Nga Puna O Waiorea
 Newsletter No. 6, June 27, 2011  
Springs Calendar
Term Two
Week Nine
June 27 - July 01

Monday 27 June:
Yr 13 Art Painting trip - out during their class only
Thursday 30 June:
Stage Challenge all day rehearsals
Friday 01 July:
Yr 12 ESOL Trip to Zoo Period 3, 4 & 5
Stage Challenge

Week Ten
July 04 - July 08

Monday 04 July:
Junior Report Evening - 2pm to 7pm
Board of Trustees meeting @ 6pm
Monday 04 July to Sunday 10 July:
Yr 12 Drama class rehearsals
Wednesday 06 July to Friday 08 July:
Yr 11 Science internal - MOTAT

Week Eleven
July 11 - July 15

Monday 11 July to Sunday 17 July:
Yr 12 Drama class production
Wednesday 13 July:
Sports photos in the Hall
Thursday 14 July:
Pofiafia Night 6pm
Friday 15 July:
Trash to Fash event period 5 in the Hall



Term Three
Monday 01 August

Teachers Only day



Early Finish, Monday, 4 July, 12.30pm
The scheduling of the junior parent / teacher interviews from 2.00 - 7.00pm next Monday will necessitate an early 12.30pm finish. The school bus has been booked to provide transport home when school finishes.

The Year 9 & 10 reports will be posted home tomorrow (Tuesday, 28 June). See below for the online interview booking procedures. A reminder that generally the most valuable interviews require the presence of the students.

Minister of Education Mandated Teacher-Only Support Day, Monday, 1 August
The Education Minister, Anne Tolley, has announced two professional support days for teachers to assist with planning and preparation for the implementation of the new curriculum-aligned NCEA standards. Western Springs College has decided to schedule the first of these planning and preparation days on the first day of term three, Monday, 1 August. Accordingly, students will not return to school following the term break until Tuesday, 2 August.

Building Replacement Programme
The Auckland region of the Ministry of Education has recommended that planning proceed for the replacement of B, D, E & F blocks ( that is, the two double storey blocks, the art and the technology blocks ). The final decision on the go-ahead is likely to rest with the Education Minister and Cabinet. In addition to demolition and replacement of these buildings there will be provision for 12-15 new classrooms as a result of roll growth and the transition to an almost exclusively in-zone roll.

During the interim the WSC Board would like to consult the school community with a view to facilitating input into the shaping of our vision for what will essentially amount to a new school. We will announce the date, time and venue for a public meeting very soon.

Sports Fields
Unfortunately, the excessively wet weather in May and June has forced the postponement of work on the renovation of the south western fields until late spring or early summer.We are acutely aware of the toll which has been exacted on the northern field which is currently closed until further notice. It is our intention following the reinstatement of the western field to undertake a major upgrade of the northern area.

Sports Results
We are currently working on arrangements to enable the week-by-week placing on the school website of the sports results across all codes. We will highlight this feature on the front page of the website when the results have been inserted. The winter codes to be covered are badminton, squash, basketball, hockey, netball, soccer, rugby, rugby league, and lacrosse,

Pofiafia Night, Thursday, 14 July, WSC Hall, 6.00pm
The annual Fiafia cultural groups' concert has been scheduled for its traditional time slot: Thursday evening of the last week of term. Enjoyment plus is guaranteed! (See the special notice below.)

Ken Havill

Junior Parent Teacher Interviews (Years 9 & 10)
4th July - 2pm to 7pm

Online booking system open now. Go to www.schoolinterviews.co.nz or access this from the link on our school Website: www.westernsprings.school.nz
Our school code is DTHB3 Instruction screens will take you through the booking process.
If you do not have the internet at home just phone the school office for bookings 8156730.

Information from Mathematics Department

Homework Centre Changing to Mondays - 3:20pm till 4:20pm
"Mathsbuddy".Senior students should be encouraged to start attending these sessions as soon as possible rather than waiting till the hectic end of term 3.

We'd like to remind parents that all mathematics students should be bringing a calculator to every Maths lesson.In the junior school, and some senior classes, students are expected to have a scientific calculator (such as the casio FX82 series). These can be purchased at the school office or any stationery store. Students in the advanced senior classes are expected to have a Graphic Calculator (the recommended model is the Casio FX9750 series). These are not stocked at the school office but can be found at many stationery and electronic stores (retail for around $130).NZQA states that students are not able to use cell phones or similar devices as calculators because of their ability to communicate and store information.

