Nga Puna O Waiorea
 Newsletter No. 7, August 2, 2010  

Newsletter No. 7, August 2, 2010


Springs Calendar
Term Three
Week Three
2nd August – 6th August

Monday 02
• Yr 13 Geo Trip Waitomo
Tuesday 03
• Yr 13 Japanese UrbanTrip
• School Production – Tue to Sat (7pm)
Wednesday 04
• Sports & Cultural Photos
Thursday 05
• Yr 11 Sports Camp
Friday 06
• Yr 11 Sports Camp
Saturday 07
• Yr 11 Sports Camp
• School Production 7pm

Week Four
9th August – 13th August
Maths Week

Monday 09
• Yr 12 Japanese Urban Trip
Tuesday 10
• Yr 11 Geo Trip Waihi
• School Production - Tue to Sat (7pm)
• Senior Report Evening 2 – 7pm
• School finishes at 12.30 – buses have been notified of early finish
Saturday 14
• School Production 7pm

Week Five
16th August – 20th August
Library Week

Monday 16
• Yr 12 French Urban Trip
• Yr 13 Bio Trip (P5) FR
Tuesday 17
• Yr 13 Bio Trip (P4) VR
• Level 3 Music Performance 6pm
Thursday 19
• Yr 10 Sci – Liggins Institute (10WU)
• Yr 13 Edit Day – Media Studies
Friday 20
• Yr 10 Sci – Liggins Institute (10WE)
• Yr 11 French Urban Trip
• Yr 11 Japanese Trip (P3,4,5)
• Yr 13 Edit Day – Media Studies

Resignation of Linda Dillon
After eleven years of outstanding service to the school associate principal, Linda Dillon, has decided to accept a renewal of her contract with Cognition Consultancy in the Middle East. I have placed a tribute to Linda on the school website. It is anticipated that the vacancy ensuing form Linda's departure will be filled in time for the beginning of term four.

Complaints Policy
School community members (staff, students, parents and other members of the community) are reminded that the WSC Complaints policy exists to guarantee all members a fair and consistent response to complaints about a perceived breach of expected high operational standards and/or the school code of conduct.

The Complaints policy procedures are based on the principles of natural justice. They detail the expectations which complainants should be accorded, and the rights of the person(s) against whom the complaint has been made. Complaints are to be made in writing or in person; anonymous complaints will not be registered.

You can obtain a hard copy of the Complaints policy on request from the school office; alternatively, the policy can be viewed on the school website.

Newsletter Distribution
We would like to act on a request from the Parent Action Group that an email alert with an attached link be sent out to signal publication of the newsletter. Accordingly, we would like you to confirm your preferred email address by sending it to goodesc@westernsprings.school.nz We anticipate that this system will be operational by week nine of this term.

Senior Report Interviews, Tuesday, 10 August, 2.00 – 7.00pm
Parents are now able to access the on-line booking system for the parent / teacher interviews by visiting the front page of the school website. You should by now have received the Record of Learning for Years 11, 12 & 13 students which was mailed out last week.

Nga Puna O Waiorea Excel on the National Stage
The Rumaki kapahaka group have performed exceptionally well in representing the Auckland region at the National Secondary Schools Maori Performing Arts Competition in Rotorua last week. Nga Puna O Waiorea placed fifth overall, with a first placing in the whakaeke ( entrance ), third in the haka, and first in the kaitataki tane ( male leader ) section on the part of Nathaniel Howe.

School Production, 3 – 7 and 10 – 14 August, at TAPAC
There are only a few seats left for the school musical production ( Larry Trotter ) in weeks 3 and 4 of this term. Given that there are two casts (Cast one performs this week, 3-7/8; Cast two next week, 10-14/8), you may need to check the cast list if you are hoping to see individual performers.

Staff News
On 13 August we will farewell Jasmine Martin from the Rumaki. Jasmine has held a position teaching English, Social Studies and Physical Education since the beginning of last year. She has secured a teaching position at Opononi Area School.

On the same date head of Physical Education, Jarrod Dunn, will take leave granted by the board until the end of term one next year to enable him to pursue his rugby interests in Hong Kong. Jarrod will also be teaching at an international school in the city during this time.

