Nga Puna O Waiorea
 Newsletter No. 11, October  29, 2008  

Newsletter No. 11, October  29, 2008


Senior Prizegiving, Tuesday, 11 November, 10.30 – 12.45
Parents of Years 11-13 students who are to be honoured for their achievements this year are invited to the Senior Prizegiving ceremony in a fortnight’s time. For those of you who will be in attendance for the first time, be assured that the Springs Prizegiving is a very special, not-to-be-missed occasion.

Unfortunately, as a result of recent roll growth, our hall can no longer accommodate all of our students and guests. Accordingly, we are obliged to ask that Year 9 students be kept at home for the day if at all possible; those families for whom this causes undue inconvenience are able to contact the school office and request the use of supervised study facilities at school. The school buses will be waiting to take students home at 1.00pm.

New Zealand Curriculum Implementation
The Board of Trustees has given its approval for an early finish ( Tuesday, 18/11 ) and a late start ( Friday, 5/12 ) to give staff the opportunity to invest time in planning for the implementation of the new curriculum. The November session will take place following the departure of the senior students for NCEA examinations; the junior students will not miss any lessons with the 1.30pm finish. The December morning session will occur prior to the first of the Junior Exams which are scheduled for that afternoon; the Years 9 & 10 students will be expected at midday.

Nga Puna O Waiorea at the Te Ahurea Kapahaka Festival
Congratulations to the Rumaki kapahaka group who were placed third overall in this Auckland regional secondary schools’ cultural festival held on the Saturday (18/10) before Labour Weekend.

Other highlights were the first placing of Norbryn Vaiula in the female leaders’ competition and the second placing of Daniel Watkinson in the male leader section. The group’s performance has been rated by our resident experts as among Nga Puna O Waiorea’s best ever: a superbly choreographed opening, featuring haunting waiata enhanced by the sounds of conch shells and drumming with some very creatively devised and professionally executed movements, drew in the large audience who responded with appreciative applause at regular intervals. The high standard of this stunning opening was sustained throughout the presentation with skilled poi and taiaha performances culminated by a gripping haka.

WSC Environmental Sustainability Survey Results Presented
Last week Niki Harre and the University of Auckland WSC sustainability research team published their recent survey results. The school has been challenged to consider adopting a wide range of ideas designed to positively influence, in particular, the impact of our waste management and transport practices on the environment.

It is now important that school leaders address these recommendations, many of which are potentially transformational.

Science Department Message

In senior classes, students are either finishing off internal assessments or revising for externals. It is imperative that students attend all classes punctually until the 10th of November as revision materials and instructions for the externals will be issued then.

A reminder that revision classes are being held and students are encouraged to attend. Our Year 10 scientists will be going on a Geology trip on Wednesday the 12th November. The trip will begin at 9.00am, and will visit, by bus, a number of volcanic features in the Auckland landscape, returning to school by 3.15pm.

For the trip, your son/daughter will need

  • the permission slip, (which will be issued to your child in Science classes), signed and returned.
  • their fare of $10.00 payable to the school office
  • a pen or pencil
  • a lunch, to be eaten at the Domain (students will NOT be allowed to purchase food)
  • wind and water-proof clothing should it rain; students are advised to wear sun protection

Another huge plea to parents and students to please return school textbooks. They will have a Western Springs College stamp on the front cover or the first page of the book. We are working hard to build up the book resources in the Department. It is crucial that we protect the resources we already have.

We would like to take this opportunity to wish all our senior scientists the best of luck in their externals. You have made it this far, congratulations! Please work hard to revise and give the externals your best shot. Good luck!
Gerry Victor

English Department News

We would like to announce the results of the second International ICAS competition, which tested overall English skills:

The following students in Year 9 gained Distinction: Hugo Carnell, Josephine Desmond, Lucelia Everett-Brown

The following students gained a Credit: Jack Beesley, Erin O’Flaherty, Jonnie Ribera, Georgia Rudd

The following student gained a Participation: Jessica Barris

Congratulations to those prizewinners and thank you for your participation.
Ali Geursen

News from the PE Department

Year 10
Last term the year 10 students were involved in a ‘Healthy Me’ unit that looked to promote physical activity and learning to monitor healthy nutrition in regards to physical activity. We would like to acknowledge the hours of training and nutritional planning that were put in by the Year 10 students who participated in the inaugural Year 10 Cross Country. Congratulations to the winners mentioned below, but more importantly to all those students involved It was a huge success and learning experience for all.