Numeracy for University Entrance
Just to clarify the Numeracy requirements for University Entrance - Students need at least 14 credits in numeracy (at level 1 or above). This should be the target for all year 11 students, but it can come from level 2 and 3 standards achieved in the subsequent years.

ICAS Mathematics Competition
Western Springs College has again been invited to participate in the annual Mathematics Competition conducted by the University of New South Wales (Australia). The Competition is for year 9 and year 10 students throughout Asia and the Pacific.We would encourage any year 9 or year 10 student to participate as the test is excellent preparation for NCEA examinations.Students can receive prestigious awards at different levels and the report received after the test on the 16th of August 2010 highlights the student’s strengths and weaknesses, which could be a useful guide in to where additional study could be done.Students will receive more information about how to enter from their teachers. You can contact Ross Wheaton at wheatonr@westernsprings.school.nz for more information.

Holiday Workshops: pencil in the 1st week of the holidays.

The Department will being running its usual senior workshops in the 1st week of the upcoming school holidays. These workshops are topic based and often focus on a particular level of achievement. The workshops give students a chance to fill gaps in topics they they’ve been struggling with or master skill in topics they have made better progress in. Students will receive information regarding times and dates, as well as which topics and levels, later this term.

Jarod Hockly HOD


POFIAFIA IS JUST AROUND THE CORNER.  Come and support your school and your child performing for Pofiafia on Thursday 14th July at the WSC Hall.

Items include Nga Puna o Waiorea, the Samoan, Niuean, Tongan, Cook Island Groups.  'Bring it on' will showcase their talents as will the Springs Staff.  A highlight will be performances from Chloe Davison's dance classes and our very own International Group.

Yummy food will be sold.

Gold coin donation
The night will begin at 6pm promptly
All queries to Tupe Tai at tait@westernsprings.school.nz


Music Department

Senior performance evenings happen in the next few weeks: a reminder of the dates for these assessment evenings.

Level 2 class is on Tuesday June 28th starting at 5.30pm in the music room
Level 1 Kim's class is on Tuesday July 5th starting at 5.30pm in the music room
Margaret's class is on Wednesday July 6th with a 5.30 start in the music room

Please remember that students are expected to stay for the whole evening to support their classmates and to help with tidying up at the end of the evening.Families are very welcome to attend but please just one or two people per student or the room will burst!

Any questions please contact Margaret Robertson at robertsonm@wsc.school.nz

Individualised pathways (GAT) report:

The focus at WSC is on providing for GAT students within departments by differentiated activities, acceleration and extension activities.My aim is to enable gifted and talented students to discover and follow their passions, to develop a love of learning and raise their expectations to believe that they can gain excellence.

"New Zealand's education system should always reflect its own special characteristics, values, and beliefs and Maori and Polynesian knowledge, values and beliefs should be given as much status and value as European ones" (Galu, 1998) I have continued to run in 2011, a Yr 9 Maori and Pacific Island withdrawal group, which is voluntary and is designed not to hit the same class every week.

We have been focusing on thinking skills, encouraging different ways of thinking and looking at problems with more than one solution to encourage lateral thinking. We also discuss issues like right and wrong, prejudice, discrimination and racism and philosophical questions like Does God exist?

Jenny Jones

Enviromental science news: Up close and personal with Burma

Our Year 12 Environmental Science class recently took part in a behavioural enrichment project at the Zoo. Divided into groups, we had to create an activity that would help an animal feel like it is in its natural habitat.

We chose Burma the elephant, which meant we had to take into consideration her need for a secure environment. We also had to study her behaviours to ensure we chose an activity that suited her.

We soon found out that she loved sniffing out her food. We chose to stuff a watermelon with peanut butter and honey, and for an extra challenge, put it inside a barrel. The enrichment worked really well and was an experience we will never forget.

A huge thanks to Tali (Zoo educator) for setting it all up, and Joel for helping us meet Burma and take part in the project. (By Robina, Lydia, Julia and Simon)


Next week; we get (a not so close) meeting with the lions

Message from the library

Book Club
A small group of keen readers have been meeting every Friday in the library at lunchtime to discuss their favourite reads. They also recommend books and have the privilege of reading new books once they have been processed. They would like to invite other students for whom reading is also a passion to join them. Admittedly only senior students have been involved, however the group is keen to have junior students join them.