Mathematics Department

Exams and Calculators
Term 3 will be a very important term for students studying Mathematics. Both junior and senior students will be sitting preparatory exams towards the end of this term. It is important that students are well prepared for these exams so that an accurate assessment of their current level in different topics can be gained. This will allow students and teachers to make well informed decisions about what needs to be done so that students achieve at the highest levels possible.

Part of this preparation is being properly equipped for exams. All students should have a scientific calculator, if not a graphics calculator. Students who have a graphics calculator are greatly advantaged in NCEA exams. A student who has learned to use these types of calculators well will find getting to Achieved level in an exam paper a lot faster and easier. This will allow them more time to focus on the Merit and Excellence question. The model that we use in lessons is the "Casio fx-9750" series, which can be purchased through electronics and stationery retailers.

Monday Maths Homework Centre
We continue to offer this opportunity for students to come to B7 after school on Mondays. They work on their homework and can get help from a teacher with a topic that's proving difficult, or use the computers to work on www.mathsbuddy.co.nz

Thursday – Level 1 Merit/Excellence
Level 1 students who are achieving well, but feel they need more experience with solving harder problems should consider this homework centre. It will be run on Thursdays after school in B11.

Maths Week – WSC Can do it
Week 4 of this term is Maths Week (9th – 13th of August). In the great tradition of previous Maths Weeks, we will be raising money for a charity. This year we have decided to collect cans for the Auckland City Mission. If all students at Springs donated a "Can" of food we would be able to donate over a thousand cans to the Mission which would be a huge help in their efforts to help marginalised Aucklanders. WSC "Can" do it! We look forward to your generosity. At school we will be incorporating the "Can" theme into lessons and lunchtime activities.

Information From the Languages Department

Bonjour! Kon nichiwa!

It is the time of the year again! We will be celebrating International Languages Week
in week 5 (15 August to 21 August). Start thinking about which culture costume you are going to dress up in for the celebration and be in to win the dress-up competition. As well as the Cultural dress-up day, the canteen will offer different cuisine through the week. There will be daily greetings in different languages. This year we will change our quiz style, it is going to be “amazing race” style quiz. There will be book displays for different cultures in the school library to celebrate both Languages Week and Library Week. Both the culture dress-up and quiz are for house points and detailed information will be announced during house assembly in week 4.

The senior classes of French and Japanese are going on their urban trips to the city centre during the next three weeks. It is an opportunity for the students to put their language learning into use.

The After School Study Centre on Tuesdays for both French and Japanese will restart from Week Three (August 3rd). Students from all year levels can come to the study centre to do work related to either French or Japanese, such as homework and revision work. Both French and Japanese teachers will be there to help students with any questions. We urge the parents of senior students to encourage their children to take up this opportunity, if you think that your child will benefit from it.

Our new Year 9 classes have just started this term. We would like to remind parents that it is a requirement to pay for the course workbooks. We would also like to remind parents of our Year 10 to Year 13 students about the overdue payments of the required workbooks fees.

Thank you for your continuous support
Renae & Cecile
Languages Department

Geography News

Geography and Friendship Schools visit to China. The Trip of a Lifetime!

29 students and 5 adults spent 17 days in China and Inner Mongolia during the last week of term and a week and a half of the holidays. We experienced many of the sights, sounds and tastes of a country of extreme contrasts, both cultural and natural. No classroom geography teaching could ever achieve the learning experience gained by these students and aspects of the New Zealand Curriculum, like "Managing Self" and "Relating to Others" were well covered! Visits to 2 of our friendship schools made the journey more real and less of a pure tourist experience for the students, as well as promoting WSC to potential Chinese students.

We must have almost as many photos as the population of China, but here is one of our students with students from Ningbo No 2 School.

Jenny Jones
HOD Science

Message From The Library

Search Engines
The following are recommended Search Engines, which are now on the Library Home Page on the Intranet. The intranet is accessible from home by selecting ‘from outside’. These search engines are selected by educators, so they are reliable sources of information.  Furthermore, students are provided alternatives to Wikipedia which is often a first choice and not always reliable.

