Nga Puna O Waiorea
 Newsletter No. 7, August 15, 2011  
Springs Calendar
Term Three
Week Three
Aug 15 - Aug 19

Monday 15 August:
Yr 13 Drama Class Production
Monday 15 - 19 August:
Lumino Dentist Van Onsite
Monday 15 - 19 August:
International Languages Week
Friday 19 August:
PAG quiz night 6:45 school hall

Week Four
Aug 22 - Aug 26

Monday 22 - 25 August:
Wise Week 22
Tuesday 23 August:
Yr 11 French Trip Periods 3 & 4
Yr 12 Japanese Trip Periods 3 & 4 Wednesday 24 August:
Yr 12 & 13 French Trip Periods 3 - 5
Yr 11 Japanese Trip Periods 3 - 5
Thursday 25 August:
Yr 13 Bio trip to the zoo
Yr 13 Japanese Trip Periods 3 - 5
Friday 26 August:
Final entry / withdrawl date for external standards, including scholarship enteries

Week Five
Aug 29 - Sept 2

Friday 2 September:
Senior Exams Start

Week Six
Sept 5 - Sept 9

Monday 5 - 9 September:
Senior Exams
Yr 10 Careers Week

International student programme for those not participating in NCEA

Week Seven
Sept 12 - Sept 16

Sun 11 Sept - Tues 13 Sept:
Yr 11 Geo Trip to Ruapehu
Mon 12 Sept - Tues 13 Sept:
Yr13 Photo Day
Weds 14 Sept - Fri 16 Sept:
Yr 12 PE Camp
Thursday 15 Sept
Yr 12 Drama Trip 11am


Teacher Only Day, Friday, 26 August
The annual WSC teacher-only-day is this year focused on ICT professional development, in particular, using newly available ICT tools designed to enhance student engagement. Following an opening plenary which looks at the evidence of benefits for teaching and learning from the use of ICT tools, there will be two 90 minute workshops on teacher e-portfolios and Google Aps. The day will be led by deputy principal, Shaun Hawthorne, and ICT development manager, David Okey, and facilitated by the WSC ICT lead teachers’ group and the WSC PD committee.

In consequence, there will be no school for students on Friday, 26 August. Senior students are expected to use the time to prepare for the examinations which commence in the following week  on Friday, 2 September.

Understanding NCEA – A Guide for Secondary Students and their Parents
I would like to endorse this NZCER (New Zealand Council for Educational Research) publication which has come out of the University of Auckland Starpath Project for Tertiary Participation and Success.

The guide has been written for parents struggling to understand how NCEA can work for their child and for students needing to manage their own NCEA pathways with awareness of the longer term consequences of their decisions. The authors include the following acknowledgement: “ Thank you to the Starpath research team who undertook many of the parent and student interviews and ensured we heard the (heartfelt) stories we needed to hear.”

Parent Action Group member, Angela Travers, from Unity Books has arranged for the book to be available for purchase at our school office for $20.00 with $2.00 going to PAG with the sale of each copy.

Further information on NCEA is available on the NZQA website:
23 minute video – http://www.nzqa.govt.nz/qualificationsstandards/qualifications/ncea/understanding-ncea/understanding-ncea-2/

NCEA Media Attacks
In the aftermath of the North & South Blowing the Whistle on NCEA article principals have received the following response from NZQA:
“We have discussed the matters raised by the author of this article with the moderator involved and workshop participants, and can assure you the assertions made in the article are false. We have of course formally complained to the magazine and will take whatever further action may be required.

To its credit North & South have published in its August issue letters from chief executive, Karen Poutasi, and NZPPTA president, Robin Duff. Parents may also be interested in reading Paul Little’s recent piece http://www.nzherald.co.nz/nz/news/article.cfm?c_id=1&objectid=10741906

Building Replacement Programme
A team of trustees, senior managers, department heads and student leaders will spend two days in the next month (23/8; 6/9) visiting new schools recently constructed in the Auckland region and hosted by the architects who designed each institution. We are confident that these visits will prove to be a valuable stimulus as we move closer to receiving a decision from the Ministry of Education concerning the funding and timing for WSC’s replacement buildings.

Ken Havill

Languages Department News

 Year 9 Chinese course

Ni hao! We are pleased to announce that the new Chinese language (Mandarin) course has started this term for Year 9 students. This is a 2-term course, and the students are learning the language, the importance of the tones in Chinese, as well as about the countries that speak Chinese and their cultures. We hope that the students enjoy learning the language spoken by most people in the world, along with their over 5000 years old culture.


