Nga Puna O Waiorea
 Newsletter No. 10, September  26, 2008  

Newsletter No. 10, September  26, 2008


Term Break?
I tend to avoid describing the end-of-term three break as a holiday.

The reality is that senior students need to utilise the opportunity provided by this fortnight free of lesson commitments to attend to NCEA and Scholarship requirements, whether it be taking advantage of reassessments or resubmissions for internally assessed standards or preparing for November’s external examinations.

Certainly, it is misguided to regard the break as a holiday. A really satisfying summer holiday in January is dependent on working hard, especially in October and November, the “ business end ” of the year.

I would also like to acknowledge our teachers for the extra learning support they give, again especially at this time of the year, in the form of workshops during the break and additional tuition at lunchtimes and after school. I know that their dedication inspires our students.

Special Events
The latter part of term four in particular is certainly a time for celebration. The term is filled with opportunities for families to join students and teachers in celebrating the year’s achievements. I would like to encourage parents to plan ahead and participate in as many of these events as possible:
The Te Ahurea Maori Cultural Festival (18/10), the Pasifika Prizegiving (5/11), the Sports Awards Dinner (7/11), the Senior Prizegiving (11/11), the International Students’ Dinner (12/11), the Leavers’ Dinner (4/12), the Rumaki Prizegiving (17/12) and the Junior Prizegiving (18/12). Further details concerning times and venues will be notified subsequently.

Financial Statements
Please note that your financial statement is included in this mail-out. We would appreciate payments being made as soon as possible.

Property Developments
It is pleasing to witness the now evident progress on the construction of the Student Services Centre adjacent to the rear of the hall at the front of the school. The Centre, due to be completed by the end of November, will be the new home for the school’s health, counselling and careers guidance services.

We expect the lifts for B & D blocks to be operational from the beginning of term four. The final and imminent phase of the project will facilitate wheelchair entry to the performing arts centre. The accessibility project has been resourced by the Ministry of Education to enable all students access to all areas of the curriculum.

We are currently waiting for news of the outcome of our application to the Ministry for roll growth funding to enable the construction of a three-classroom block adjacent to the gymnasium. The new block will cater for the classroom teaching needs of Physical and Health Education.

Ken Havill

Leaders’ Voice

Eco Week
This term we held our first ever ECO Week from August 25th- 29th, organised by environmental student leaders Zarah and Zanny with help from enviro-group members.

Each day featured various activities along with eco-trivia in the bulletin and a library display. Events included a guest speaker from SAFE, a form class ECO Quiz and ECO pledges with Clara the Carefree Chicken. Enviro-group members gave out ECO pens, made from 100% recycled paper. (Keep them out of the rain!)

Kalman Zambo was one of the ECO pledge winners, getting the prize for the "most dedicated": 'I pledge that I will go into my neighbour's rubbish and recycle all I can see'. Many thanks to Niki Harre, Sindra Sharma and co. from Auckland University, as well as 'Keep New Zealand Beautiful' and 'Harvest Wholefoods', for supplying prizes.

Well done to everyone who participated in ECO Week!

'Treat the Earth well. It is not inherited from your parents; it is borrowed from your children' - old Kenyan proverb.

Maths Week
Maths week took place in week four of this term and I am delighted to say that once again we had a very successful week. As you will all know, we sold T-shirts with a catchy Kei te pi slogan on them in order to fundraise money for The Child Cancer Foundation. Many people around the school bought several of these T-Shirts and I’m delighted to announce that we managed to raise around $2000 for this worthy cause. Thank you to everyone who bought a T-Shirt, and helped us in supporting this amazing charity.
Charity Drive
On the 4th of September, Western Springs College participated in our first annual charity drive. This year’s focus was mainly on used clothing to donate to Salvation Army stores and various shelters throughout the Auckland region. It was great to see the outstanding participation and involvement of students raising over 600 items of clothing for such a worthwhile cause. We hope for this to be the beginning of many more years to come, donating and helping those in need. Thank you and congratulations to all those who participated in making this day such a successful event.

News from the Mathematics Department

The Mathematics Department will yet again be hosting a range of revision workshops over the upcoming holiday period.  Workshops will cover a range of topics across all year levels. In our opinion, it is imperative that students carefully consider their upcoming exam results in order to decide whether they would benefit from attending these workshops designed to, first and foremost, assist in filling current gaps, and, secondly, challenge them to move toward the next level of achievement.

