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 Newsletter No. 6, June 14, 2010  

Newsletter No. 6, June 14, 2010


Springs Calendar
Term One

Week Nine
14th June to 18th June

Monday 14
Yr 9 Stardome visits Mon, Wed, Thurs & Fri this week - teacher will advise which class.
Online booking opens for Junior Report Evening
Tuesday 15
Late Start – First Bell 10.00am.
Level 3 Music Performance Evening @ 6pm.
Yr 11-13 Drama & Dance – House of Bernada Alba matinee 2.30pm.
Wednesday 16
Geo & Sci exams Yr 12 & 13 (class time only).
Thursday 17
Geo & Sci exams Yr 12 & 13.
Friday 18
Yr 9 Stardome visit finish today – teacher will advise which class.

Week Ten
21st June to 25th June

Monday 21
HPV No. 2 catch up
Lumino Dental van arrives Departs 2nd July.
Yr 10 Sci MOTAT helpers.
Tuesday 22
Late Start – First Bell 10am.
Junior Report Evening 2 – 7pm.  Students will be dismissed at 12.30pm.
Wednesday 23
Yr 10 Sci MOTAT helpers.
Thursday 24
Yr 10 Sci MOTAT helpers.
Yr 10 Business Market Day.
Yr 11-13 Drama TAPAC 12-2pm.
Friday 25
School Ball.
Teacher only day.

Week Eleven
28th June to 2nd  July

Monday 28
China Geo Trip departs.
Tuesday 29
Level 2 Music Performance Evening 6pm.
Thursday 1st July
Po Fiafia Night.
Friday 2nd July
Lumino Dental Van departs.
Geo China Trip returns 9th July.

Parent/Teacher Interviews: Years 9 & 10 (Junior) Students, 22 June
Further to the junior reports mailed out to homes last Friday (11/6), parents are now invited to make online bookings for teacher interviews on Tuesday next week (22/6) from 2.00-7.00pm. See below for booking instructions. Remember that, if you do not have access to the internet, you should phone the school office on 815 6730 for bookings. See below also for the key to the report grades.

Teacher Only Day, Friday, 25 June
WSC’s annual teacher-only-day is on Friday, 25 June, the day of the school ball. Our teachers will be undertaking professional development on making use of the asTTle assessment tool for teaching and learning. Parents who are experiencing difficulty making alternative arrangements for their son or daughter on 25/6 are welcome to contact the school office so that we can arrange supervised study facilities for the day.

School Ball, Friday, 25 June
The venue this year is the Auckland Museum.  There are no door sales.  The doors open from 7.15-8.00pm; students must arrive by 8.00pm to gain entry.  Once they have entered students will not be able to depart until 12.00 o’clock, unless collected by a parent.  We strongly advise parents to ensure that students have safe transport to and from the ball.

The ball is a school event so the usual school rules apply:  smoking and drinking alcohol are not permitted.  Students who are clearly affected by pre-ball drinking and/or smoking activity can expect to be required to leave.  Should this occur parents will be phoned to collect their son or daughter from the venue.

Please note also that any pre-ball or after-ball activities are not school events and that no staff supervision can be provided for them.  Supervision at these times is a parent/caregiver responsibility.  There are legal implications relating to attendance at such events so parents should advise wisely. In this regard relevant information is currently available on the school website.

As in past years, if we receive information about the organization of an after-ball event involving the illegal supply of alcohol, we will pass this on to the NZ Police. Students have been advised not to organise large scale pre- or after-ball events and not to sell tickets for such events which offer the bearer the illegal supply of alcohol. 

Appropriately, given the location, thetheme for this year’s ball is City of Lights.  Doubtless this will enable our students to give full expression to their legendary imaginativeness in creative apparel without going to excessive expense.  The Ball Committee is very keen for the evening to be a great success.  May everyone involved have a great, safe night out!

Success at the National Shakespeare Festival
I would urge you to read below Rita Stone’s report about the achievements of Greta Gregory and Molly Tait-Hyland, and also Phoebe Balle who have all been honoured with significant awards at the Sheilah Winn National Shakespeare Festival in Wellington over Queen’s Birthday weekend.