Females   Males
Xixi Xian 1st Place Max Thomas
Florence Philpott 2nd Place Ezra Skeen
Rhiannon Dilworth 3rd Place Thomas Van Der Leden

Year 13
The year 13 Physical Education class has been working hard over the last term implementing their own personal improvement programmes in relation to the sport of Volleyball. There have been many brain teasing hours spent in the classroom sharpening their biomechanical knowledge in order to apply this to their personal improvement programmes. Equally they have spent a similar amount of hours working in the gym with Colette Shearer learning and developing both their particular Volleyball skills and general game play.

Sporting Achievements
A special mention and congratulations to both Summer Huxtable and Sarah Turner who have taken their new found Volleyball skills to the next level. They represented Western Springs College in an Auckland Secondary Schools Beach Volleyball Tournament held at Mairangi Bay over the recent school holidays. It was their first taste of Beach Volleyball for both girls who were up against some pairs that had been playing together for 2 or 3 seasons. They ended up winning the plate final, a tremendous achievement considering this was their first appearance on the sand. Well done, girls. Great to see our ‘Phedders’ doing so well at a regional level.

Also, with the FIFA under 17 Women’s World Cup on our doorstep it is quite timely that we acknowledge the recent achievements of two of our up and coming Soccer stars. Congratulations to both Renata Gottgtroy and Hannah Clarke who have been selected for the Under 14 Auckland representative training squad. Well done & Good Luck.

Keep up the good work.
PE Department

News from the Mathematics Department

Final Examinations
With final examinations just a few weeks away, students are expected to do revision on a daily basis. Staff in the department will be providing resources such as revision sheets and old exam papers for this purpose. Students are best served if they are able to complete the prescribed work in a quiet environment where they are able to focus completely on the task at hand.

University of New South Wales Educational Assessment
The Mathematics Department is very proud to report that 86 students across five year levels, participated in this ICAS event. All our year levels achieved at or above national averages.

32 students were awarded credit certificates.

11 students were awarded Distinction certificates, placing them in the top 10% of entrants nationally. Our Congratulations to: Bianca Cutts-Karaman, Maddison Kinney, Isobel Macewan, Harvey Rendell, Caleb Wells, Eva Woodward, Laurence Diack, Matthew Edmond, Sophie Edwards, Sam Metson and Bridget O'Donnell.

Two students were awarded Higher Distinction certificates, placing them in the top 1% of entrants nationally. Well done Liam O'Dwyer and Paolo Edgerton-Bachmann.

A special thanks to Simon Henley for coordinating this event.
Thea Kilian

Message from the Library

Out They Go
We have finally catalogued the last of our new books. Not having the heart to shelve them immediately I decided to put all 100 of them on display. They include the favourite authors - Jodi Picoult, Conn Iggulden, Dean Koontz, Chris Brown, Tim Winton, John Marsden and many more. The display has attracted much attention, particularly ‘the next in the series’ which include ‘The General’ by Robert Muchamore and ‘Brisinger’ by Chrisopher Paolini, both of which have waiting lists (including staff)

Celebrating Literacy
Paper Plus is inviting students to enter a competition to select an ‘Official Paper Plus Kid’s Choices Reviewers’. It’s easy – just post a review of a recent book on: www.paperplus.co.nz/books/kids-club/search-for-a-book-reviewer. If selected you will have the wonderful opportunity of reviewing a selection of books each month.
Sharda Patel

From the International Department

Welcome all new students who started Term 4. They are: Ryosuke Yamamoto and Issei Sato from Japan; Silja Pohland, Franziska Schmid, Jannika Schuessler and Carolin Steeg from Germany.

Host family recruitment
We are now recruiting more host families for students enrolled with WSC 2009. If you are interested in hosting an international student, please email us. We pay $210/week for accommodation and 3 meals for one student. Please email Kylie for more information: herriottk@westernsprings.school.nz. Ph: 8156730 x 752.

Reminder for China trip April 2009
The non-refundable $300 deposit for China trip April 2009 is due latest Tuesday 28th of October. Please pay Beth at the School Front Office.
Joanne Qiao

Pacific Update

This is a reminder that the Pasifika Prizegiving is in the WSC hall, Wednesday, 5 November at 6 p.m. Please bring a plate.

We will also have our final parents meeting for all interested PI parents and families, on Wednesday, 29 October at 6p.m. See you all there!
The Pasifika Staff