Staff invest a huge amount of time and effort making these workshops worthwhile learning experiences.  We would therefore appreciate your support in encouraging your student to attend.

If you require any further information, or would like advice in determining which sessions your student should attend, please do not hesitate to contact your student’s classroom teacher.  Alternatively, feel free to e-mail me at kiliant@westernsprings.school.nz

Date Time Level Topic Venue Teacher
Monday 6 October 9:00 am
10:20 am
1 Achievement Level Algebra: This workshop will focus on the very basic achievement level skills only. It is recommended for all students. B10 TO
Monday 6 October 10:30 am
11:50 am
1 Achievement Level Graphing: This workshop will focus on the very basic achievement level skills only. It is recommended for all students. B10 TO
Monday 6 October 12:00 pm
1:20 pm
1 Merit and Excellence Level Number: This workshop will focus on the key skills required for achieving at merit and excellence level. A must for accelerate level students. All students welcome. B10 WR
Tuesday 7 October 9:00 am
10:20 am
1 Merit and Excellence Level Graphing: This workshop will focus on the key skills required for achieving at merit and excellence level. A must for accelerate level students. All students welcome. B11 MI
Tuesday 7 October 10:30 am
11:50 am
1 Merit and Excellence Level Algebra: This workshop will focus on the key skills required for achieving at merit and excellence level. A must for accelerate level students. All students welcome. B11 MI
Monday 6 October 9:00 am
10:20 am
2 Merit to Excellence level Algebra: This session is recommended for students with a sound understanding of the basic Level 2 Algebra skills. B9 MS
Monday 6 October 10:30 am
11:50 am
2 Merit to Excellence level Graphing: This session is recommended for students with a sound understanding of the basic Level 2 Graphing skills. B9 MS
Monday 6 October 12:00 pm
1:20 pm
2 Merit to Excellence level Calculus: This session is recommended for students with a sound understanding of the basic Level 2 Calculus skills. B11 KN
Monday 6 October 9:20 am
10:20 am
3 Calc Achievement Level Integration: This workshop will focus on the very basic achievement level skills only. It is recommended for all students. B11 KN
Monday 6 October 10:30 am
11:50 am
3 Calc Merit to Excellence level Differentiation: This session is recommended for students with a sound understanding of the basic Level 3 Differentiation skills. B11 KN
Monday 6 October 12:00 pm
1:20 pm
3 Calc Merit to Excellence level Complex Numbers: This session is recommended for students with a sound understanding of the basic Level 3 Complex Numbers skills. B12 HY
Wednesday 8 October 10:00am
2 Unit Standards Re-Assessment opportunity Students to whom this applies will be individually informed by their classroom teacher. B12
Tuesday 30 September 10:00 am
11:20 am
3 Stats Merit and Excellence Level Algebra: This workshop will focus on the key skills required for achieving at merit and excellence level. A must for accelerate level students. All students welcome. B9 RS

English News

We would like to congratulate the following students who participated in the recent ICAS International Writing Competition.

The following students gained Distinction:

Josephine Desmond, Year 9
Hugo Carnell, Year 9
Jonnie Ribera, Year 9
Georgia Rudd, Year 9

These students gained a Credit:

Jack Beesley, Year 9          
Lucia Everett-Brown, Year 9

And these students gained a Participation:

Annalisse Crosswell, Year 9
Claudia Cairns, Year 9
Jessica Barris, Year 9
Asher James, Year 10

We would like to thank these students for participating and hope that they will enter the competition again next year! Congratulations to all competitors.
Ali Geursen HOD English

Visual Arts News

Deadlines for NCEA externally moderated or marked folios are fast approaching. It is important that all students are focussed on their individual requirements and are making the best possible use of class time and any lunch or after school sessions organised by teachers.

Holiday Workshops:
The Art rooms will be available for students from all classes: Levels 1- 3, on the following days.

  • Week 2 Tuesday 7 Oct 9am – 12 noon  Lily Laita
  • Week 2 Wednesday 8 Oct 9am – 12 noon Tori Young
  • Week 2 Thursday 9 Oct (9am – 12 noon. Peter Coxon

Students can attend all or any of these days and both the computer suite and darkroom facilities will be open each day for Level 2 and 3 students. At least one teacher will be present on each of these days. The teacher’s name indicated above is the teacher in charge for that day.