ERO Review, Term 3, Week 8
We have just received notification that WSC will be reviewed by the Education Review Office in the week beginning 6 September.

Staff News
Best wishes to deputy principal, Ivan Davis, who will be taking sabbatical leave after the China trip in term three. Ivan’s study theme for next term is Student Voice. We are expecting to welcome back associate principal, Linda Dillon, from her consultancy contract in the Middle east in the first week of August.

English Department

Rita Stone, who teaches English and Drama, spent the weekend in Wellington at the Sheilah Winn National Shakespeare Festival. Here is her report:

“I spent an enjoyable four days with Molly Tait Hyland and Greta Gregory (and Arlo Gibson for the first two days) in Wellington, attending the festival. Kim Tait and Kathleen Anderson (Greta's mum) also attended.

The festival was demanding and the students were required to attend lectures and talks, a visit to Toi Whakaari, NZ Drama school, 2 Shakespeare workshops and to see the 43 other excerpts from around the country that they were competing against.

The competition was fierce; the quality of work a huge step-up from the Auckland Central regional festival held at WSC.  There is no first, second or third place overall; but around 40 awards that cover every aspect imaginable, from 'most courteous school,' through 'best recovery (for dropped lines!)' to 'most thought-provoking performance.'

Molly and Greta were awarded a highly treasured award for their Measure for Measure excerpt; the 'Toi Whakaari: NZ Drama School Award for the two actors who show the strongest and most truthful connection between them.' It was the award they were most hungry for, and certainly felt appropriately rewarded for; recognising their fourth year of working towards this competition and developing an outstanding working relationship. The award came with two hefty Royal Shakespeare Company editions of the Complete Works.
The girls then went on to win the 'Stratford Shakespeare Society Award for Outstanding Presentation of a Tragedy,' - another highly regarded award that showed just how high the standard of their particular piece was. This award came with a $100 cheque.

And to our delight and surprise, on receipt of the programme when we arrived, we discovered that Phoebe Ball (Y13) was a finalist for one of the sideline competitions - the Ida Gaskin Shakespeare Essay Competition!
And then on the award night, I was delighted to accept the first prize on Phoebe's behalf! The award comes with a $500 cheque, a book of sonnets and poems, and year long membership to the NZ Society of Authors.

We will find out in about a week whether Greta and Molly's efforts have seen them gain a place in the next round; from around 500 performers, 24 will be selected to attend the National Shakespeare Schools’ Production (the event that Arlo Gibson has been entered directly into). From this week-long intensive in Dunedin, a smaller company will be selected for the 2011 Young Shakespeare Company who then tour London and perform at Shakespeare's Globe Theatre.”

I would like to extend our congratulations to Greta, Molly and Arlo for their well-earned success and to thank Rita for the commitment she has shown in helping these students prepare for this competition.  I would also like to acknowledge Simon Ferguson, whose enthusiasm for and knowledge of ‘Othello’ helped ensure Phoebe’s success in the essay competition.
Ali Geursen
HOD English

In this group photo is Molly Tait-Hyland and Greta Gregory (right, back row) with the assessors/selectors in Wellington. Phoebe Balle (right) and Rita Stone, who accepted the Ida Gaskin Shakespeare Essay award on Phoebe’s behalf in Wellington.

Science Department News

Term 2 Examinations:
Year 11 Science students have just received their results from the Term 2 Practice Examinations and hopefully they have shared these with their parents and caregivers.  We have been very pleased with the overall performance, but it has highlighted areas of science that individual students need to focus their study on.  Workshops will be held each Monday 3.30 to 4.30pm for the next 3 weeks in Lab D6.  The students will be advised by their Science Teacher which workshop they need to attend.  Resources are available on the Year 11 Section of the Science homepage of the School Intranet, as well as on individual science class homepages.  These can be accessed from outside school with their student logon and password.

