Nga Puna O Waiorea
 Newsletter No. 3, March 28, 2011  
Springs Calendar
Term One
Week nine
28th March - 1st April
Wednesday 30th March: Pacific Island Parents'Meeting. Time TBC.
Thursday 31st March: Yr 12 Biology Trip to Leigh (two days).
Week ten
4th April - 8th April
Sunday 3rd April: Yr 12 Geo Trip to Tongariro (three days).
Tuesday 5th April: Waka Ama Nationals in Rotorua (four days). TBC.
Week eleven
11th April - 15th April

Monday 11th April: Senior Parent / Teacher Interviews.
Friday 15th April: Secondary Schools' Shakespeare Festival at TAPAC - 4pm to 8pm.
Saturday 16th April: Secondary Schools' Shakespeare Festival at TAPAC - 10am to 5pm.
Friday 15th April: LAST DAY OF TERM


Senior Reports & Parent / Teacher Interviews
Progress reports for Years 11-13 students will be mailed out next Tuesday (5/4) ahead of the parent/teacher interviews day on Monday, 11 April, 2.00-7.00pm in the last week of the term.

Parents are able to book appointments with subject teachers, form teachers, deans and academic directors by going on www.schoolinterviews.co.nz ; the code is 8SMVS. Alternatively, you are able to telephone the school office and ask that the bookings be processed by our office staff.

A reminder that school will finish for all students at 12.30pm on 11 April to accommodate the scheduling of the interviews. It is important that students accompany parents to the interviews.

ICT Developments Update

  • The IP address update has been completed, increasing the school's capacity to accommodate more machines.
  • The B8 computer suite has been outfitted with new machines.
  • 3 class sets of 30 notebooks ( for word-processing and internet research use ) have been ordered.
  • The wireless upgrade is currently at an advanced planning stage and is expected to be carried out in term two.
  • A single sign-on user name and password system will be established during the next two months.
  • We expect that the Parent Portal will be operational by June/July.
  • The changing of the server system and a new firewall ( providing a new security system to allow students to use their own machines ) will occur in 2012.

Nga Puna O Waiorea
Our congratulations go to the Rumaki kapahaka group in recognition of their achievement in gaining second place overall on the Maori stage at the Polyfest on 20/3. The group performed outstandingly well and sent supporters home feeling extremely proud.

Nga Manu Korero, 2-3 June
Next term Nga Puna O Waiorea will again host the Auckland regional speech competition, Nga Manu Korero, on Thursday and Friday, 2-3/6.

Winter Sports Programme
Registrations for the Auckland Secondary Schools' winter sports programme beginning in May have been very pleasing:

  • Netball - 10 teams
  • Soccer - 7 teams ( 4 boys; 3 girls )
  • Rugby - 3 teams
  • Hockey - 2 teams ( 1 boys; 1 girls )
  • Basketball - 3 teams
  • Rugby League
  • Badminton - 4 teams
  • Squash

A reminder that all players' participation in a team representing the college is contingent on them returning the WSC sports contract signed by themselves and their parents. ( See the Sports page on www.westernsprings.school.nz to download the contract. )

Parent Action Group Working Bee, Saturday, 2 April, 9.00-Midday
We are hoping for a strong turn-out for the working bee on Saturday morning. (See the special website notice.) The last PAG-organised event certainly made a big impact on the gardens and grounds. It may be of interest that we are about to appoint a second, full-time groundskeeper; our current and long-serving groundsman, Dave Luttrell, has elected to work mornings only henceforth.
Ken Havill

Sustainability at Western Springs

In 2008 the school put together a sustainability panel to coordinate our many environmental activities. The panel has worked in close liaison with a research team from the Department of Psychology at the University of Auckland, as well as with Enviroschools, Waste Wise and Travel Wise coordinators from the city council. Last year one of our key achievements was to put in place 12 waste stations designed and painted by students. You may have seen these around the grounds; each is an artwork, with stunning side panels painted by students. They have different containers for compost, recycling and landfill rubbish. To support the new waste stations Charlotte Blythe, from the research team, made a music video starring students from the school who were shown lamenting the current waste situation and promoting the new bins. You can see the film on YouTube, go to gogreenwithgumby and click on Sort it Out. Other films made by Charlotte and students from the school can be seen there too.

The research team and environment student leaders conducted a series of audits on the waste stations to see how well students were separating their waste. Most of the rubbish was in the right bin, especially compost, but some of the bins were quite contaminated. The new 2011 Waste Wise panel will be looking further into how we can ensure rubbish is sorted at the school. The Board of Trustees has set a target to reduce the amount of rubbish we send to landfill by 50% over the coming year.