External Folio deadlines are:

  • Level 1 Visual Arts – Wednesday 22 Oct [Week 2, Term 4]
  • Level 2 Design, Painting, Photography – Wednesday 29 Oct [Week 3]
  • Level 3 Design, Painting, Photography – Friday 7 Nov [Week 4

Peter McIntyre

News from the Science Department

Our senior scientists should be extremely busy over the next 5 to 6 weeks preparing for their externals or completing internals.

To assist them in their revision programme, we have set aside some extra workshop time. We strongly encourage you to participate in these workshops and ask that you please inform your teachers if you are planning to attend. This is so that teachers know how many resources to prepare.

Day/Date Time Subject/Staff Venue
Thursday (02/10) 10-12noon L2 Chemistry D4
10-2pm L3 Chemistry D6
Wednesday (08/10) 10-12noon L2 Chemistry D4
10-2pm L3 Chemistry D6
Week 2 Day Subject Staff
Monday L1 Biology VR, FR, FE
Monday L2 Chemistry BR
Wednesday L3 Chemistry AG
Week 3 Monday L1 Chemistry AG, BR
Monday L2 Physics OY and WM
Wednesday L3 Chemistry AG
Week 4 Monday L1 Physics OY and WM
Monday L2 Biology FR and FE
Wednesday L3 Chemistry AG
Week 5 Monday L2 Chemistry BR and AG


The following revision resources can be ordered through the school at a price less than the normal retail price.

  • Studypass summary course notes are fold-out course notes with plastic ring-binder cover covering the essential course content: normally $12.95, school price $9
  • Studypass examination revision guides are NCEA exam questions with fully worked answers and explanations from all the past NCEA examinations:  normally $14.95, school price $11
  • Purchased together, the summary course notes and the examination revision guide normally cost $27.90. When students order both the summary course notes and the examination revision guide through our school they pay just $15 - saving $12.90, or 46% off the normal retail price. This offer only applies to orders from the school of 10 or more items

If you would like to purchase any of the resources, please complete the order form, print, and return it to the office by Wednesday 15th October 2008 ORDER FORM

Book Amnesty
We have so many books that are going missing from the class sets of textbooks.  Students may have picked them up by accident and taken them home.  Please check whether you have books at home that need to be returned. Please leave them at the school office or return to a Science teacher – no questions asked.

Message from the Library

Library Week
Many students got involved in the activities organised for Library Week.  The daily question attracted much attention and winners were given their canteen vouchers at House Assemblies. The form class quiz, which was written by our academic leaders, Weylin, Sylvie and Nic, was challenging for some classes who unfortunately chose not to participate. Congratulations to Helen Thorpe’s form class who had the most correct answers and to Atea for winning the most house points for the quiz.

The following students received book vouchers for borrowing the most books from the library so far this year. It was indeed a pleasure to announce their names at whole school assembly. Their vouchers were presented to them by Mr Havill

Year 9: Stephen Robinson and Lucielia Everett-Brown
Year 10: Eleanor McKibben and Zac Makani
Year 11: Luke Candir and Hariette MacDonald
Year 12: Narelle Lockley and Hao Zhou
Year 13: Christopher Auva’a and Junior Ioane

We also had a display of our new books along with our collection of books recommended for New Zealand Book Month. Both displays showcased our growing selection of some ‘great’ reading.
Sharda Patel

Social Studies News

Earlier this year the school received a request from the Ministry of Education’s Comparative Education Research Unit to take part in the International Civic and Citizenship Education Study (ICCS).

The ICCS will look at ways in which young people are prepared to undertake their roles as citizens and will be administered in over 30 countries. We will be able to obtain up to date national and international information that will help improve the teaching and learning of this important topic, which is taught in our Social studies classes in New Zealand and covers topics such as democracy, human rights and social justice.

Year 9 Social Studies classes have been chosen at random to participate in the study from schools across New Zealand. Students’ knowledge and attitudes towards a range of civic and citizenship education topics will be tested during regular class time.  9AT has been selected to participate in the study.

The test date which has been set aside is Thursday 13th November 2008.

The test papers will be returned to the Ministry of Education and individual results will remain confidential, meaning individual students will NOT be identified.