Year 12 and 13 Science students will be sitting Term 2 Examinations on the 16th and 17th of June.  The results of these examinations will indicate to students where they are performing well and identify where further study is needed. 

We are half way through the academic year and so it is imperative that students are confident with their work from Terms 1 and 2 going into a demanding Term 3.  Science study each week should be a regular part of homework and is essential for consolidation of key concepts and to ensure facts are thoroughly learned.  If this is not happening students will not be in a position to achieve. The examiners for the NCEA External Examination in November will be expecting students to use correct scientific terminology in their answers and pay attention to detail in their explanations.

Study Revision Packs for NCEA can now be ordered from the school office.  These packs contain both the fold-out summary course notes and the latest 2010 examination revision guide.  Packs are available for Level 1 Science, Level 2 Chemistry, Physics and Biology and Level 3 Chemistry and Physics at a cost of $20 per pack.

The closing date for orders is Thursday 17th June so that the packs can be collected before the school holidays.
Helen Armstrong
HOD Science

Learning Experience Outside the Classroom:

1.  Nutrigenomics: Food to Match Your Genes Workshop.

Recently a group of twenty Year 13 Biologists attended the Nutrigenomics lecture organised by the LIGGINS institute.

“The sequencing of the human genome has opened up a new field of research on the interaction between genes and food called Nutrigenomics. Nutrigenomics research looks at how we can provide personalised nutrition advice based on each person’s genetic make-up and how we can also create functional foods — foods that contain nutrients that benefit the health of the body.” (Denny et al, 2010)

Our Biologists listened to a lecture, participated in a role play debate, where they had to argue their viewpoint on the mandatory folate fortification in bread. It was a fun-filled, informative workshop from which our students gleaned a deeper understanding of ethical issues faced by scientists.

2. Electricity Workshop.

One of the Year 11 Science classes trialled the fabulous Electricity workshop run by MOTAT.
The students were there to explore the development of the application of electricity and to view an exhibit on the generation of electricity.

The 23 students started off with a hands on interactive session, where they used static electricity to move objects, used themselves to connect circuits to light up a blinking ball, inspected an olden day camera and compared it to a modern digital camera, had a go at trying to clean the floor with an old fashioned bulky, wheel-less vacuum cleaner and compared the ease with a recently-in-the-market compact and efficient vacuum cleaner.

The students also got to connect multiple circuit boards and try on a solar powered fan cap to keep them cool on hot sunny days. After a small break, the students set off on a tour of the telecommunications exhibit where they sent a morse code to another student, saw the development of telecommunication from a rotary dial phone to a cordless phone and learned about the famous scientists and inventors who contributed to the development of telecommunications

They then went to the Pump House, where they saw first-hand coal-powered electricity generation and finished off in the Appliance and Automobile exhibit. Here they saw early electrical appliances and pre-electric appliances and automobiles from the early 60s. Also on display was a solar powered car as long as the room, which could only house the driver!!

The students came back with an understanding of the different ways of generating electricity and how electricity has improved our standard of living.

Special thanks to Dave Okey and Kim Tait who accompanied the class to MOTAT and gave their insight and expertise to enhance the experience.
Gerry Victor

Mathematics News

ICAS Mathematics Competition:
Western Springs College has again been invited to participate in the annual Mathematics Competition conducted by the University of New South Wales (Australia). The Competition is for year 9 and year 10 students throughout Asia and the Pacific.
We would encourage any year 9 or year 10 student to participate; as the test is excellent preparation for NCEA examinations. Students can receive prestigious awards at different levels and the report received after the test on the 17th of August 2010 highlights the student’s strengths and weaknesses, which is a useful guide in emphasising where additional study needs to be done.
The entry fee of $7.50 and a completed permission slip should be given to Beth in the office no later than 1st of July 2010.  Mathematics teachers will give out the permission slips to students.