Other key environmental activities in 2010 included the Trash to Fash competition in which students had to create a fashion extravaganza from rubbish or leftover scraps of material, and the very successful Sea Week which included a community clean-up of Motions and Meola Creeks. We've also made significant progress on ensuring students are exposed to these issues in the classroom, especially with a new Level two Environmental Science course in 2011.

As coordinator of the panel, and a parent at the school, it has been wonderful to witness these initiatives that we hope will position our school as a leader in environmental sustainability.

If you are interested in hearing more about our activities and plans, or if you have ideas or would be keen to participate in sustainability initiatives at the school, we'd be delighted to hear from you. Please contact Niki by email n.harre@auckland.ac.nz or phone (work hours) 3737599 ext 88512.
Niki Harré, coordinator of the Sustainability Panel

WSC GAT - Year 9 and 10 Students


A Community Problem Solving project is carried out by a team (5-8) of students over the course of at least three terms. Many teams choose to work on their project over two years. I would expect students to commit at least 2 hours a week to the project.

Students identify a problem area in their own community and on which they are able to have a positive impact by suggesting solutions and actions to be taken. The community could be the school or the wider community.

Community Problem Solving provides opportunities for full engagement with the New Zealand Curriculum as students:

- Develop critical, creative and ethical thinking skills.
- Apply research skills and use knowledge in a timely manner.
- Co-construct new knowledge with team members and the wider community.
- Improve verbal and written communication skills.
- Determine and use problem-solving strategies.
- Bridge the gap between school and the community.
- Develop co-operative and collaborative skills as they learn to work in a team or with members of the wider community.
- Learn to take ownership of their own learning; managing themselves and others.
- Develop and use a wide range of ITC skills.
- Implement their own designed solutions while learning to overcome barriers.

Community Problem Solving is a vehicle for community service, higher order thinking and deep learning.

If you are interested in being part of a team at WSC, please contact Jenny Jones
(jonesj@westernsprings.school.nz or call into S4)

Information from Languages Department

Bonjour! Konnichiwa! Nihao!

We welcome all the students and families who are taking international languages this year.

This year we are offering our students free access to online languages programmes again. For French there are "Linguascope" and "Language perfect", and for Japanese there are "Language perfect" and "Quia.com". The online programme could be used as a learning or revision tool for vocabulary and other activities. It is expected that our students practice their chosen language through these online language programmes on a daily base, to maximize their chance for success. We would appreciate assistance from the parents to monitor our students' progress at home.

We are also going to have an Afterschool Study Centre on Tuesdays for both French and Japanese. This will start from Term Two. Students from all year levels can come to the study centre to do work related to either French or Japanese, such as homework and revision work. Both the French and Japanese teachers will be there to help students with any questions.
We would like parents to encourage their children to take up this opportunity, if you think that your child will benefit from it.

The French club established last year is again running this year on Mondays. Students who are interested in learning French through board games, reading and movies etc. are all welcome to join the club.

Regretfully, we have decided to cancel the trip to New Caledonia for French senior classes this year. It is not economically viable for the department with the interest shown at the end of last year. We hope to offer the trip again sometime in the future.

We also would like to inform parents that it is a requirement for our students to purchase their own copies of workbooks for languages learning. We would not be able to provide photocopied ones due to copyright issues. Please understand and make sure that you have paid for the workbooks. A letter of reminder will be sent home to those who have yet to pay. Please contact the school office if alternative payment methods need to be arranged.

Thank you for your support and we hope that your child will have an enjoyable and successful year learning in their chosen language.
Renae Liao-Marsden and Cécile Bourgeois

Sheilah Winn Shakespeare Festival @ TAPAC

Western Springs College (TAPAC) will be host to the Auckland Central SGCNZ University of Otago Sheilah Winn Shakespeare Festival for the second year running. The festival will again be run by our own Performing Arts Technology students in technical and front of house roles, and it will take place over two days - Friday 15th April (last day of term) and Saturday 16th April.

Western Springs College will perform from 1pm on Saturday 16th April.

