Nga Puna O Waiorea
 Newsletter No. 3, March 29, 2010  

Newsletter No. 3, March 29, 2010


Springs Calendar
Term One
Week Nine 29th March to 2nd April

Tuesday 30th March to Thursday 1st April
Yr 13 PE camp & Yr 12 Bio trip to Leigh
Wednesday 31st
HPV Dose 1
Friday 2nd
Project K Wilderness Camp
First Day of Term 1 Break

Springs Calendar
Term Two
Week One 19th April to 23rd April

Tuesday 20th
Late start – First Bell 10.00am
Early finish 12.30pm for Senior Report Evening 2.00 – 7.00pm
Wednesday 21st 
12 ESOL Ecology trip
Wednesday 21st – Friday 23rd
Year 11 Sports Camp
Friday 23rd
HPV Dose # 1 catch up
Friday 23rd – 24th
Sheilah Winn Shakespeare Competition
Sunday 24th

Week Two 26th April to 30th April

Monday 26th - Sunday May 9th
Year 13 Drama Performances
Tuesday 27th
Late start – First Bell 10.00am
Level 1 Music Performance Evening
Wednesday 28th to Thursday 29th
Project K Community Challenge

Week Three 3rd May to 7th May

Monday 3rd
Yr 13 Drama Performances continue
Pasadena Intermediate workshop
Tuesday 4th
Late Start – First Bell 10.00am
Wednesday 5th to 6th May
Project K Community Challenge
Thursday 6th to 7th May
Year 10 Sports camp

See full Calendar for:
• Term Dates
• Newsletter Publishing Dates
• Board of Trustee Meetings

Final NCEA Results
The outstanding achievements of WSC students have been highlighted with the recent release of the final NCEA pass rate results for 2009 by the New Zealand Qualifications Authority. Western Springs College has gained a top ranking of second behind only Epsom Girls’ Grammar school among all Auckland state schools, single sex and coeducational combined, and including all deciles, when measured across all levels:
Level 3 University Entrance: 87.6% - first place;
Level 3 Certification: 84.2% - second;
Level 2: 93.2% - first;
Level 1: 81.2% - fifth.

Similarly, WSC ranks second amongst all NZ decile 8 state secondary schools, marginally behind tiny Fiordland College with 66 senior students in toto.

Nga Puna O Waiorea Win at Polyfest
Congratulations to the Nga Puna O Waiorea kapahaka group for a magnificent victory at the Auckland Secondary Schools’ Cultural Festival (20/3). The Rumaki students gave an outstanding performance, winning over a massive audience and, importantly, the judges with a moving and dazzling display of passion and skill.
(See below for tumuaki Chris Selwyn’s acknowledgement.)

Congratulations also to the Niuean cultural group who gained third place in their section with a very impressive performance on the previous day (19/3). A particularly distinguished role was that of Year 13 tutor, Edward Dean, whose report is also to be found below.

Late Start ( 10.00am ) Tuesdays
A reminder to all families that school commences at 10.00am on Tuesdays from the beginning of next term. The scheduling of parent/teacher progress report interviews on Tuesday, 20 April, means that on this day there will also be an early finish with school dismissed at 12.30pm.

Bus Transport on Tuesday Mornings
Families are advised that NZ Bus.  Has informed us that at this stage they are unable to provide a school bus from Ponsonby on Tuesday mornings. Accordingly, students will need to commute to school by using the normal bus service. A visit to www.maxx.co.nz , a text inquiry to 3666 or a telephone call to 366 6400 will inform you of the best route and departure time from your nearest stop.
The Titirangi school bus will leave Atkinson Road, Glen Eden, at 9.15am in order to arrive at the Village by 9.25am. Students coming up to Titirangi Village from Laingholm will need to catch their bus at 9.00am.

Senior Progress Reports: Parent/Teacher Interviews, Tuesday, 20 April, 2.00 – 7.00pm
Progress reports for Years 11 – 13 students will be mailed home on Thursday (1/4). Parents will be able to make on-line bookings from Wednesday, 31 March, for subject teacher, dean or academic director interviews  ( See the notice below. ) Remember that you also have the option of telephoning the school office on 815 6730 for bookings.

Board Elections
Nominations are currently being sought for the new board of trustees. Nominations close at midday on 23 April. A list of candidates’ names will be available at the school office as they come to hand.

