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 Newsletter No. 12, December 8, 2009  

Newsletter No. 12, December 8, 2009


Junior Prizegiving, Thursday, 10 December, 10.00am
Parents and family members are invited to attend the WSC Junior Prizegiving in the hall at 10.00am on Thursday morning, 10 December. The subject certificates presented at the prizegiving are prestigious awards, given only to two students in each core subject or option subject class for outstanding achievement and/or application in that subject.

After the ceremony all Year 9 and 10 students will be given a personal copy of the 2009 WSC year book. Students will then be dismissed for the day shortly before midday.

Year 13 Students Farewelled at Successful Leavers' Dinner
A large gathering of students, parents and teachers celebrated the graduation of our Year 13 students at Eden Park's ASB lounge last Friday evening. Each student was personally presented with a testimonial and year book by their house deans who were in turn each acknowledged by the student leaders of their house.

This year's event, which was in the very capable hands of presenters Greer Rasmussen and Upokoina George-Yates, featured the now traditional highlights of Linda Dillon's kaleidoscopic rhyming verse, ably delivered in her absence by Ivan Davis, and a screened tribute to the 2005-2009 cohort filmed and edited by a student team. I would also like to recognise the excellent event organisation of assistant principal, Thea Kilian, and the student leaders.

Week 1, Term One, 2010
Tuesday, 2nd February
All Year 13 students will assemble in the TAPAC theatre at 10.30am; this two hour meeting with the Year 13 academic director will conclude at 12.30pm.

Wednesday, 3rd February
All Years 10, 11, 12 & 13 students will meet with their form teachers at 9.00am.
Year 9 students will be welcomed to WSC at 10.00am.
All students will be dismissed for the day at 12.30pm.

Thursday, 4th February
All students new to WSC ( Years 9-13 ) will participate in an orientation programme with Year 13 peer supporters from 9.00am – 12.30pm.

Friday, 5th February
All students, Years 9-13, attend from 8.45am for the first full day of lessons.

Note that this Week One information will be highlighted in the annual mail-out to all families on 20 January. The mail-out will contain a personal student timetable, the school calendar of key events and a statement of fees and donations. You may wish to note in advance that the WSC Swimming Sports at West Wave are scheduled for Friday, 12 February, and the WSC Athletics Day at the Waitakere Trusts’ Stadium is on Tuesday, 23 February.

School Self Review
Many thanks to those parents who returned the Quality of Service Delivery survey. The results have been collated and will be examined by a team of senior managers and trustees during January with a view to ascertaining issues which need addressing through our annual plan.

Staffing News
Jared Hockly, our assistant head of Mathematics, has been appointed to the head of department position vacated as a result of Thea Kilian’s recent promotion to the position of assistant principal.

Tania Secker has been appointed as the acting dean of Whenua house in place of Heather Dikstaal for the duration of the period of leave ( until the end of term three, 2010 ) when Heather will be the acting deputy principal. Emma Dwyer and Zoe Lindsay have been assigned the role of acting co-HODs of Social Studies for the same period of time.

Lorrin Shortland has been appointed as the Rumaki dean.


As is usual at this time of the year, we've provided some Christmas maths (or Christmaths) puzzles to keep your brains ticking over during the break.

A present buyer has the following in her wallet:
3 x $1 coins, 4 x $5 notes, 1 x $10 note, 1 x $20 note.
There are items priced at $3, $14, $45, $49 and $52. Which of these could she give the exact right amount for?

A family of mathematicians is to have Christmas together. The grandparents organise the day and invite each of their four children and their families. Each of their children is single (this is not because they are mathematicians) but has children. The youngest has one child, the 2nd youngest has two children, the 3rd youngest has three children and the eldest has four children. The rules of present giving in the family are:

  • Siblings give presents to each other
  • A parent gives each of their children one gift
  • Each child gives their parent one gift.

Nobody else buys presents for anyone else because of the economic downturn. How many presents are purchased in total?

Three siblings want to go in together to buy a present for their parents. They decide it is fair to pay in the same ratios as their ages. The youngest spends $15 less than the middle child and the oldest spends $45 more than the middle child. They spend a total of $300.

a) What does each child spend?
b) If the youngest is 2 year younger than the middle child, how old is each child?

(Answers will be available on the Mathematics Intranet page – go to the Western Springs home page, go to the intranet link labelled "from outside", choose "Mathematics & ..." under learning areas, choose the sub page "Mathematics")

Junior Girls Waterpolo Team are Champions!

The perfect end to 2009 for our Junior Girls Waterpolo team as they win the North Islands Secondary Schools Junior Waterpolo Division 2 Championships.

7 year 10's and 6 year 9's make up our junior girls Waterpolo team whose hard work all year has paid off winning the first ever North Island Waterpolo title for Western Springs College.

It began with the team winning their pool in the grading round in term 1. Terms 2 & 3 saw the team working on their swimming training every week at Kelston Pools. During term 4 the Auckland championship league is played and again the girls finished top of their pool unbeaten and faced Takapuna in the final. Unfortunately the girls lost 2-3 to take runner up position in the league.