Come along and support the following students, who will be competing against 9 other Auckland schools with a range of scenes from the bard. Tickets are available at the door ($10 adults, $5 students).
Ella Pooley. Jemma Barclay, Hannah Swedlund, Jess Cook, Ella Barclay, Bezouit Yeshum, Jasmine Thompson Milne, Milly Athy-Timmins, Tom Shore, Kieran Wilding, Victoria Chellew, Lucy Lever, Courtney-Paige Devereux, Sylvia Dew, Alena Kavka, Isobel Shore, Elsie Bollinger, Sally Bollinger, Minnie Finlayson, Caleb Wells, Carlin Drake, Daniel McBride, Arlo Gibson, Shannon Lenguaer, Anya Wood, Caroline Ann Sutcliffe, Erin O'Flaherty, Caleb Wells, Joel Wilson, Harry Wilde, Minnie Finlayson, Olivia Shaw, Tara Ranchod and Flora Philpott.

News from the History Department

The academic year began well with news of continuing success in external examinations. While the percentage of Excellences awarded to students at all three levels was significantly above the national average, it was the results for the Level One students that were particularly pleasing.

There were four history classes at Level One in 2010 and 96% of these students sat and passed an Achievement Standard which examined their ability to understand differing perspectives of an historical issue/event. 92% passed the essay paper. This is an outstanding result. It is also the result of the dedication and hard work of Emma Dwyer and Zoe Lindsay whose commitment to their students, and their own individual expertise, played a significant part in this extraordinary achievement.

Mention must also be made of the continuing success of Level 3 students; one of whom, Allanah Colley, scored the perfect result in one of her papers - all six questions awarded Excellence. That same paper saw our students achieving 34.6% at Excellence level. For the third successive year this cohort has topped the country for this particular paper.

Congratulations also to Phoebe Ball and Shaheen Patel who were awarded history scholarships. Shaheen has the distinction of having achieved a Scholarship while in Year 12.

The History Department at Western Springs College continues to grow, and continues to meet with great success in external examinations. We all look forward to ensuring that success continues and that students in a history classroom are engaged and intent on realizing their potential.
Graeme Moran
HOD History


A workshop is being organised for Year 12 students and their parents/caregivers to help prepare students to get the most out of the Coca-Cola Careers Expo. The Careers Expo provides job and career information opportunities and pathways. It comprises the widest range of exhibitors consisting of tertiary providers, training institutes, employers, industries, government departments and corporate NZ.

This session is to assist students in preparing to get the most out of the experience as well as to find out about helpful career planning resources, tools and information.

The workshop will be held in the school library on Thursday 9 June from 4.30 pm - 5.30 pm. Sarah McIndoe from Career Services will be in attendance and will be speaking and organizing some activities.

Please confirm your attendance by email to wallacek@westernsprings.school.nz

The Auckland Careers Expo will take place 9-11 June at the ASB Showgrounds, Greenlane. Our Yr 12 students will be attending on Friday and will be out of school from interval to the end of lunch. The expo is also open to the public on Thursday 5 - 7 pm and Saturday 10 - 4 pm.

Leaders' Voice

Love of Learning: by Zoe Dunster
Your Year 13 Academic Leaders this year are Zoe Dunster, Taylor Groves and Xixi Xian. Together with Geraldine Victor we have decided to focus on the concept of ‘Learning' this year and wish to establish a greater ‘Love for Learning' within Western Springs College. This term we are focusing on our junior students and intend to help make their transition from Intermediate
to High School an easier one. Last week we issued a challenge to all Year 9 students - a quiz which they have to individually complete.

This requires them to utilise all the different departments of our school and familiarise themselves with who they can approach if they need help with any schoolwork during the year. Good luck Year 9s! The first 5 students from each house to complete the challenge will receive some cool prizes.

Wises Panels Announced:
At the end of 2010 a review of the student leadership structure resulted in the environmental leadership portfolio being split into 3 core areas, Waste Wise, Health Wise and Travel Wise. 3 Student leaders were appointed to each of these core areas at the end of 2010. It was also decided to appoint a panel of 5 students each, ranging from year 9 to year 13 students to work alongside student leaders in each core area. The aim of these panels is to extend leadership opportunities to a wider range of students within our school community while ensuring the sustainability of the work done.

We are pleased to announce the Wises Panels for 2011:

Waste Wise Panel: Travel Wise Panel: Health Wise Panel:

Ashley Candir
Isabella Lenihan-Ikin
Hannah Clarke
Madeleine Trusewich
Koha Kahui-McConnell

Daimen Holt
Jim Philpott
Oliver Mills
Marycarol Holdaway
Maddison Kinney

Keanu Michaels
Anthony Kalolo
Georgia Edwards
Georgia Rudd
Laura Stephenson

Student Council 2011:
Congratulations to the following students who have recently been appointed to the student council. This year the council, under the leadership of Linda Palavi, will be particularly interested in the key competencies as outlined in the New Zealand Curriculum and how these are imbedded in the Springs culture.