Senior Workshops:
Once again the Mathematics Department will be offering a range of workshops for senior students during the term break. The workshops are generally aimed at revising skills in topics that have been covered in class but will not be assessed until the external exams. There is also a session for a Further Assessment in two standards: level 2 – Probability Simulations and Distributions and level 3 – Time Series. Below is the timetable of workshops. Any amendments to this will be updated for the hard copy that students will receive in week 10. A copy of this will be put in the Mathematics section of the school intranet (www.wscintranet.school.nz)

Level 1
Algebra (Achieved skills): Wednesday 14th of July 10:30-12:00 in room B10
Algebra (Merit and Excellence skills): Thursday 15th of July 10:30-12:00am in room B10

Level 2

Algebra (achieved skills): Wednesday 14th of July 10:30-12:00 in room B9
Algebra (Merit and Excellence skills): Thursday 15th of July 10:30-12:00 in room B9
Graphing: Wednesday 14th of July 12:30-2pm in room B9
Sequences and Series: Thursday 15th of July 12:30-2pm in room B9
Co-ordinate Geometry: Wednesday 14th of July 2:00-3:30pm in room B9
Probability Internal Resit: Thursday 15th of July 10:30-12:00 in room B7
Level 3 Statistics
Probability Distributions: Thursday 15th of July 12:30-2pm in room B10
Time Series Practice: Wednesday 14th of July 1-2pm in room B7
Time Series Internal Resit: Thursday 15th of July 10:30-12:00 in room B7
Jared Hockly    

Careers Information

Career Information for Families and Whanau
Parents and caregivers are often the starting place and have a major influence on their children’s career decisions.  The careers website www.careers.govt.nz has current information and guidance for families. 
Go to the careers website then click on “Parent Family and Whanau” and this will guide you to the following links.

Secondary schools and NCEA
Understanding NCEA, what to consider when your children are choosing their school subjects, and how their secondary school can help them with careers.

The world of work
Discover how work has changed, and work trends of the future. Find out what skills employers are looking for.

Helping your kids make decisions
Get conversation starters, tips from other parents and tailored advice on how to handle a range of career issues with your children.

Entering tertiary study
Find out more about the study options available to your children.

Entering trade training
Find out more about the trade training options available to your children.

Where to go for more help
Locate extra sources of information about careers, such as books, websites, telephone and face-to-face services.

What's Happening in the Careers Department now?

  • Presently, Year 13 students are having individual interviews with Margaret Ph 815 6730 Ext 747 or Kay at 0226773284.  These will continue in term 3. 
  • Year 13 students should regularly check the Year 13 folder on the intranet for upcoming dates for Open Days, Closing dates for Universities and Halls of residence, and visiting tertiary speakers.

Junior Reports

By now you should have received your junior student’s report.

We look forward to seeing you at Parents’ Evening

Effort Grade Key:

O Outstanding
VG Very Good
G Good
S Satisfactory
N Needs Improvement

Achievement Grade Key:

E Excellent
M Merit
A Achieved
NA Nearly Achieved
N Not Achieved


Parent/Teacher Interviews
Years 9 and 10
Tuesday June 22nd, 2.00 to 7.00 pm

WSC now has an online booking system for parent teacher interviews.
Bookings will open on Monday June 14th.
Go to www.schoolinterviews.co.nz
or access this from the link on our school website www.westernsprings.school.nz
Our school code is:

Instructional screens will take you through the booking process.  .
If you do not have the internet at home just phone the school office for bookings.
815 6730.


Message From The Library

Lunchtime Concert:
As part of New Zealand Music Month the library hosted our very first concert at lunchtime last Wednesday.  Springs students who are studying music enthralled a rapt audience.  Margaret Robertson, HOD Music, organised the performance which included: solos on clarinet, guitar and voice and finished with a rousing band.

Each performance received an enthusiastic round of applause from the audience who were given an opportunity to listen to their peers.  As they were leaving one student was heard saying “this should happen every week.” “Perhaps not next week,” said Margaret “but maybe next term!”  Some students used this performance as an assessment opportunity - a win-win situation.