Sustainability Project Report (2009)
Niki Harre presented her Sustainability report to the recent board meeting (29/3), outlining achievements for 2009 and making recommendations designed to secure and advance work to date. Niki’s challenge was: Does WSC want to be a leader in sustainability? The answer is a clear Yes, however, it is acknowledged that success will be dependent on adequate resourcing.
( Families who are interested in receiving a copy of the report are invited to contact the school office. )

Summer Sports Results
The term one results for our cricket, tennis, touch and volleyball teams can be located below. The stand-out performances have been on the part of the junior boys’ cricket team and the senior mixed touch team, both unbeaten at the end of the summer.

Mathematics News

The Mathematics department is again offering workshops for senior students. 

These holidays we have one conventional workshop and an opportunity for reassessment of Internal Achievement Standards that students can use to try and improve their grade.

Wednesday 7th April, Room B10
Relevant to students from Year 12 MTC and 12MTB  (combined course AS):
Probability and Simulation (AS 2.6) catch-up

Reassessment opportunity
Thursday 15 April, Room B7
Relevant to students from Year 12MTC and 12MTB (combined course AS):
Opportunity for reassessment of AS2.5 Statistical Inference

Relevant to students from Year 13 MTSA (Achievement Standards course):
Opportunity for reassessment of AS 3.5 Bivariate Data

There will be a fuller programme of workshops in the next two sets of holidays.  If you require any further information, feel free to email me at hocklyj@westernsprings.school.nz
Jared Hockly
HOD Mathematics

Art Department

  • Tristan Marler Panel 3 [A1] of 3 board Scholarship submission
    It is wonderful to see Year 13 Art History up and running again at Springs with a fully subscribed class under the expert teaching of Nici Green. Students have taken to this exciting course like ducks to water and are relishing the ‘new’ learning that this subject brings.
  • The Department experienced some outstanding results in NCEA last year mixed with a few disappointments at Level 3. Congratulations to Tristan Marler for his Outstanding Scholarship in Level 3 Painting where he scored 23 out of 24. Being ranked second in NZ is a wonderful achievement. His work is now touring NZ as part of the Top Art exhibition.
  • We have analysed the disappointments mentioned above and made adjustments to our planning and teaching to ensure that all students have the opportunity to succeed at the highest level in NCEA. Level 3 Visual Arts subjects are highly competitive and students who wish to achieve with Excellence and gain scholarships must maintain focus throughout the year. All students should aim to have the bulk of their work for External Assessment completed by the end of term 3/beginning of term 4 to enable a critical review to take place well before submission.
  • 46% of all students entered in the Level 2 Design, Painting and Photography externally assessed component of the course [12 credit folios] were awarded Excellence.  We were delighted not just with the quality of the work produced by the students but the diverse range of topics, themes, and contemporary models used. Students are embracing the individualised nature of learning these courses offer.
  • Finn Godbolt [Yr13] has just been awarded first prize in the High School division of the Point Chevalier Photographic Competition. A great result from a hard working, talented student. Congratulations Finn.
  • Dept staff have put in many hours of work into producing a brand spanking new Visual Art Scheme that has aligned our teaching and student learning to the needs of the new curriculum. This document has provided us with a blue print for the coming years with new planning already in place for years 9 and 10 and a foundation established for the senior school.  Our focus this year will be on bringing the curriculum ‘alive’ in the classroom at all levels with a particular emphasis on integrating its key aspects into our planning in NCEA subjects.

Information from Languages Department

Greetings to the families in our school community, especially those families whose children are taking an
international language course this year.

This year with the languages courses, we offer our students free access to online languages programmes. For year 10 to year 13 it is “Language perfect”, an online programme which can be used as a learning or revision tool for vocabulary. We also offer “Linguascope” to year 9-year 11 French classes, and “Quia” to year 9 Japanese classes. The students could learn and practice their French or Japanese using a different variety of activities.  It is expected that our students practice their chosen language through these online language programmes on a daily base to maximize their chance for success. We would appreciate the assistance from the parents to monitor our students’ progress at home.

We also would like to inform the parents that it is a requirement for our students to purchase their own workbooks for languages learning. We would not be able to provide photocopied ones due to the copyright issue. Please
make sure that you have paid for the workbooks.  Contact the school office if alternative payment methods need to be arranged.