  1. Studysearch.com – there is a primary and secondary focus
  2. Duckduckgo.com – choose the information option
  3. Twurdy – information is colour coded according to reading level

The library is committed to structured research in the junior school to ensure research skills are learnt before students enter senior school. We would welcome feedback from students who use any of the above sites for finding information for that special project.
Sharda Patel

Leaders' Voice

Youth Parliament
On the 6th and 7th of July, Allanah Colley and I attended Youth Parliament 2010. For two days we acted as Select Committee members. We drafted recommendations to parliament, questioned Cabinet ministers and debated issues such as Age of Majority and Human Rights legislation.

Alannah was representing Jacinda Ardern, Labour List MP, and I represented David Clendon of the Green Party. Although we both felt that two days was cutting it fine for what we wanted to accomplish, we were impressed with the calibre and the diversity of students who attended from all over New Zealand.

Highlights for me were the leadership panel with Hon Paula Bennett, Minister of Youth Affairs, Divya Dhar, Young New Zealander of the Year for 2010 and Taika Waititi, Writer/Director of BOY and Eagle vs Shark as well as Gerry Brownlee confusing an IPod with a 1990’s walkman. We would recommend Youth Parliament to any student interested in the role of politicians on both a national and global scale.
Phoebe Balle

Sports Person of the Term
Once a term the sports leaders pick an outstanding sports person who we think deserves some recognition from within the school. This term we have chosen someone who astounded us with the amount of hard work and hours of training that he puts into his sport. He is a dedicated cyclist.

Every week before school, he gets up at 4:50am and cycles 65-70km. To put this in perspective his normal route is from Mt Albert to the airport and back. On the weekend he gets a massive sleep in till 6am when he gets up and rides 170-200km. To put that in perspective from Auckland to Hamilton it is only 126km.

He started competitive cycling in 2006 because he wanted to win some money. He competes 4 times a month traveling to New Plymouth, Wellington, Coromandel, Christchurch, Rotorua, Whakatane and twice in 2009 he competed overseas. Some of his achievements include:

2nd Bio sport crit race u17
2nd in an open age race in Whakatane
2nd in the Lake Wanaka race
Making the u17 Auckland team for time trial
Being a member GMC coaching
3rd in the u17 time trial Waterfront series

In 2011 he is going on an exchange to Austin, Texas, where he will compete in cycle races for 9 months.

This term's winner of Sportsperson of the Term is Drew Lomax.

Drew is an outstanding athlete who has worked very hard to be where he is now. He is an inspiration to all of us. We wish him the best for his future sporting endeavors.
Kate Livingston, Maddi Smith, Morgan Robson

School Ball 2010
I am proud to report that this year's Western Springs Ball, held on the 25th of June, was a huge success! As head of the Ball Committee I expected to have a stressful day of setting up for the event, followed by slight panic all night as I waited for disasters to strike.

Thankfully my experience was quite the opposite. The set up on the day went much more quickly than expected, with the fabulous Ball Committee and some helpful ex-students doing a great job, and the night was disaster free! It felt like a really classy event, which I think can be attributed to the beautiful venue. The Auckland Museum is a really great place to hold a school ball and the circular Event Centre at the top of the building gave us a stunning 360˚ view of the city.

As I walked out of the lifts in the ballroom, just before the guests started arriving, all my panic faded away. There were our champagne glasses being filled with sparkling grape juice, our white roses wrapped in ribbons and ready to be handed to the girls and fairy lights galore! The whole room was lit with blue light and the DJ was already playing his music. It was everything we had imagined it would be and more. I hope that everyone who attended had a fantastic night and I really encourage the year 12's to get involved in their ball next year. I learnt so many skills from organizing the Ball and I know I will have many opportunities to put these to good use.

I would like to acknowledge the Ball Committee who invested so much effort in to making the event happen, so thank you to Ben Cornelius, Emma Hauck, Keira Howat, Brenna Magee-Watling, Adrienne Stacofsky and Kenah Trusewich. An especially huge thank you to Allanah Colley, co-head of the Committee, who devoted so much of her energy into making the night what it was, and to Ms. Kilian, who taught me so much and whose constant patience and wisdom astounds me. I hope next year's Ball will be just as amazing!
Grace Kennedy

Western Springs takes a stand against bullying!
On the 29th of June all five houses combined and we created an exquisite art piece that expresses our thoughts on how Western Springs takes a stand against bullying!