Latest Display
Our latest display from Food Technology has been creating much interest. Included in the display are food items, some of which are not so familiar. Students have been enjoying the 'hands on experience'. Tasting, smelling and trying to recognize these foods. Also on display are photographs of food being prepared by some very focussed students. The completed dishes look quite appetising with presentation obviously being a key factor.

Any Questions/Many Answers
This is a free online reference service whose aim is to teach information literacy skill so that students can find the information themselves. This service is available Monday to Friday, 1 - 6pm

When the librarians are on line click the green Online button. Give some information about yourself before asking your question. During busy times you will be place in a queue so best to stay online. While you are waiting try searching ManyAnswers, your answer may be there.
You will be asked questions to assist the librarian find the required information.



Sharda Patel

Atea House News

Following on from the school wide effort to raise funds for families in Christchurch, Atea House organised a sausage sizzle. The house leaders (Eloise, Georgia and Wilson) along with our cake baking Year 12s, (Charlotte Clabrough, Hannah Clarke, Madi Pyne and Georgia Rudd), manned the event. Max Booth and Mak Macleod did a stirling job of raising money by having wet sponges thrown at them (mainly by their peers!). Over all $450 was raised. Well done Atea!

Technology Department

We are now in the business part of the year with our senior students. Our courses will be finishing at the end of term 3 this year so students need to manage their time well to complete projects and have their portfolios ready for submission. Students will need to commit to putting in extra time at lunchtimes and after school and take advantage of extra workshops in order to complete folder and practical work.

Here is a selection of what are students are involved in designing and making across the various areas of Technology.

Finn Chocran Yr11 'Beater'   Akim Wangler: Year 11 Torch Designs
Max Thomas: Yr 13
Joining Exercise
Hetty Wheeler Bowden: Yr 13
'Designing for a Client'
George Scott: Yr 12
'Outdoor Furniture Project'
Jonathon Tanner: Yr 11
Storage Unit Project
Jonnie Ribera: Yr 12
'Sunsmart Clothing'
Kallen Ranga: Yr 12

Leaders' Voice

TravelWise Update
By Oliver Mills and Marycarol Holdaway

The Western Springs College Travel Wise panel for 2011 is hoping to make a jump start on efficient and safe travel around our school. Over the past few weeks we have been meeting weekly with the aim of making plans that will help students at WSC understand the importance of safe, environmentally friendly transport in our community. We have decided to make an attempt at calculating Western Springs College's carbon emissions with the aim of producing some physical evidence which will show how sustainable our school is, in terms of travel. This will need the co-operation of the entire school: teachers, students, and even Maggie in the canteen.

During the 'Wises Camp', held at Kokako Lodge, the team began planning for our major and minor events for Wises Week. With help from a range of representatives from our schools' sustainability panel, the Travel Wise Team came up with 2 ideas: the first is focussed on the safety aspect of the Travel Wise ideology, while the second event is focussed on the message of sustainable travel.

Another issue we have been discussing is skateboard safety around the school. Currently, many people skateboard to and from school but have nowhere to put their skateboards during school time. Due to the lack of a designated skateboarding area within the school, we have noticed an increase in the use of skateboards during break times which is a safety hazard and against school rules. We look forward to addressing this issue in the near future.

Wises Camp 2011
By Thea Kilian

Following a significant change to the student leadership structure at the end of 2010, 3 senior leaders were appointed to each of the portfolios of Health Wise, Waste Wise and Travel Wise. Supported by a panel of 5 students each, ranging from year 9 to year 13, these portfolio leaders have been working determinedly to further develop a healthy and sustainable environment for our school and wider community.

On Friday 19 June, 23 students set of to Kokako Lodge for the first ever Western Springs College Wises camp. The aim of the camp was to provide an opportunity for Waste, Health and Travel Wise students to further develop their knowledge and skills while building a team with a clear vision and an ability to work alongside each other through change and development.

Arriving at the lodge at 1:30pm, the afternoon and evening was spent engaging with a range of interesting and highly knowledgeable speakers. Niki Harre from the University of Auckland gave our students an insight into mental health and happiness and also discussed sustainability as a social and psychological enterprise. Melanie and Jamie from Auckland Council delivered a presentation on SADD (Students Against Drunk Driving) while Nicky Elmore (Council) and Bridget Glasgow (Enviroschools and PAG) reminded us of why we should recycle. They also engaged the students in talks on worm farming and calculating our carbon footprint. Jenny Long for Auckland University shared with us some preliminary statistics from the current study relating to student networks at Springs and amongst other things the amount of exercise students do.