Thank you for your support and we hope that your child will have an enjoyable and successful learning experience in their chosen langauge.
Renae Liao-Marsden

New to WSC: Le Club de Français (French Club)
When????? Fridays, lunchtime
Where????? B5
What for????? To play boardgames (Taboo, Pictionary, Monopoly...), read comics (Astérix, Tintin, Titeu (f….), watch films (Bienvenue chez les Ch’tis, LOL...), chat, run projects, and all that in French!
Why????? To improve my French speaking skills, as well as my social skills, but above all, TO HAVE FUN !!!!!
Starting Term 2, week 1.

Everyone is welcome, even if you don’t do French, or have just started, if you are curious about the language, or if you want to have fun and learn at the same time.
Cécile Bourgeois

Leaders’ Voice

Representing Our Youth - By Allanah Colley
On Monday 22nd March, the election for a Labour list M.P seat at the 2010 Youth Parliament took place. Youth Parliament only occurs every three years and it is a prestigious programme which allows 122 young students between 16-18 years to basically ‘pretend’ to be parliament for two days in July through representing a real politician’s seat. The event allows students to sit in on select committees, participate in formal debates with a house speaker and attempt to bring youth issues to the attention of the New Zealand public.

I was lucky enough to represent Western Springs at a mini-election for Auckland Central MP, Jacinda Arden’s seat. By presenting a three minute speech and facing a plethora of challenging questions, including what I would do in one day as Prime Minister, I managed to, luckily, win over the audience and be awarded this remarkable opportunity. I cannot wait to travel to Wellington along with Phoebe Balle, who gained the youth seat for Green M.P Keith Locke, and be a part of this experience!

Polyfest Success - By Wanakia Heather-Kingi
On the 20th of March 2010, after what seemed like an endless amount of practices and live-ins the time finally came for Waiorea (WSC) to step upon the stage and deliver their amazing Kapa Haka performance.  Family, friends and supporting schools gathered as an audience to watch at the Maori stage at Polyfest in Manukau.  As the last group of the weekend to perform on the Maori stage, the 49 Western Springs students were ready to stand proud and represent Nga Puna O Waiorea.  All our hard work finally paid off by gaining the title of First Place! Winning numerous trophies, first place for our haka, poi, moteatea, waiata-a-ringa, boys kakahu(costume), mau rakau and female leader.  This was a huge achievement for Nga Puna O Waiorea, as this was our first time winning!

Sports Shed - By Kate Livingston
The much awaited sports shed is now up and running!  It is located in Te Whakamanu and is open during lunch times, with heaps of new sports gear available for students to use. We have on offer basketballs, soccer balls, touch balls, tennis balls, netballs and a cricket set.  We had a successful first week with many students borrowing gear during their break and it is great to see so many people keen to get up and get active!

Sea Week– By Phoebe Balle
The 7th to 14th of March was Sea Week, and as part of this week , with an emphasis on marine sustainability, the environmental group invited speakers in to talk to the students, while also hosting two major events. Speakers included Greenpeace coordinator Bunny, the youngest MP in parliament, Green Party member Gareth Hughes, and the Environmental Educator from Auckland Regional Council Cate Jessop. Although the audiences were small, those participating responded well to the topics under discussion which included whale hunting, deep sea trawling, climate change, and other marine issues.

On the Friday we hosted Tied 4 Tides, an exciting event where students had their hands tied together for one full school day. The idea behind this was to raise awareness around marine pollution and its effect on marine biodiversity – we’ve all seen images of birds choked to death by beer can holders. We had 250 students participating, and at the end of the day, the surviving 200 had their ties cut. This also held a metaphorical significance- to remind students that their hands aren’t tied and to hopefully instil a sense of action. This led nicely onto Motion in the Ocean, a community creek clean up on the Sunday where we had 50 volunteers from the school and community. We collected 250 kgs of rubbish, including a trolley, scooter, lead, and a traffic cone. MOTAT, the Zoo, the Auckland Regional Council and Waicare, Metrowater all helped the day run smoothly, and we had talks from freshwater ecologist, Justine Coup, and David Clendon, another Green Party MP. The day was a great success, and we are thankful to everyone who made it a possibility.

Enviro News – By Molly Hyland
On Monday the 22nd of March twelve new brightly decorated waste stations were placed around the school. Each one has three compartments for compost, landfill and recyclable waste. Their use was promoted in house assemblies throughout week seven by Charlotte Blythe (from the AUT research team) and the environmental leaders, using the short music video SORT IT OUT which was made by Charlotte Blythe and WSC students last year. A photography competition and a raffle is being held (which will be announced at the end of week two, term two) to encourage correct use of the bins- great prizes up for grabs!