Celebration of International Languages Week

It is the time of the year again. The International Languages Week is here, this week, right now (August 15 to August 19). A lot of events are run through this week, such as:

·       Greetings: every day we have greetings in different languages to encourage use by the staff and students.

·       Food: the canteen is providing several different dishes from different countries or cultures throughout the week. We will be able to taste Japanese, Chinese and German food.

·       Culture Dress-up competition: This is our highlight of the week. The staff and students are encouraged to dress up to present different cultures or countries, and enter the competition. This is happening on Tuesday (16 August), and the winners will be announced during the school assembly time on the same day.  Last year we had about 50 students and 25 staff dressed up in different cultural clothes, such as Korean, Indian, African......

·       Culture Challenge: This is a new event this year. The students had already registered their interest in participation last week. The participants will be gathering in the school hall during lunch time on Wednesday (17 August) to challenge themselves in four different activities, from doing calligraphy, making origami and a language quiz to test how good their knowledge of different cultures are.


Let us celebrate the week, the language and the cultures!

Renae Liao-Marsden & Cécile Bourgeois

 Below are the dress-up competition photos from last year.

Social Studies staff dressed up School staff dressed up
Students dressed up Top Boy (English punk) Top Girl (Korean dress)

Enviromental Science News


Open Wide and Say Aaaghh…


Lion Confection

From a science classroom, to a lion enclosure.  Once in front of a desk, a small group of year 12 Environmental Science students from Western Springs College were now literally face to face with five full sized lions.

The task was simple - to enrich the lion’s enclosure to further replicate a natural habitat. Together, we developed an invention that would briefly offer some entertainment for the lions, but what we witnessed was very exciting to say the least.  In the beginning, we didn’t expect to be a meter away from a bunch of lions. But keepers at the Auckland zoo kindly took us in to the place where they eat and sleep. It was time to see the lions in action.

The four of us merry rapscallions (and two lion keepers) peered through the meshed gate which separated us from the Felidae Pantherea, Leo, Swahili, or as the general public know them, lions.

Having just witnessed the lions up close, we knew very well what kind of strength these vicious yet majestic animals possessed, so we were not expecting the boxes, within boxes within boxes to survive for very long, let alone cause an epic battle of fathomable proportions. With a swing of a hinge and a creak of a door, the beast was let into their enclosure. Straight away, they picked up on the scent of us humans, intrigued at these newcomers who would dare venture into their nefarious abode.

After marking their territory and discovering the boxes and their contents; the natural pecking order kicked in, and the alpha male (Lazarus) and his main female (who‟s name we cannot remember) took ownership of these strange new possessions. Azura playfully flaunted her new found treat in front of the others while making her way through the various layers of the confectionary, and devouring their contents. Meanwhile, Lazarus for reasons unknown, playfully stroked the hanging box with his head, but sooner or later he saw through the ecstatic feeling and ripped the box off the tree, searching for the internal treasures that this box had to offer.

Meanwhile, other lions began to get curious and approached Azura feasting on her prey, but they were met by a fierce raw, and a short but ferocious fight that lead to the male walking off defeated, marking his territory on a nearby hill to soften the blow. Azura continued her feast, but still kept her head up every now and then, making sure no lion could get a cheap shot and snatch her prize.

Overall, we had done a lot more then enrich the lion‟s environment for a short period of time. We created a catalyst that kicked off lion behaviour, and got a full show of how dominance is kept among the lions when it comes to feeding. It was a box within a box within a box. And it resulted in an effect, within an effect within an enclosure. LION CONFECTION. DUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUN -

By Hugo and Taylor… and Mo and Rueben


To Parents of all Year 11, 12 and 13 students. 

This also apply to Year 10 students doing any NZQA external examinations.

The school has to pay this fee for each student to NZQA by 1st September.  This fee enables your student to be awarded both internal and external credits.  If you do not pay this fee your student will not receive any credits this year.If you have a community services card, please bring this to the school office for us to photocopy and pay $25.  We will apply for the rebate of the remaining fee for you. All payments and applications for rebates must be received by the school by Friday 26th August.

Any problems please contact Ruth Roberts on 815 6730 extension 705.