This project was organized and run by the student council with the aim to encourage our students to continue taking an active stand against bullying while making lunch times a little more fun!!

A group of talented year 9 art students painted the head in our 5 house colours. The head was then displayed in the gym during a lunch time and students were invited to jot down their thoughts on how we take a stand against bullying at W.S.C. Seeing as it was a cold wet day, there was free coffee and hot chocolate for all.

The profile face represents a student at W.S.C. It was painted in the 5 house colours to show that even though we are each part of our own house we stand together as a safe school community. The messages show how W.S.C students take a stand against bullying and ties in with the work we have been doing in our form classes during term 2.

We are therefore proud to display the head as a constant reminder that we are each individually and collectively responsible for maintaining W.S.C as a safe school.
Here are some of the comments.
At Western Springs we take a stand against bullying by. . .
“creating a feeling of belonging by being friendly to all year levels”
“being encouraged to telling someone if we are being bullied or see someone being bullied”
“looking out for each other and treating others with dignity and respect”
Sophie Blazey

Music News

Calling all instrumentalists!
A reminder that Chamber Group meets at 9am on a Tuesday and Jazz Band at lunch time on Friday - new members always welcome, beginners as well. So if you play violin, flute, cello, saxophone, trumpet, trombone, clarinet or something else you think we can use come and see us!

Lessons available
There are a few places available for flute, clarinet, saxophone and cello.
Please see Kim or Margaret in the music department as soon as possible.
Margaret Robertson

Health Education

Junior Sexuality Education
Year 9 classes will begin the sexuality unit of work in the coming weeks. The first topic is ‘puberty’ which, for most students, will be revision of the work done in their Intermediate schools. Later topics in the unit are relationships, contraception, STI’s and reproduction. Year 10 classes will begin their sexuality unit near the end of this term or the beginning of term 4. If you have any questions regarding the sexuality unit, please phone or e-mail your son/daughters Health teacher or the HOD Health, Karalee Green.

Next PAG Movie Night
Monday 6th September
I AM LOVE with Tilda Swinton read more
Screening at the Bridgeway at 8.15
$20 ticket
Come along at 7.45 am for a complimentary glass of wine

For tickets contact pag@westernsprings.school.nz

Art Department News

It is definitely the business end of the year and the Art rooms are a buzz of productive activity as NCEA students gear up for the external deadlines with their folio submissions. [See important dates below] With the limited time left and classroom space at a premium, it is pleasing to see a greater number of students committed to using lunchtime, after school and select weekend workshops to develop their art works to a more considered and resolved level of finish. It is important that students use both class and homework time productively and systematically to build the body of work required for submission.

Kind Donation
Many thanks to Fleur Palmer for the donation of $3000 to the Dept as a result of the recently held Auckland Architects Association tour of architecturally designed houses in Westmere. Some of our students were involved as guides in this event. We are in the process of deciding how to spend this windfall so that as many students as possible benefit.

A selection of Year 11 student paintings were recently represented in a MOTAT exhibition of related works and their visual contribution was greatly acknowledged by the organising curator. Congratulations to Lusitania Vete, Mariya Tarasenko, Teri Styles, Hugo Christian-Slane, Redmond Mortimer, Ella Lawrence-Donaldson, Charlotte Clabrough and Jonnie Ribera.

A group of Lev 3 Art History students and their teacher Nici Green visited the New Gallery [Auck City Gallery] on the last day of term 3. The exhibition entitled ‘Local Revolutionaries: Art and Change’ focuses on a period of NZ art where new approaches to materials and form reflect freedom of expression. This was a wonderful learning experience for the students, with particular relevance for those intending to enter Scholarship. Word has it that one keen learner became so engrossed in a Gretchen Albrecht painting that she almost climbed inside it!

All Year 13 Design, Photography and Painting students will be visiting the Top Art Show this coming week. The exhibition showcases the very best in Level 3 and Scholarship Art throughout NZ. We look forward to seeing in this context Tristan Marler's fine Outstanding Scholarship folio from last year.