Youth Week:
To coincide with Youth Week our current display entitled ‘It’s All About Me’ has given the library the opportunity to display books and posters about a variety of youth issues.  Some titles include: ‘Your Skin, From Acne To Zits, Teenage Boys Talk, My anxious mind, So You’re a Teenager and 101 Things Every Kid Should Know About The Human Body’. Some of these books are only available through the health centre and can be borrowed directly from the school nurse.
Sharda Patel

From the Commerce Department

I would like to share with you, one of the reflections by a student after completion of ‘How much do I cost my parents a year’.

I found all the reflections to be very interesting and insightful and hope you enjoy reading the one below:

“The task that I have just completed showed me a lot of things about my family and how much we cost, and more importantly, how much I alone cost my parents in a year.  The results that I got were amazing and I got to see how much better off my parents would have been if they didn’t have kids.  At first, I didn’t really want to do this task and thought I would feel bad when I found out how much I cost. I then changed my opinion about it and thought it would be good to find out how much I cost so I could appreciate my parent's job more and understand that they have to work to live.

After I had completed the task I didn’t feel as bad as I thought I would because I discovered that I cost less than anticipated.  I only ended up costing a little over $14,000 which I think is quite low.  I won’t find out though until everyone else hands in their work on Friday.  I am desperately looking forward to it because I have really enjoyed doing this task and want to see how everyone else has done.”

Manu Korero

Results from the recent competition:
Ta Turi Kara – Sir James Carrol Junior English
1st place overall and representing Tamaki @ National Competition in September
Venuku McKree-Pomana

Pei Te Hurinui - Snr Maori
2nd Prepared Speech
2nd Impromptu Speech
3rd Overall Placing
Tuhoe Tamaiparea

Reach for the Stars
Matariki Careers Evening
For Western Springs Maori & Pacifika Students & Whanau
30 Careers Showcased
Monday 14th June 6-8.30pm In the School Hall
A rare chance to chat to Maori & Pacific Islanders who are actually doing the jobs!
Finger Food Refreshments


Congratulations to Renata Gottgtroy (Year 11) who has been selected as a member of the Junior Women’s Inline Hockey Team which will represent New Zealand at the Junior World Championships in July.

Homestay Accommodation Needed

Homestay accommodation needed for China Friendship School students and international students
Following Western Springs College staff and students’ visiting our Friendship Schools in China at the end of this June, 21 students and 3 teachers from China Ningbo No. 2 High School will pay us a 2-day visit around 10 August in term 3. In 2009 Western Springs’ students were hosted by Ningbo No.2 High School’s students’ families. This July we will also meet some families in Ningbo and Inner Mongolia. Families who can make room for 2 days around 10 August, please contact Kylie at the International Office by ph: 8156730x752, or email herriottk@westernsprings.school.nz. Your help will be really appreciated.

Throughout the year the International Department is recruiting Homestay families for international students of various nationalities. If you are interested, please contact Kylie.
International Department

Community Notices

THE NEXT PAG MOVIE NIGHT fundraiser is coming up on
Wednesday 30th June

The movie is “The Girl who played with Fire’ and it is the second in the Millennium trilogy. The screening is at the Bridgeway, Northcote on Wednesday 30th June (last week of term) at 8.30 pm. Movie goers are invited to come along and have a glass of wine from 8.00 pm.  Tickets are $20.

Here is a link to the information about the movie on the website


If you are interested in tickets email me at pag@westernsprings.school.nz

Term 3 Night Classes – Bookings Open Now

Term 3 Community Education starts 2 August.  While classes are mainly attended by adults, all classes are open to students 16+ and many classes are open to students 12+.  This term we offer:

  • Guitar
  • Life Drawing – Intermediate
  • Pilates
  • Portrait Painting
  • Pacific Island Dance – Samoan
  • Pacific Island Dance – Cook Island
  • Sewing (Level One) – Now available in term 3
  • Sewing (Level Two) – NEW
  • Spanish
  • Vegetarian Cooking - NEW
  • Yoga

Details of new classes will be posted on the WSC website shortly.  If you would like to keep up-to date, email me and I will add you to our database.
Bookings are open now.  Contact Bridget, communityeducation@xtra.co.nz  phone 378-4487.