Georgia Pardoe
Simon Havas
Owen Mackie-Milo

Qi An Tan
Nikki Seuao
Jackson Green
Maddison Kinney

Isabella Lenihan-Ikin
Keanu Michaels
Logan Elliott
Takau Dean
Caitlin Smith

Christchurch Fundraiser a great success:
At Western Springs College we take great pride in our School Vision which outlines our commitment to fostering a sense of community, respect for and service to others. It was therefore extremely empowering and heart-warming to witness the tremendous strength and commitment displayed by our students, staff and parent community, as a result of the Christchurch Earthquake.

On the morning of Friday 4 March, students arrived in their Canterbury colours. There was a definite buzz in the air with students excited about the opportunity to do their bit and feel useful. During interval, the coin trail was a happening place raising well over $600 in coins! This was followed by a tremendously delicious bake sale during lunch time adding another $600 to our total.

The highlight of the day was, however, 4 very brave teachers, pledging to colour their hair for a predetermined amount of money raised. Dougal MacIntyre committed to going purple for $250. Bryony West was willing to go red and Margaret Robertson pink. Our esteemed DP, Ivan Davis, set the bar a little higher committing to a pink do for $500.

Needless to say, our students did rise to the challenging raising well over $1750 to see their teachers make good on their promises, bringing our total for the day to $3000.

Continuing our fundraising efforts, we have also launched our "rise up" singlets. All profits from the sale of these singlets will be donated to the Christchurch relief fund. The cost is $15 each and the print is red on black.
Thank you to our sponsors!!!!

We thank Adam at Apparel Concepts for generously supplying the singlets at cost price as well as HADSKI for doing all the printing at cost. Hester and the team at Ministry of Hair (www.ministryofhair.co.nz) generously gave their time and expertise to colour our brave teachers' hair.

Dragon Boating:
A Fantastic Effort: by Amy Flynn
It was an early start for 22 enduring students and the pink-haired Mr Davis on Sunday 20th March as we headed to Lake Pupuke for the annual secondary schools Dragonboating Regatta.

After a month of training our sweat and tears paid off for a beautiful competition day starting with a blast as we won our warm up race. The following two races were to decide the order for finals and we persevered to gain times that put us through to the championship final. Fatigue had begun to set in for some of the team by then, however we were determined to see it through to the end. The final race was a nail-biter; coming second for most of it we strained to keep up the pace, however this was, of course, other schools' intentions and they managed to push forward right at the end leaving us in 5th with a point four of a second difference between 3rd and 5th. Disappointing to not gain a medal but a stupendous effort from the whole team and we're very proud to have gotten as far as we did.

A big thank-you to all the parents who came out to support, we greatly appreciated your encouragement, and especially to Mr Davis who made a wonderful sweep (one who steers the boat) and persevered right along with us to the end.

Heritage Luxury by Karina Smith:
Making a difference to Christchurch
Here's your opportunity to help Christchurch, and be in to win a luxury pamper package valued at over $500!!!!! The luxurious package includes:

  • A Night's stay for two at the luxury Heritage Hotel including breakfast
  • $150 Beauty spa treatment on site
  • $150 voucher to spend at Ministry of Hair also located on site at the Heritage Hotel CBD Auckland.

Simply purchase your $5 ticket to enter the draw to win this package from any of the Wises Leaders. Tickets will be on sale from Monday 28 March till Friday 8 April. An opportunity not to be missed!!!!!!

Technology Department

Our courses are well under way and our senior students are immersed in developing individual design projects in Food, Graphics, Hard Materials and Textiles. At this stage of the year we would like to remind students of the following:

  • With the readjustment of the school holidays to fit in with the Rugby World Cup, it is important for students to remember that the bulk of their work for external/internal assessment must be completed well before the end of term 3 and final hand in will be 7thOctober (last day of term 3). Students who are aiming to get an endorsement at Merit or Excellence levels must maintain focus throughout the year. Students will not be able to rely on catching up and completing work in the October holidays.
  • It is expected that students will have money on their student cards at all times so that they can print out from computers and photocopy when they need to. We are finding that many students are consistently without money on their cards and this is stopping them progressing with their project presentations.