Niuean  Cultural  Group  –  ASB  Polyfest  2010 – By Edward Dean, Cultural leader, Niue male leader 2010
We had a shaky start with a decline in numbers, but we persisted in performing to the best of our abilities. We walked on stage – 21 dancers, 2 drummers, 3 singers and 4 support staff, full of confidence, fired up with the blessing from Mama Winnie. Nothing could take the pride and joy away from any of us. The first person we saw when we were on the stage was our principal, wearing our green 683 Niue t-shirt – this helped lift our performance. The stomping of the fierce warriors in the takalo, and the graceful actions of the Fifine fuluola in the tame wowed the audience and most importantly the judges. We received a third placing in all our items, as well as coming 1st in the lologo tapu (church choral).  Huge thanks and fakaalofa to all our supporters and most importantly to our young student performers.

Contact Triathlon

On Sunday 21 March a group of dedicated Springs ladies and families took part in the Contact Triathlon.  The two teams "Team Westy", and "Gwen's girls" did exceptionally well: 1st and 3rd places out of 8 teams.  It has to be said that Team Westy did have Mary Carol Holdaway as their secret weapon, who actually wore the transponder.  (Her individual time put her 3 seconds behind the winner in the individual category-Go MC!)  Our individual entry, Libby Clifton, came an impressive 14th out of 300 entries.

The day was fantastic with "Gwen's girls" (Gwen De Leon, Alice Senescall and Leah Harwood) winning a spot prize and being interviewed on the stage. We all finished with medals and iced coffees, and the enthusiasm to take part in another event.  Awesome!!!

ASB Polyfest (Division 1) – Maori Stage Winners

Saturday the 20th of March 2010 is certainly one for the record books at Nga Puna o Waiorea in regard to kapa haka. This year we were deemed worthy enough to be the overall aggregate winners of the Division 1 Maori Stage Competition. A huge amount of gratitude and thanks goes out to our kapa haka tutors; General [Tianara] Wihongi & Marissa Matson, who along with our collective kaiako and parent team, have worked together over the years to make this win a reality for the students of Nga Puna O Waiorea and Western Springs College. The hard work of present and past students, kaiako and whanau has finally become a reality.

The competition was hot from all the other competing schools in this section and we acknowledge the support and recognition given to us by our many worthy adversaries on the day. Nei te mihi maioha kia koutou e nga hoa me nga whanau kura o Tamaki Makau Rau.  Our Kaitataki or kapa haka leaders Norbryn Vaiula, Nathaniel Howe and Tuhoe Tamaiparea did a fantastic job of leading the students both on and off the stage. Recognition must also be given to our staunch supporters who didn’t make the team of 50 for the day but who remained loyal to the roopu to the end. Nga mihi mahana kia koutou katoa e te roopu kapa haka o Nga Puna o Waiorea.

Past Rumaki teacher, Whaea Mina Pomare, was able to confirm that apart from last year’s second placing, third overall was the closest Waiorea had ever come in the past to reaching the top on the Maori stage.  We were also fortunate to achieve other first, second & third placings in the non-aggregate sections as well. With this huge honour achieved the rumaki and the kura look forward now to representing Tamaki Makau Rau region at the Secondary Schools National Kapa Haka Competition to be held  in Rotorua in July and to maintain our  focus on the main aims of our kura and rumaki; to achieve with excellence in our Academic Performance. ‘Whaia te Manu Matauranga!’ [Pursue the Bird of Knowledge!]

The following is a list of our placings in the Aggregate & Non Aggregate Sections respectively:

1st Overall 2nd Kakahu Wahine (Girls Clothing)
1st Moteatea (Traditional Chant) 2nd Waiata Tira (Choral)
1st Mita o te Reo (Use and Pronunciation of Maori Language) 2nd Kaitatake Tane (Boys Leader)
1st Haka 2nd Whakaeke (Entry)
1st Waiata-a-ringa (Song) 3rd Whakawatea (Exit)
1st Poi  
1st Kaitateke Wahine (Girls Leader)  
1st Co-Ed Mau Rakau (Weaponry)  
1st Kakahu Tane (Boys Clothing)  
1st Most Impoved Group Overall  


Parent /Teacher Interviews – Years 11,12 and 13
Tuesday April 20th, 2.00 to 7.00 pm
School Finishes @ 12.30pm

WSC now has an online booking system for parent teacher interviews.
Bookings will open on Wednesday March 31st.
Go to www.schoolinterviews.co.nz
Our school code is: 9A5F8
Instructional screens will take you through the booking process. 
If you do not have the internet at home just phone the school office for bookings, 815 6730.

