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 Newsletter No. 8, August 23, 2010  

Newsletter No. 8, August 23, 2010


Springs Calendar
Term Three
Week Six
23rd August to 27th August

Monday 23 August
10AE Sci Trip Liggins Institute
Tuesday 24 August
Senior exams start (24 Aug – 1 Sept)
1pm – 4pm
Wednesday 25 August
Senior exams continue 9.30 – 12.30
School closes 12.30pm due to Teachers’
Paid Union Meeting
Thursday 26 August
Senior exams continue am and pm
Friday 27 August
Senior exams continue am and pm

Week Seven
30th August to 3rd September

Monday 30 August
Senior exams continue
North Island Secondary Schools’ Championships
Tuesday 31 August
North Island Secondary Schools’ Championships continue
Senior exams continue
Wednesday 1 September
Last Day Senior exams
North Island Secondary Schools’ Championships continue
Thursday 2 September
North Island Secondary Schools’ Championships continue
Friday 3 September
Last day North Island Secondary Schools’ Championships.

Week Eight
6th September to 10th September

ERO Week
Health Promoting Week
Monday 6 September
Yr 12 Geo Trip Tongariro (6-10 Sept)
Tuesday 7 September
Level 2 Music performance
Saturday 11 September
Yr 11 Geo Trip Ruapehu (11-12 Sept)

Week Nine
13 September to 17 September
Sunday 12 September
Year 11 Geography Trip to Ruapahu
Monday 13 September
Year 11 Geography Trip to Ruapahu
Tuesday 14 September
Year 11 Geography Trip to Ruapahu
Careers and Subject Choice evening 6.00-8.00pm
NCEA Year 10 Evening 6.30-6.30pm
Wednesday 15 September
PE Snow Camp
Thursday 16 September
PE Snow Camp
Friday 17 September
PE Snow Camp
Week Ten
20 September to 24 September

Friday 24 September
Talent Quest
Saturday 25 - Sunday 26 September
Sports Academy Dive Camp

Senior Examinations, Tuesday pm, 24 August – Wednesday, 1 September

Paid Union Meeting / Early Finish, Wednesday, 25 August, 12.30pm
Further to the notice sent home on 16/8, please read the information below in this newsletter.

Careers Evening, Tuesday, 14 September, Hall, 6.00-8.00pm
The 2011 WSC Course Book will be accessible on the school website from Friday, 27 August; a reminder that hard copies of the book are available on request from the school office.

The Years 10-12 Careers Evening will take place in Week 9 on Tuesday, 14/9, from 6.00-8.00pm. Year 10 parents and students are able to attend a presentation on NCEA on the part of the house deans from 6.00-6.30pm; the venue for your house meeting will be displayed in the hall foyer. The Careers Evening features curriculum area displays in the hall with additional information available from subject specialists who will be in attendance to represent their subjects.

NCEA Level 1 & Level 2 Course Changes
Senior and middle managers have recently addressed the issue of challenging each student to reach her/his academic potential. A range of proposals designed to facilitate improved grade quality in NCEA and strengthen the academic culture of the junior school have been discussed and approved. These include the decision to place a credit ceiling on Level 1 subjects (in 2011) and Level 2 subjects (in 2012). It is calculated that the ensuing assessment load reduction will better enable our students to achieve the deep learning required for Excellence and Merit. I will detail the other changes in future newsletters.

Parent Email Address Update
We are on track to finish the current updating of email addresses for all families in time to enable the next newsletter to be notified and accessed through an email alert. If you have not already done so, please contact the office manager with your preferred email address at goodesc@westernsprings.school.nz

Sports Results
Congratulations to the players, coaches and managers of the following successful teams:


  • The junior boys' soccer team has won the 14B competition.
  • The junior girls' soccer team has won the Under 15s Division Two championship.
  • The senior girls' soccer team has finished second in the Waitakere Senior A Under 19s competition.
  • The Senior B girls' soccer team has placed second in their competition.

La Crosse

  • The open girls' team has won the Division Two championship and the Auckland Division Two tournament.

Rugby League

  • The boys' team has won the Mahepohepo competition.


  • The senior gold Grade 2 team, the Year 10 gold Grade 2 team, the Year 9 gold Grade 2 team and the Year 9 green Grade 6 team were all competition winners after winning their finals last Saturday.
  • Arguably even more or just as impressive were the achievements of the Senior Green and Year 10 Green teams which both placed fourth in Grade 1 having won their first two rounds and gaining promotion to the top grade.
  • The Rumaki netball team has won the Mahepohepotanga competition.

Languages Department News – Celebration for International Languages Week

The Languages Department has just had its big event this year – International Languages Week celebration. International Languages Week was in Week 5 (August 16 to August 20). Every day we greeted each other in different languages, and the canteen provided 10 different dishes from different countries or cultures throughout the week. We got to taste Spanish, German, Mexican food and so on.

