support crew of the Springs Stage Challenge production which performs on Thursday evening this week. This student choreographed and directed show has also been in rehearsal for months and deserves strong WSC audience support. Tickets are available from Ticketek

Ken Havill

Greetings from the Art Department
Firstly, an important mention for former HOD Toni Mackinnon who has successfully been awarded her Masters of Fine Art from Auckland University of Technology. Toni has been on LTR whilst she finished her final year en situ, and although she is a weekly presence in the staffroom, it is significant that we as a staff and community mark and acknowledge her achievements. So, congratulations ‘boss’ x team.

It is also good to see the students’ own works on display, especially when they have been selected to represent some of the programmes that are taught at Western Springs College.

The annual Local Arts Festival opened on Tuesday night at Pasadena Intermediate and was a good opportunity for junior and senior students and their supporters to value and appreciate their work in context of a formal exhibition. As a department we would like to congratulate and thank all of the students who have taken part and remind them to collect their participation certificate as soon as practicable.

The Art rooms are starting to become very busy and productive, now that examinations for the seniors have ended and the reality of ‘the folio’ looms large. Students are reminded that they should continue utilising the interval, lunch and after school times so that they can better manage their practical Art responsibilities. As a department we will be posting the holiday workshop times closer to the date – this will allow students to work to a higher level of completion and ultimately lift their grades. However, a consistent weekly homework timetable is a more efficient and effective way for students to organise their time and prioritise their work.

This year the Art department has appointed two students to work part time as ancillary staff – congratulations to the Year 13 students Nova Matthewson and Ember Winslow who have already started work organising and preparing resources.
Lastly, a big thank you to those who have been bringing in jars and ice cream containers – we are still collecting them so please feel free to drop them off at the office and they will be gleefully accepted. Thanks in advance.
Ia Manuia
Lily A Laita

Calling all Pasifika Parents
We had such a successful meeting on the 15 May that the parents were keen to have another meeting in Week 9 of this term - Tuesday 19 June at the Western Springs College Library.

The meeting will include discussion of your child's report to be sent to you later on this term. It will also review the support systems available to help your child succeed, and other items of importance. Show you care, be there! The meeting will start promptly at 6.p.m. Refreshments will be available.
Warm Pasifika greetings to you all,
Tupe Tai.

The College has received a request from the family of a German girl aged 16 years who would like to arrange a student exchange with a student from Western Springs. The German student could come to Western Springs College either in Term 4 2007 or Term 1 2008. The NZ student from Western Springs College could choose any 2 or 3 month period in 2007 or 2008 to spend attending school in Germany, and living with the family of the student they would have hosted. German schools do not charge fees for attending school so the only costs would be flying to and from Germany plus living expenses or pocket money.

The German family lives in Bonn, a beautiful old city located on the river Rhine. If you have any interest in this exchange please contact Dal Mcguirk, Dean of International Students, on 8156743 (work) or at email.
Dal McGuirk

Yr 11, 12, 13

Report Evening

Tuesday, June 26th

4 – 7pm

in Hall and Library

Booking sheets for appointment times included in mailout posted home this week.

Reports will be posted home during Week 9 – Thursday & Friday June 21 & 22

Community Notices
Teenagers’ Self-Defence (13-15yrs)
Tutor - Morgan Libeau

The focus of this workshop is equipping young women with skills for keeping themselves safe. This includes discussions about controlling fear and embarrassment, awareness of safety issues (including technology safety), making good decisions, and self esteem and verbal assertiveness. Participants will also learn some physical self-defence techniques: punching, kicking, blocking and escaping holds and grabs.
Sun 17 June

Booking essential: ph 09 376 3227 or email

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