Nga Puna O Waiorea
 Newsletter No. 5, May 23, 2008  

Newsletter No. 5, May 23, 2008


Building Developments
Within the next few weeks construction will commence on two new, long-anticipated building developments. The new student services centre, sited at the front of the school adjacent to the Music department in the cordoned-off area vacated by the relocation of the Special Needs building, will provide a new home for the health centre and the counselling and careers services.

The second major project is the second and final stage of the accessibility programme which will provide wheelchair access to the upstairs classrooms in B and D blocks. This development will involve the construction of walkways at the upper floor levels on the east side of both blocks, an aerial walkway connecting both blocks and lifts at ground level outside B2 and D2. It will therefore be possible for all students to commute from B12 to D8 under cover without descending to ground level.

The coincidence of these projects and the nature of the accessibility project have raised concerns about the potential disruption to teaching and learning in the areas directly affected. Be assured that we will be liaising closely with the project manager to ensure that we have in place a programme of works designed to minimise interruptions.

Early Finish (1.30pm) Next Tuesday, 27 May
As part of our ongoing professional development programme focussing on the implementation of the new curriculum, the school will close early on Tuesday, May 27th. The usual four period timetable will operate, meaning that no teaching time will be lost; this will be achieved by absorbing assembly time into the teaching timetable, thereby enabling the school to close at 1.30pm. The regular bus services will be rescheduled to transport student’s home at this time.

Late Start ( 11.15am) for Year 11 & 12 Students Next Wednesday, 28 May.
The annual intermediate schools’ workshops for Year 8 students from Ponsonby and Kowhai Intermediates will take place on Wednesday morning, May 28th. It is necessary to ask students in both Years 11 and 12 to delay their arrival at school until 11.15am to enable us to accommodate the 300 or more visitors to the school. With school exams beginning on the following day this will provide a timely opportunity for students to undertake revision.

School Production Success
At school assembly earlier this week students and staff acknowledged the outstanding performances of the cast and support crews who brought Little Shop of Horrors to TAPAC last week. It’s a wonderful feeling for all involved to enjoy the fruition of many weeks of demanding rehearsals and send audiences home so enthused by the show. Special recognition is warranted for the director, Barnaby James, and the musical director, Margaret Robertson.

Nga Puna O Waiorea Students Excel
Congratulations to Bradley Watkinson and Te Ura Hoskins (Year 13 last year) who have gained first and second places respectively in the just announced 2007 national Ministry of Education Ngarimu Essay Writing competition. Bradley and Te Ura entered the Senior English section of the competition.

Ken Havill

Greetings from the Art Department

Junior Art
Congratulations to the recipients of the Principal Certificates – we are pleased to have had so many keen and diligent students come through the Art rooms last term.  We would also like to remind past students to collect their works and assessment grades from their teachers as soon as practicable. 

Year 11
The competitive energies of the four Art classes are focussed on developing works for folio and we will be using the scheduled examination time to begin printmaking for the next internal standard.   Students have also received feedback from the 1.2 Drawing standard and should consider resolving and completing works for the next resubmission for 1.2 due on Thursday 12 June.

Year 12 and Year 13
All senior students are reminded that the Art rooms are available for some teacher directed and independent working during lunchtimes in consultation with the Teacher-in-Charge.  This is particularly important for students with two or more practical subjects and Y13 students who are considering the Scholarship option for Level 3. 

Displays of student work from the Art department can be seen in the school library with the Y10 Picasso prints, the National library Epsom with selected 2007 Y10 works, and the upcoming innovative Y12 cubist works that will be featured in the staff room.  

Acknowledgements also to past staffer Toni MacKinnon and photography teacher Tori Young for their expertise in displaying the works for the recent Art Auction.  Both Toni and Tori donated works for the successful fundraising event, along with HOD Peter Coxon and Lily Laita.

Lastly, the Art department is calling on all household recyclers of icecream containers and jars with lids.  We are currently collecting plastics and containers for the Level 1 and Junior programmes to use for printmaking and casting – all contributions will be gladly accepted.
Thanks in advance
Lily A Laita

Hot Tips from the WSC Learning Centre

Exams are looming.
Develop good habits of mind now!
They will bring you long term benefits.

The relevant habits of mind for exam preparation are:

Managing impulsivity – make a revision timetable and keep to it. Follow the advice given below. Work at it.

Persisting – don’t give up. Every bit of work you do now will pay off later.

Before the exam – Eliminate the element of surprise. Prepare yourself! Talk to your teachers! Visit the Learning Centre for help and advice! Do some work!
If you know what to expect you will be less likely to panic or to be thrown by the exam.

  • Know where and when the exam is.
  • Know what the exam will be like.
  • How long will it be?
  • How many questions will there be?
  • Will you have to do all the questions or will you have choices?
  • What topics will be covered?
  • What types of questions will be asked?

    a) Essay questions
    b) Short-answer questions
    c) Multi-choice
    d) Practical
    e) Or a mixture

  • Work out a plan for how you will divide up your time.
  • Look over old exam papers and try them.
  • If you get stuck ask for help. Fill those gaps. Visit the Learning Centre.
  • Practice, practice, practice.
  • As you get familiar with the exam set yourself time limits.

The night before

  • Get a good night’s sleep.

On the Day

  • Have a good breakfast
  • Arrive in plenty of time.
  • Make sure you have everything you need.
  • Take a watch.