Our main attractions this year were the Culture Dress-up competition, and the Amazing Race-style quiz competition. The Dress-up competition took place on Tuesday 17th of August. We had about 50 students and 25 teachers dressed up in different cultural clothes, such as Japanese, Indian, African...

The winners were announced in the school assembly, from the staff category: Mr. Alford, Mr Bircham, Ms Jones and Ms West; from the students’ category: Kane Griffiths (dressed as Roman), Sakura Nagano (dressed as Japanese) and Mitul Patel (in Indian clothes). Our overall winners were: top boy was Caleb Wells (dressed as English punk) and top girl was Sylvia Jeong (dressed in traditional Korean clothes).

Thank you so much to the judges and all the participants; we would not have had a successful event without you.

The quiz competition this year had a new face. We ran the quiz like The Amazing Race TV show. The students teamed up in pairs, and had to look around the school to find the answers. The winners for the quiz competition before this issue of the newsletter were Lean and Emily from BRM, Emma from DUM and India from MNM.

The overall winning house will be announced in the next newsletter.
Renae Liao-Marsden & Cécile Bourgeois

Social Studies staff dressed up School staff dressed up
Students dressed up Top Boy & Top Girl

Paid Union Meeting, Wednesday 25th August

At 1.00pm on Wednesday 25th August, members of the Post Primary Teachers' Association who teach in schools in our ward will attend a paid union meeting to be consulted about details of the proposed new employment contract. Legislation provides for the scheduling of these meetings during work hours as part of contract negotiations.

Given that Western Springs College teachers who are members of PPTA are required to attend this meeting, it will not be possible to operate the normal school timetable for the whole day on 25/08.

School will finish at 12.30pm.

The school buses have been rescheduled to arrive at school at this time to transport students home.

If these arrangements are not convenient for you and you would like your daughter or son to be supervised at school for the afternoon, please contact the school office with your request.

NB: Senior Exams scheduled for the afternoon of Wednesday 25th August have been rescheduled for the afternoon of Tuesday 24th August.
Heather Dikstaal
Acting Deputy Principal


Year 9 Booklet
Many thanks for the effort that parents made to help your son/daughter to work through the checklist. I have marked all of the booklets and students will be getting their books back in term 4. It was really pleasing to read about Year 9 students who described themselves as reliable, using the example of 'doing routine chores around the home' as evidence. Even these types of daily tasks, in addition to their academic learning, are important to them building a sense of responsibility and acquiring 'self-knowledge' needed to develop 'career maturity' (having enough self-knowledge to be able to make a good career choice). In addition, many students gave some really impressive and differing opinions in the middle pages of the booklet about the advice given by the counsellor to the undecided students. For example, some students thought that "Liam should listen to his parents' while others thought that "he should be able to make up his own mind about what to do with his life".
Some students still have to hand their book in – if this is still at home then it needs to be in the box outside the Deans' offices in the main corridor.

Year 13 Careers
Students who are delaying applications until mid semester 2011 or the beginning of 2012 are advised to apply prior to the 2011 deadlines. A place may be held for students for these deferred starts. For example, Victoria requires that places in second-semester 2011 (only a few places are available) have been applied for by 1 December 2011.

If you are 20 or over you have to apply for Special Admission and entry is no longer necessarily open. Although this does not directly affect WSC school leavers, they may like to consider this lack of guaranteed entry in their individual long term plans.

Open Days
(details are on the intranet under Careers, Year 13)
Auckland University 28th August 9 am- 3pmhttp://www.auckland.ac.nz/uoa/fu-courses-careers-programme
There is a set programme which starts at 9 am so read this first and it is better to be there early .

New Entry Requirement for Auckland University for 2011
How to Calculate a Ranked Scorehttp://www.auckland.ac.nz/uoa/home/about/admission-and-enrolment

National Certificate of Educational Achievement (NCEA) Level 3

The University Entrance Standard

You will be qualified for entrance to a New Zealand university in 2011 if you have obtained:

  • a minimum of 42 credits at Level 3 or higher on the National Qualifications Framework, including a minimum of 14 credits at Level 3 or higher in each of two subjects from the approved subject list, with a further 14 credits at Level 3 or higher taken from no more than two additional domains on the National Qualifications Framework or approved subjects plus

  • a minimum of 14 credits at Level 1 or higher in Mathematics or P?ngarau on the National Qualifications Framework plus

  • a minimum of 8 credits at Level 2 or higher in English or Te Reo M?ori; 4 credits must be in reading and 4 credits must be in writing. These literacy credits are to be selected from a schedule of approved achievement standards and unit standards.

(To be admitted to Auckland Uni you must gain University Entrance and be selected for a programme.