Burger Competition
The heats for the NZ Lamb and Beef Gourmet Burger competition were held on Thursday March 24th. Year 10 students rose to the challenge and produced an exotic range of burgers. Their brief was to produce a gourmet burger with associated packaging The judges were impressed by the diversity of influences and tastes which included Indian and Greek as well as the sophistication of the concepts.

The winner was Sophie McIntyre who produced 'Pickle Master', featuring her own avocado sauce and battered onion rings. She will be taking part in the Auckland finals of this competition.

English Department

Year 11 Coursebooks
In the last newsletter, I urged parents of Year 11 students to pay their school fees promptly, or at least begin the payment process, because $25 of this fee is for an English coursebook which is full of material vital for the new Standards. The book contains very useful material on writing literature essays, and speech-making - both of which are being assessed now - but it also has excellent language and terminology lists and a wonderfully detailed section on Close Reading of Texts, one of the papers in the external exam. We cannot issue these books until the payment is received, or the process begun, so we hope parents can make this a priority. You may pay just for the book at this stage if you wish, and pay the balance of the fees later.

Both our Junior Open teams won their debates last week, with the moot: ‘ This house would ban mobile phones in schools.' Both teams argued in the affirmative.

Team 1:
Oscar Coltman
Olly Clifton
Marlon Drake

Team 2:
Isabella Lenihan-Ikin
Hannah Swedlund
Ella Pooley

The Advanced Open team also won, against the moot; ‘ This house would remove the' Don't Ask, Don't Tell rule from the US Army.'
Rae Ward-Lerew
Erin O'Flaherty
Lucy Vete

Congratulations to all three teams, and thanks to their coaches Tupe Tai and Belinda Develter, who also provided transport to the venues. It's great to see Debating so well supported this year.
Ali Geursen
HOD English


A large team represented WSC at the Central-West Zone Champs, held at West Wave. Special mention goes to Holly Parker with three wins and a 2nd place in her four events, Shaan Mistry securing a 2nd, 3rd and 4th from his three events, Georgia Rudd 1st and 4th and Georgia Edwards grabbing a brace of 2nds. Our relays were impressive with our girls winning both their relay events and our boys coming home in 2nd place in two of their five events. Next month is the prestigious Auckland Champs and it is hoped we will have a few of our elite swimmers representing our college.

Outstanding results and performances were achieved by all five athletes who competed in the high profile Auckland Champ of Champs meeting at Mt Smart. Results were -
SOPHIE MCINTOSH - 4th in both Intermediate 100m & 200m finals, MARYCAROL HOLDAWAY - 12th overall senior 400m, THOMAS ROBSON - 2nd senior 200m final, TOM MUNROE - 9th senior 1500m final
and KEELEY O'HAGAN - 3rd senior long jump & 1st senior high jump.

Our senior boys and girls competed over seven weeks in the Central Zone Touch Champs, both qualifying undefeated and top qualifiers in their ‘B' Division. Finals results - Boys defeated St Peters 5-3 and our girls defeated Mt Albert 4-3. Congratulations to our coaching staff and players. The Youth Touch Nationals was recently held in Palmerston North. Three students represented Auckland - Bradley Abbey, Ariia Tainui-McIntyre and Shannen Millan. Congratulations to Bradley for being selected in the NZ Under 15 Boys touch team and also to Ariia for being selected in the NZ Under 19 girls team which recently toured Australia.

Tag Football:
Three students -Tulsa Saumamao, Ziggy Kamoe and Levi Howearth, were selected in the NZ Under 17 Tag Football Team who recently played and defeated, Australia in a test series. Historically for the first time a NZ team has won a trans-tasman series.

We will have three teams representing our college this winter in the Auckland competition. All grades are restricted weight divisions - Juniors (6th grade) Intermediates (5th grade) & Seniors (3rd grade). With 70 players already weighed in and pre-season training into its third week, positive results are expected this season, which commences Saturday, May 14. NB. All players will be bringing home information for parents to peruse over, sign and to hand back.
We have lost one of our new rugby coaches and are in need of a coach for one of our teams. If interested, please contact Peter McIntyre (021) 2480838 or Richard Anderson (027) 4861681 asap.

Maori Mainstream

Whanau Group
"There were several common characteristics in these schools (who promoted success for Maori students), but most of all they were inclusive of students and their parents and whanau. This was reflected in school leaders' and teachers' understanding of the centrality of te reo me nga tikanga in the curriculum, responsive teaching, positive student-teacher relationships, and the inclusion of parents' views and aspirations in working with Maori learners."
June 2010 ERO Report: Promoting Success for Maori Students: Schools' Progress

At Western Springs College we are proud to be recognised as a school who promotes success for Maori students. As such, working closely with whanau is a core priority, both individually and through the Mainstream Maori Whanau group.