The 26th – 29th November saw 24 boys' teams and 22 girls teams from all over the North Islands take to the pools to compete in the North Islands Secondary Schools Junior Waterpolo Championships.

The first day Western Springs started strongly with a 16-0 win over Avondale then narrowly lost to Carmel 3-5. The second day saw two more wins, 11-1 and 4-1 against Queen Margaret College and John Paul College respectively. On day three a 13-1 win against Hutt Valley completed pool round. Finishing second in our pool put us up against Baradene in the semi final who finished top in their pool. Definitely the most nerve wrecking game so far, the girls took the win 4-2 to reach the finals where they were to meet Carmel again – now the only team to have beaten us.

Off to a flying start 2-0 up in the first quarter, up 4-1 by half time then we had a disastrous 3rd quarter conceding for 4 goals 4-5 down going into the fourth. Determined not to let Carmel get the better of us again the girls dug deep, responding with a 3-1 quarter to take the win 7-6.

Players: Hannah Clarke, Charlotte Clabrough, Alice Senescall, Caitlin Pearson, MC Holdaway, Georgia Edwards, Libby Clifton, Laura Stephenson, Julia Dawe, Breanne Winter, Josie Desmond, Georgia Rudd & Molly McLaren.

The team have been coached by Shreya Salway who plans to continue coaching the girls next year in seniors and to more success in future years.
Peter McIntyre

Rumaki Prizegiving

A reminder that the Rumaki Prizegiving is being held on 8th December 2009 at 6pm in the school hall.


WSC Leading the Way in Philosophy
The past year has seen both the introduction of Philosophy into the senior school, and an increase in the number of students taking philosophy in the junior school. The new Year 12 Course will be a New Zealand first.

  • In Year 9 the school continues to offer a half-year Philosophy programme as part of the Gifted and Talented programme. We have been focussing on how to increase the ethnic diversity of the group of students involved in the Year 9 course next year.
  • In Year 10 a half-year introductory course is part of the option system. The schemes of work have been rewritten and focus on ethics, philosophy of religion and critical thinking. This year the number taking Year 10 Philosophy almost doubled compared to the previous year.
  • Year 11. In 2009, WSC became one of the very few schools in the country to offer Level 1 Philosophy as a full-year examination option within the NCEA system. Over 20 students have successfully completed a course investigating Philosophy of Art, Epistemology, Philosophy of Religion, Political Philosophy and Philosophy of Education.
  • Year 12. Some 25 students have just opted to take Philosophy as a full-year Level 2 option within the NCEA system. As far as we can tell this will be the first such course to run in any New Zealand school - so Springs, and the 2010 Year 12s will be leading the way!

Paul Alford

Accounting Dinner

Recently all my lovely Year 13 students, my husband and I had our annual 'Accounting Dinner' at Saffron Restaurant in Ponsonby.

It's always great to come together outside of school with these young adults and reminisce on how long we have all known each other and laugh at some of the experiences we have shared.

A big thank you to all for attending and making the night a success. All the very best for the future!
Liz Samy

From The Library

It is time to have a thorough check at home and return all library books. Thanks to the students who have responded to requests and returned borrowed books. However, there are still too many books which are long overdue. For stocktaking, all books must be back on the shelves. I have approached students at school and also phoned home in the case of a senior student to ensure you are aware that books are overdue. Your assistance would be very much appreciated.
Sharda Patel

Geography Fieldtrip to Hong Kong, China and Inner Mongolia – last week in July 2010

"You can talk about something, plan for something, and show them photos, but nothing beats the real deal."

Western Springs College is planning its second visit to China as part of our friendship agreements with Chinese schools in Ningbo and Baotou.

The highlight of our planned trip will be our visit to Baotou in Inner Mongolia, but we will also spend time in Hong Kong, Beijing and Shanghai.

The trip will be open to all levels of Geography students and fundraising will begin early in the year. PAG will be helping as usual by organising parking at school for the AC/DC concert but any suggestions will be welcome.
Jenny and Ivan

Adult Community Education to Continue in 2010

Western Springs College is delighted to advise that our adult education courses – no longer funded by Government – are nevertheless continuing next year, thanks to an independent initiative. Under the name "Leisuretime Learning Ltd." Bridget Klubien, our Community Education Co-ordinator of five years, will continue to offer adult community education courses in 2010. To ensure the continuity of adult education classes (minus the funding) the Board has agreed to provide Leisuretime Learning the use of its premises, equipment and other facilities at reasonable rates, so that accessible, convenient classes will still be available to adult students. Students aged 16 and over will be eligible to enrol for classes and for some classes, students aged 12+ will also be eligible, if accompanied by an adult. To keep up-to-date with developments email communityeducation@xtra.co.nz and ask to added to the email database.

School Bus Service

Mt Eden/Titirangi Buses (Ritchies Transport)
Mt Eden
We have reluctantly been forced to terminate this bus service from February next year. A decline in student users in recent months has meant that we are unable to offer competitive ticket prices. Western Springs College has subsidised this service for a number of terms, but cannot continue to do so.

This bus will still run in 2010 but the cost will go up to $28.00 for a 10 trip ticket. We will monitor its patronage and review the situation after two terms.

Please Note: The Ponsonby bus will continue as normal.