Lastly, a reminder to parents and guardians about outstanding Art fees. Sincere thanks to the many who have already paid.

Important dates for Term 4:

Level 1 Folio Deadline
Wed 20 Oct Week 2.
Level 2 Folio Deadline
Wed 27 Oct Week 3.
Level 3 Folio Deadline Wed 3 Nov Week 4.
Once again we will be organising displays of folios to coincide with these deadlines

Lily A Laita, Peter Coxon

Title - Strange Pig
Artwork by Y13 student Sophie Blazey (2010 WSC Pat Hanley Art Scholarship recipient)

What is Going On in Careers?

What is Going On in Careers?
This is a busy time for the Careers department. Year 9 has just finished their Careers week and planning is underway for Year 10 week in Senior Exam week.
It is recommended that Year 12 students attend the Careers Expo if possible during the evening later this week (Thursday night 4 - 7 pm) or on Saturday (10 – 4 pm). See below.

Year 13 Information
We have already heard in the media about the sudden cancellation of places at Massey University's Summer School. More gate keeping is happening at our universities caused by the Tertiary Education Commission's belt tightening. If Year 13 students are planning a delayed enrolment, they are encouraged to make an application by the same due date for 2010 applications otherwise they may be disappointed to find that places may not be offered in the second semester of 2011, or possibly for 2012. For example, applications for the second semester 2011 enrolment at Victoria University must be received by December 2010. Some Unitec applications for 2011 are on a first served basis. Each student is encouraged to find out closing dates for courses on line as they all differ.

Careers Expo
For all senior students is at the ASB showgrounds on Thursday 4 - 7 pm and Saturday 10 – 4 pm. All of the tertiary institutions will have stands there as well as police, army, navy and many more. This is well worth a visit if you want a chance to talk to people who work in the fields of interest.

Information Sessions/Open Days at Auckland Universities
Senior students who are considering studying at tertiary institutions are well advised to directly visit the institutions.

1. AUT has a very comprehensive list of information sessions based on the area of study.Please visit this website to register your name prior to visiting at the designated times and places www.aut.ac.nz/infosessions.

Examples of information evenings are given below...

Hospitality and Tourism
Tuesday 10 August 2010
Time: 6.30pm - 8.30pm, registration from 5.30pm
Location: City Campus, WA building, Room 220, 55 Wellesley St East, Auckland
Wednesday 11 August 2010
Time: 6.30pm - 8.30pm, registration from 5.30pm
Location: City Campus, WF Building, Corner of Mayoral Drive and Governor Fitzroy Place, Auckland
Wednesday 11 August 2010
Time: 6.30pm - 8.30pm, registration from 5.00pm
Location: City Campus, WF building, Corner of Mayoral Drive and Governor Fitzroy Place, Auckland
Te Ara Poutama, Māori Development
Thursday 30 September 2010
Time: 6.30pm - 8.00pm, registration from 5.30pm
Location: City Campus, Te Ara Poutama Reception, Level 3, WB Building, Wellesley Street, Auckland
... and more....see below...

And there are many more information sessions in ......Health Sciences & Sport and Recreation, Dance, Rehabilitation and Occupational studies, Sports and Recreation, Health Care Practice, Education, Design and Creative Technologies, Applied Science Art & Design, Languages and Social Sciences....

2. Auckland University Open Day
Saturday 28th August 9 am – 3 pm

For prospective undergraduates (this means that you do not yet have a degree) and parents. Programmes are available at the Careers department. Begin early if you are attending this day! There are lectures on “Getting Started (course advice)”, general education and “The first year experience for parents”.

3. Massey – Albany Campus Programme 2010
10am - 3pm, Saturday 14 August

Register online at www.massey.ac.nz

4. Unitec Information Evening
Wed 25 August 2010, 3.30-6.30pm

Find the direction that's right for you at Unitec Info Evening. It's a chance to meet our students and lecturers, see what programmes we offer and what careers they can lead to, find out what studying at Unitec is really like, talk to staff from our Career Centre and the International office (Mt Albert only), and ask any questions you have about tertiary study.