On Saturday morning we were greeted by lots of rain and 2 very keen instructors who were determined to complete the team building activities, no matter the weather. Students split into two groups, taking turns to complete the high ropes course and designing and building a chariot to carry a queen. It was extremely interesting to watch the students, ranging from year 9 to year 13, engage with one another in very challenging circumstances.

Late afternoon we were pleased to welcome Phoebe and Chrissie. Phoebe graduated from Springs at the end of 2010 and was responsible for leading a range of very exciting initiatives during her time here. The girls presented a very motivating session on inspiration and advocacy, using laughter yoga to reduce us to a giggling heap. This was followed by some intensive planning for the upcoming Wises Week.

By Sunday morning, students were definitely in need of some rejuvenation. We enjoyed some traditional Yoga followed by a stress management workshop, presented by Hayley and Sonny from Health Promoting Schools. This left the students eager to continue their planning from the night before, prior to the midday bus ride home.

A great big thank you to all the presenters, to Jenny and Kelsey (post graduate students at Auckland University) who gave up their entire weekend to partake in all the activities alongside our students and to Bryony West and Christina Paolini for taking the time to run the camp alongside me.

I look forward to the Wises Camp becoming an annual event!

Western Springs College Careers Evening

Tuesday August 2nd 6pm- 7.30pm - Hall

The entire school community is invited to this event on the first Tuesday of term three when there will be a careers evening in the Western Springs College Hall. Due to tertiary providers' time constraints this event is biennial and so the next event will be in 2013. Who will be there?

University of Auckland
Otago University
Victoria University
ATTTO Aviation, Travel and Tourism Training Organisation (flight simulator)
Massey University
Defence Forces
International Travel College
Techtorium:Member of NZ institute of Information Technology
Natcoll of Design
Pacific International Hotel Management School
NZ Institute of Sport
Servilles Hairdressing Academy
South Seas Film

TV and Animation School

Community Notices:

Performing Arts School of New Zealand

The Performing Arts School of New Zealand (based at TAPAC) is offering 16 holiday programmes over the July break. Programmes for high school aged kids include two week-long circus arts workshops, a two day commedia dell arte workshop, a two day screen arts workshop, a one day audition techniques workshop, a four day dance/circus integration workshop and a week-long drama workshop in which participants work on a play to perform at the Performing Art School's annual open studio performance, Flyaways. Flyaways is when the school opens their studio doors in order to give parents, friends and the wider community a glimpse of what goes on at the school every afternoon; aerials, balance acro, contemporary dance, hip hop, devised theatre, hula hoop cardio etc. Flyaways, Sunday 31st July, 5pm.

The Performing Arts School of New Zealand
(09) 845 0290 - Telephone
(09) 845 0127 - Fax
PO Box 44-020
Pt Chevalier
Auckland 1246



Taki Rua present Awhi Tapu

'Two parts comedy, two parts tragedy and several shots of intense drama. Don't miss the opportunity to see this play.' - NZ HERALD

Where do we stand as young people in the community? Who do we follow now all the old people have left?
At the foot of the Urewera ranges lies Awhi Tapu: a desolate forestry ghost town; with the forestry industry closed down most of the inhabitants have left. Wendyl, Sonny, Casper and Girl Girl have only each other and their fertile imaginations to rely on.

This is a story of loss, belonging, but most of all, friendship; it heralds a new wave of writing around Maori issues and characters; direct, unsentimental and challenging.


Awhi Tapu is about reconciliation, it’s about overcoming great loss to discover all that really matters are those who we love most-Albert Belz

"Awhi Tapu’s revelations of small-town violence and arson generated such heat in this small theatre space that it threatened to consume the audience. With this play Albert Belz flew straight into the top echelon of Maori playwrights."-Salient

Awhi Tapu received an award from The Human Rights Commission for its “positive contribution towards harmonious race relations - a marvellous story, presented with humour, passion, pathos and hope.

Directed byLeo Gene Peters / Designed by Rose Kirkup / Lighting by Nathan McKendry / Sound by Thomas Press / Cast Matariki Whatarau + James Tito + Kura Forrester + Tola Newbery

DATES: Wed 22 June - Sat 02 July
TIMES: 7.30pm (no evening show Mon 27 June)
Phone 09 845 0295 for further information