Summer Sports – Results 2010

Cricket Junior Boys Auckland Grammar won - 10 wkts
Cricket Junior Boys Bye
Cricket Junior Boys Onehunga won - 91 runs
Cricket Junior Boys Auckland Grammar won - 5 runs
Cricket Junior Boys Mt.Albert Grammar won - 9 wkts
Cricket Senior Boys Rutherford College won - 7 wkts
Cricket Senior Boys Botany Downs lost - 41 runs
Cricket Senior Boys Edgewater College lost - 8 wkts
Cricket Senior Boys Avondale College won - 7 wkts
Cricket Senior Boys Massey High won - 2 runs
Cricket Senior Boys Kelston Boys High won - 9 wkts
Tennis Senior Boys Mt.Roskill # 2 won 7 - 2
Tennis Senior Boys Kelston Boys High # 2 won 6 - 3
Tennis Senior Boys Mt.Albert # 2 won 7 - 2
Tennis Senior Boys Avondale # 1 won 7 - 2
Tennis Senior Boys Lynfield # 1 lost 4 - 5
Tennis Senior Girls Lynfield # 2 won 6 - 3
Tennis Senior Girls Mt.Albert # 2 won 6 - 3
Tennis Senior Girls Epsom # 2 lost 4 - 5
Tennis Senior Girls Massey High # 1 won 8 - 1
Tennis Senior Girls Mt.Roskill # 1 lost 3 - 6
Touch Senior Mixed Lynfield College won 4 - 2
Touch Senior Mixed Mt. Roskill won 6 - 2
Touch Senior Mixed Lynfield College won 2 - 1
Touch Senior Mixed Mt. Roskill won 5 - 0
Senior Mixed team win Central Zone & qualify for Northern Zonal Playoffs
Volleyball Senior Boys Akld Grammar # 2 lost 1 - 2
Volleyball Senior Boys Akld Grammar # 3 won 2 - 1
Volleyball Senior Boys Henderson High lost 0 - 2
Volleyball Senior Boys Marcellin College lost 1 - 2
Volleyball Senior Boys St.Pauls College lost 0 - 2
Volleyball Senior Boys Waitakere College lost 0 - 2
Volleyball Senior Boys Massey High lost 1 - 2
Volleyball Senior Boys Parnell College lost 0 - 2
Volleyball Senior Girls Lynfield College won 2 - 0
Volleyball Senior Girls Marist College lost 0 - 2
Volleyball Senior Girls Mt.Roskill lost 0 - 2
Volleyball Senior Girls Parnell College won 2 - 0


There will be Year 11 Examinations on Monday 31st May
All year 11 students will be on examination leave for MONDAY only.
They only have to be in school for their examination slots.

No other year 11 classes will be running on Monday 31st, May

Exam schedule
9.00-10.00 Te Reo Maori
10.30-11.30 Geography
12.00-1.30 Mathematics
2.10-3.10 Science

New Classes Add Variety to Adult Night Class Programme, Term 2

Term 2 Adult Community Education will see the introduction of eight more classes:

  • Art Appreciation - including Gallery visit
  • Sewing Classes – now offering a second Beginners class and also Intermediate
  • Photography – Develop Your Style (Includes Sunrise Field Trip)
  • Japanese
  • Irish Language and Culture
  • Bollywood Dance
  • Water-Colour Painting

Term 2 starts 3 May.  Check out the Community Education section of the WSC website for details on all our classes, after 5th April, or contact Bridget (communityeducation@xtra.co.nz, phone 378-4487) for regular updates.  All classes are open to students 16+ and some classes are open to students 12+.

Bridget Klubien
Community Education Co-ordinator
Leisuretime Learning Ltd.
Delivered at Western Springs College
Telephone: (09) 378 4487 (home office)

‘Allstars’ Musical Theatre Holiday Programme for 7-17 yrs

Are you interested in Singing, Dancing and Drama?
Why not join us these holidays for 4 days of dance, drama and
music culminating in a showcase performance with a distinctly 70’s theme!
Held at Westpoint Theatre, Meola Rd 6th – 9th of April
Download your registration form or get more info from