Kids Voting:
Year 9 and 10 students at Western Springs College are taking part in Kids Voting 2008.
This is a programme giving students an authentic voting experience. Kids Voting is a fun way to learn how systems of government in New Zealand operate and the opportunity to find out how they themselves can participate and take action as informed and responsible citizens.
How does Kids Voting work?
Students will learn first-hand what voting is all about. They will vote for the actual candidates, on a replica of the ballot paper that is being issued to adult electors but with KIDS VOTING at the top.
Teachers conduct the election in the week prior to the adult vote and follow the processes used in the actual election.
Students then get to compare their results from the 'Kids Voting' (in all other schools) with the results of the adult election.
Research has shown that young adults who can remember being taken to a polling place as a child are much more likely to vote. To enhance their learning why don't you take your child with you to your official polling place when you cast your vote on Election Day? It demystifies the voting process and will support the knowledge and skills learned through the Kids Voting classroom activities.
You can read more about Kids Voting at www.kidsvoting.org.nz                                              
Heather Dikstaal 


Mahepohepotanga Netball Tournament:
The Rumaki hosted the annual Mahepohepotanga League and Netball tournament day on Wednesday 20th August 2008. Despite the stormy weather conditions during the week it shone on us for this day and what a fantastic, successful day it turned out to be. Thank you to all the teams who played and those that travelled to share the day with us.  Eight teams competed, and the finals were tough as all teams had excellent players but James Cook High School defeated their oppositions to secure their win in the grand final.

Nga Puna O Waiorea had a strong representation, winning their rounds to make it into the netball semi finals; unfortunately they lost against Nga Tapuwae by just one point.  However a big “shout out” to the girls who once again upset the league by coming from the bottom of the table to take out third place in the competition. Big congratulations to Ariia Tainui-McIntyre and Korlina Cuthers-Turua (Year 9 students) who were selected for the Maori tournament teams.

Congratulations to our Boys’ (9-a-side) Rugby League team for winning their final.  They showed discipline, professionalism, determination and their attention to preparation was evident.  Thanks to their coach, James Watkinson.
Many thanks to all the people who got in and volunteered their time to assist whether it was through cooking, serving, working at the desk, umpiring, setting up, being a team manager, coaching etc your help does not go unnoticed. A big thank you to our netball committee, especially our coordinators Tracey and James Watkinson, for organising this wonderful event. These two work exceptionally hard each year to ensure Mahepohepotanga is enjoyable and memorable. Finally, thanks must go to the Sports Co-ordinating team, PE department and Sports Academy for vacating Te Whakamanu and the Gym for us to use this day.
Kaukura Tepaki

Staff Happenings

In August I attended the Skydiving Nationals held in Motueka.  There are a variety of skydiving disciplines to enter, ranging from formation skydiving, freefly, skysurfing, canopy formation and freestyle.  During the training time I was able to complete over 10 jumps which included some invaluable coaching with the New Zealand Freefly champion.

Unfortunately, my cold and chest infection that had been developing during the previous week became so bad that it stopped me from competing fully in the events, which was a huge disappointment for me.  The biggest issue was that I could burst my eardrums.  And unlike Mahe Drysdale, skydiving until you collapse during it is not a viable option!

I thoroughly enjoyed the experience and the event confirmed my passion for the sport and the competitive aspect of it.  I learnt so much and will be able to work on developing my skills for the following year!  I am hugely grateful to the school for allowing me to take the time to participate competitively in a sport which plays such an important part in my life.
Jill Hewitt

Community Notices

Public Consultation / Focus Groups
The Auckland District Health Board and the Auckland Primary Health Organisations want to hear your views about our plans to work with local communities and services to improve Primary Health Care in our neighbourhoods.

The primary healthcare plan may be viewed at: www.pointresearch.co.nz

To register, please either go to www.pointresearch.co.nz, phone and leave a message on 083 295 782, or email focusgroups@pointresearch.conz
Megan Ware
Point Research

AFS Exchange Students

Host families required for Karen (16) from Paraguay and Heidi (16) from Finland. They are AFS exchange students arriving late January 2009. Great students.  Call Brenda, AFS Hosting Coordinator on 818 5520.

Board of Trustees

Next Board of Trustees Meeting, 3rd November 2008, 6pm in the Library