How your rank score is calculated
You will be allocated a rank score based on your best 80 credits at Level 3 or higher over a maximum of five approved subjects, weighted by the level of achievement attained in each set of credits.

If you achieve fewer than 80 credits, the rank score will be based on those credits you have gained at Level 3 over a maximum of five approved subjects and weighted by the level of achievement. The approved subjects are determined by NZQA (list is available on the NZQA website).

  • The rank score will be calculated by awarding the following points for up to 24 credits in each approved subject taken at Level 3. The maximum rank score is 320.

Excellence = 4 points;  Merit = 3 points;  Achieved = 2 points

  • Credits obtained in any required subjects do not have to be among the best 80 credits required for ranking purposes.
  • NCEA Level 3 credits achieved in previous years may be counted towards the 80 best credits required for ranking purposes.
  • Level 3 subject requirements for a particular programme may be met in Year 12.
  • You are strongly encouraged to take achievement standards as preparation for University.
Subject Standard type Results Calculate Rank score
English Achievement and Unit 6 Excellence
6 Merit
16 Achieved*
6x4 points
6x3 points
12x2 points*
History Achievement 8 Excellence
10 Achieved
8x4 points
10x2 points
Physics Achievement 24 Merit 24x3 points 72
Mathematics with Calculus Achievement 4 Excellence
3 Merit
8 Achieved**
4x4 points
3x3 points
Statistics and Modelling Achievement 7 Merit
10 Achieved**
7x3 points 21
Economics Achievement 6 Achieved*** Not counted*** Nil
Rank score 236
*Only five subjects are included in the calculation.
**Maximum 24 credits per subject. Any points above this limit are excluded.
***Not included as only best 80 credits used in calculation of rank score.

For more information about requirements for specific programmes (eg, portfolio of creative work), refer to the faculty undergraduate prospectus or website: –

Massey – Albany Campus Programme 2010 – Saturday 14 August, 10am - 3pm

Unitec Information Evening – Wednesday 25 August, 3.30pm - 6.30pm

Find the direction that is right for you at Unitec Info Evening. It is a chance to meet students and lecturers, see what programmes are offered and what careers they can lead to, find out what studying at Unitec is really like, talk to Career Centre staff and the International office (Mt Albert only). Ask any questions you have about tertiary study.

Victoria University Open Day – Friday 27th August http://www.victoria.ac.nz/srca/events/study-at-vic.aspx

Auckland University has a Course Planning Day at Waiora – October 18th

Closing Dates
Performing Arts (Acting only) at Unitec applications close on 1 September. These are looming for Fine Arts and Music at Auckland University and also some degrees at Unitec ( 1 October). Auckland University closing dates are generally 1 December.
Please check for the course that you are applying for.

Residential Hall of Residence: applications close prior to the deadlines for academic courses. For Victoria and Otago University, applications are not accepted after 1 October, other than a waiting list.

All of the information above is on the school intranet under Careers Year 13.
Kay Wallace

Student Elections 2010

Schools must hold an annual student trustee election in September each year.
Any student enrolled full time in Year 9 and above, under the age of 20, is eligible to stand for election and vote in the school election for a student representative.

Nomination forms are available from the school office.

Nominations close at noon on Friday 3rd September.
Voting will be held in form class on Friday 17th September.
The new student trustee will take office on Friday 24th September.
Heather Dikstaal
Acting Deputy Principal

Market Day Makes $648

Thanks to all the parents, teachers and students who supported us in making Market Day a success.

Students have certainly come out of it with an appreciation of how difficult it is create a successful product, market it, manage a business, deal with customers and work well with others under pressure. They also learnt the heartache of paying taxes as each Business paid 10 percent of sales as taxes. However, the tax was used to throw a Market Day party and the remaining money divided among the relevant groups.

The following prizes were awarded:

The most hardworking and creative group:– Ben Shivas, Felix Ashley-Lamb & Jade Miller

The group that earned the most:– Alex Bartley, Mathison Watt & Tanira Fisher-Marama


The Unitec in Schools STEP UP secondary school revision programme can help your child prepare for their end of year exams.

STEP UP offers years 11-13 students the opportunity to attend intensive NCEA and CIE revision classes during the September holiday break, as well as NCEA examination preparation classes in early November.

Class sizes are limited, taken by experienced secondary teachers and held at Unitec's Mt Albert campus.

99% of students last year said they would recommend STEP UP classes to other students.
For further information call 0508 STEP UP or enrol online at www.stepup.unitec.ac.nz


Are you at the end of your tether with your troubled teen? You can turn it around.

A self help programme that gives parents the support and the tools needed to deal with unacceptable teenage behaviour.

Find out how parents just like you have turned their families around.
Go to www.toughlove.org.nz or phone 624 4363.