Starting the exam

  • Remain calm. Breathe.
  • Keep your eye on the time and spread it fairly across questions.
  • Check the structure of the exam.
  • Read through the instructions carefully to check what you must do.

a) How many questions to be answered?
b) Are any or all compulsory?
c) Do questions carry equal marks?

  • Read through the whole exam before you decide which questions to do if there is a choice.
  • When you are allowed to start writing go through and mark all the questions you will have to answer.
  • Read each question carefully at least twice and allow time to think. Highlight key words. Number the different parts of the question if it is asking you to do more than one thing.
  • If you have to write essays, do your plans first so you have your thinking done early.
  • At the end of the first hour, take a couple of minutes to rest, relax, and eat to keep your blood sugar steady.
  • Keep to your allotted time for each question. It’s easier to score the first few marks for a question than the last few marks.
  • Maybe tackle the harder questions first while you are fresher.
  • Use the entire exam period rather than rushing.

Above all take the process seriously. Focus and persist!
Helen Thorpe

After School Homework Study Times

Monday is PI Homework Centre time in the Library 3.15 – 5pm.

The Learning Centre has Senior Supported Study Tuesdays and Thursdays after school until 4.45pm.  Snacks provided.

Wednesday is the Moana House homework session time in the Learning Centre until 4.45pm.

Rumaki use the Library on Wednesdays 3.15 -5pm.

Mainstream Maori use the Library on Thursdays 3.15 – 5pm.

NB:  All students have access to the library after school on all days of the week.

Messages from the Library

Student ID – All students are requested to bring their student ID if they wish to borrow a book from the library.  This is particularly important when the librarian is issuing books to a full class because the system scans the card when issuing, saving time for the teacher and the library staff.  Parents, will you please encourage your son or daughter to bring their ID to school.

‘Student Work’ Display – I would like to thank the Art Department for the colourful display of art work produced by year 9 students.  It looks fantastic, catching the eye as you enter the room

Also many thanks to Byrony West for the work from year 9 Maths which they produced for Maths Week.

Book to Film – We have displayed a range of books which have made it to film. Come and view the display and borrow the book for a movie you have enjoyed. To name a few:  The Kite Runner, Atonement, Charlotte’s Web, The Mistress of Spices,  In My Father’s Den and Love in the Time of Cholera.
Sharda Patel

Congratulations to ……

The results have only just arrived in the last couple of weeks for the Ministry of Education’s - National Secondary Schools 2007 “Ngarimu Essay Writing Competition”.  Our congratulations go out to 2 of last year’s Y13 Rumaki students for their outstanding results in the Senior English Section.  Brad Watkinson taking out 1st Place and Te Ura Taripo-Hoskins taking 2nd. 


Next Meeting 3rd June, 7.30pm in the staffroom

Senior French Students’ Trip to New Caledonia

On the 16th of April at 1:15pm a group of senior French students departed Auckland on Flight SB411 to arrive in the French tropical country, New Caledonia (Nouvelle Caledonie). When we landed in New Caledonia we hoped for an amazing experience that we would always remember.

Being thankful to be away from school was not the case. Every morning we would wake up at 6am and get ready to leave for the Creipac Language School.  You think it's hard going to school at Western Springs College?  Try going to a school where they only speak French and for a whole 3 hours! Well to be honest it wasn't that bad, but we were sure relieved when the clock would strike 11:45am so that we could leave to do 'fun' activities.

There were many activities that we did.  These were: going into town, meeting street dancers, eating baguettes, going to the beach, staying at Le Pacifique Resort (the hotel), staying with host families, going to the Museum, and most of all going on the Amadee Lighthouse day trip!
On Sunday 20th April we took a boat to Amadee Island where we had a full buffet lunch, went on a boat cruise, went on a glass bottom boat out to where we went snorkelling, climbed the Amadee Lighthouse (well, some of us did!), saw sea snakes, and sharks, dancers and a man who performed fire pois. It was the most amazing day!

On Wednesday 23rd April we all had mixed emotions on leaving New Caledonia, but we managed to get ourselves on the plane and  safely home.
The 2008 senior French trip to New Caledonia was a huge success! We would like to give a huge 'Thank you' to Elodie Tempest and Matt Clayton for making the trip possible and most importantly enjoyable.
Holly Reynolds & Jasmine Toiting

Leaders’ Voice

News from the Ball Committee: The Western Springs College Ball ticket design competition this year gave students the chance to flaunt their artistic skills, with the winner receiving two free tickets to this year’s school ball at the Rendezvous Hotel. We received a total of 44 different entries, each with their own approach to the 'Enchanted Forest' theme. Each entry was then judged anonymously by Gerry Victor, Heather Dikstaal, Vesi Talamaivao and Matt Clayton. The winner, scoring the highest mark from the judges and gaining two tickets to this year’s ball is Alex Laurie (Yr13). Congratulations Alex!

Environmental News:

Think global, act local.
On Tuesday 27 May, students who walk or bike to school will be rewarded. Keep an eye on the daily notices for further details.

World Environment Day – 5 June 2008
There is an opportunity for year 9 and year 10 students to take part in a tree planting event at Meola Reef, organised by Pt Chev Primary. Any interested students must she Zanny or Zarah.

Consider your habits:
Did you know

  • 1 bar heater burning for 1 hour releases 2kg of CO2 into the atmosphere.
  • It takes more than 500 years for an aluminium can to break down
  • 15 mature tress make 1 tonne of paper
Year 12 Geography class about to attempt the Tama Lakes walk in Tongariro National Park, 9th May 2008.

Next board of trustees meeting 30th June 6pm in the library