The Mainstream Maori Whanau Group meets 3 times a term to discuss issues key to the cultural, pastoral and academic needs of our mainstream Maori students. Our next meeting is scheduled for Tuesday 12 April at 4:20pm in the main corridor meeting room. Whanau who wish to join the group are more than welcome to attend.

Students Excel
It is with great pride and a strong sense of achievement that the Mainstream Maori Whanau Group reflected on our 2010 NCEA results. Pass rates at all levels exceeded our initial expectations and compared favourably with school wide pass rates. We were particularly proud of our L2 cohort who achieved 100% pass rate.

The following students must be congratulated for their outstanding results in securing overall endorsement certificates:

Level 1: Level 2: Level 3:
Kallen Ranga - Merit
Niwa Sumich Paul - Meri
Ruby Taurau - Merit
Chelsea Fowler - Excellence
Jack Tapsell - Excellence
Joseph Arthur Roche - Merit
Georgia Gregory - Merit
Lauren Edwards - Excellence
Wanakia Heather King - Merit
Adam Tapsell - Merit
Zoe Marler - Excellence

Introducing your Student Leaders:
We are extremely proud to have 4 Maori Mainstream students on the leadership team for 2011.
In each of the upcoming newsletter editions we will be introducing one of these outstanding students to you on a more personal level.

Amy Flynn Shannen Millan Georgia Gregory Cole Masina

If I were to define when inspirational moments occur in my life, it would most likely be moments when I achieve something that I may not have been too thrilled to have started upon in the first place. Most recently would probably have been on student leadership camp at the start of term one, when the leaders' team went on a high ropes course. We could choose to jump off a very high pole and attempt to grab hold of a trapeze. I think this was an experience I would have regretted not doing but building up the courage to do it really took a lot. Upon completing it though, it gave me a 'weight-lifted-from-your shoulders' feeling. It was a reminder of what can be achieved by trying new things and pushing yourself just a bit further to discover new potential.

If I could go back to year 9 and redo my school years, the only thing I would have done differently is getting more involved in activities in school. I've sort of waited till my last year at school before finally reaching out and trying everything. I always wanted to do more at school but for some reason I just let it pass me by. My advice for younger students would be that if you want to do something (whether it be in school or out) but just can't be bothered finding out about it, push yourself to do something about it. If it turns out you don't like it then no harm done. Take every opportunity you can because you might be surprised at what you can achieve.
Amy Flynn

Message from the Library

Library Monitors
The following students have volunteered to be library monitors for 2011. Most of the year 12 and 13 students were monitors in 2010. They decided to continue in this role for 2011 and have been assisting with the training of the new monitors. Again, we have a great team and I look forward to working with each of them.

Nick Short Eleanor McKibbin Shaheen Patel
Georgia Gregory Minnie Finlayson Sally Bollinger
Khairy Galula Nikki Seuao XiXi Xian
Mac Stephenson Eloise Taylforth Simon Havas
George Peirce Lucy Vete Heather Kelly
John Faukafa Adele Fruean Michela Belesarius
Rawiri Witehira Sam Scott Laura Hangartner

This year the theme for the glass cabinet is Kiwiana. We would like to receive items you may have at home for the display. I hope to display the items for most of term 2 depending on the interest they generate amongst the students. Already the glass milk bottles and the baking powder tin are proving to be popular. Your son/daughter can bring the items directly to the library before form period.
Sharda Patel


Saturday 2 April. Western Springs College Hall

100 Motions Road, Western Springs

Doors open 6.30PM. Performances begin at 7pm

Molly Tait-Hyland (former Western Springs College student) has been selected to be a part of the Shakespeare Globe Centre New Zealand Young Shakespeare Company 2011. This means that she gets to spend a month at and around the Globe (in July/August) doing a lot of really exciting stuff! However, this is going to cost a lot of money (over $8000) so she is having a fundraiser.

10% of the proceeds will go to Christchurch.
Koha. No booking required. Food & drink available. Raffle & spot prizes. All ages welcome.

Featuring performances by: Sylvia Rands, Liesha Ward-Knox, Nisha Madhan, Eddie Giffney, Anthea Hill, Tony Forster, Tim College, Annabel Harrison, Eve Gordon, Kim Tait, Madeleine Hyland, Oliver Evans, Jim Nana, Zoe Marler, Sophie Blazey, Molly Tait-Hyland and Other.