The Auckland Secondary Schools Debating competition has continued for Western Springs with two of our three teams making it through to the finals.  The Junior Open team are through to the quarter-finals after their impromptu debate against Tangaroa College on Monday the 8th of August, where they were affirmative for the moot "This house would ban advertising during children's programming."  It was an entertaining debate full of humour and emotion.  Tangaroa were tough opposition and it is clear that the standard is now much higher than the competition in the preliminary rounds.  Hannah Swedlund, Elsie Bollinger and Isabella Lenihan-Ikin will debate again on the 22nd of August. 
Our fabulous Advanced Open team won four of their five debates in the preliminary rounds and competed in the impromptu knock-out octo-finals on Tuesday the 9th of August.  Rae Ward-Lerew, Lucy Vete and Erin O'Flaherty were affirmative against Sacred Heart College on the moot "This house would arm the New Zealand Police."  Unfortunately, their dream run ends with this debate, but they have gained valuable experience that they plan to carry through into next year.  Along with fourth team member, Tasman Stephenson, the team have represented the school superbly and are sure to enjoy further success in debating in the future.


a note to parents!

On Friday of week 5, the 2nd of September, exams begin for senior students and continue through week 6.  There will be no timetabled classes for levels 1, 2 and 3 students for those six days.

Do not be persuaded into believing that because they are not worth credits, that these exams are not important.  It is essential that students treat them seriously and prepare for them thoroughly, so subject teachers are able to see what work still needs to be completed or reinforced and students can see where extra revision may be needed.

They are also important in terms of the NCEA qualification; if your child is seriously unwell at the end of the year on the day of an external examination, and is unable to sit, we will have some data on which to base a compassionate consideration.

From now on, all students should be using homework time for revision. 

Ali Geursen


Year 9 and 10 Health classes will begin their sexuality education this term. Most Year 9 classes will have their first lessons in either week 6 or 7; most Year 10 classes will begin in week 7 or 8.  If you have any questions regarding the content of this topic please contact your child’s Health teacher or the HOD of Health, Karalee Green.


Application forms for the 2012 Year 11 and Senior Sports Academy classes will be available from Monday 15th August.  Applications for next years Senior Academy must be received by Friday 2nd September and Year 11 applications must be received by Monday 5th September.

Current Year 10, 11 and 12 Academy students can get applications forms from their Academy teacher.  Students, not currently in the Sports Academy, can get application forms from the school office.  All applications must be returned to the office by the due date (05/09/11).

Karalee Green


Mother Courage and Her Children is among Brecht's most famous plays and follows the fortunes of one woman's struggle to make a living off the war raging around her. Through the course of the play she loses all three of her children, yet her canteen cart continues to roll through the battered countryside of Europe which is slowly being torn apart by a war of faith. Peace is bad business for Mother Courage and war, thankfully, seems never ending.

This production, presented by the year 13 Drama class and directed by Rita Stone, combines the talents of Taylor Groves (a year 13 music student) with theaccomplished singing members of the company.

Join the journey of Mother Courage's cart through this Brechtian masterpiece on the contradictions and inequalities of war.

Rita Stone

DATES: Gala Opening (includes supper) on Sat 13 August @ 7pm
($15 waged/ $10 unwaged)
Season: Mon 15 August – Thurs 18 August @ 7pm
($10 Waged, $5 unwaged)


Year 12 Food Technology has been busy preparing for the cabaret show of "Mother Courage and her children". After weeks of practicing and perfecting they presented their final dish to the stakeholders, in the hope that it would be chosen to serve on the night. All students created a fantastic dish and many students made it through to the final!  The dedicated students prepared and presented a delicious 3 course meal as part of the opening night.

Photos include a selection of Year 12 creations.

Description: Description: Description: Other cakesDescription: Description: Description: LinLin                                                             

Daisy Searchfield-Mitchell                                                                     Linlin Wang


Description: Description: Description: Cup CakesDescription: Description: Description: Tayla

Averil                                                                                                    Tayla-Jane Albert-Jones

Description: Description: Description: Liam Woolley Description: Description: Description: Nathan

Liam Woolley                                                                                         Nathan Berg 


Student Council Update:

By Linda Palavi

Behind the scenes the council has been hard at work assessing systems and practices at W.S.C. which directly impact the student community. Keeping in mind our overall goal of incorporating the NZC key competencies into everyday school life, we have been working on a range of projects. These include developing an understanding of students’ perspectives on the detention system, facilitating a “how to learn” workshop and supporting Daffodil Day. We are looking forward to presenting our findings to staff and students as we continue to embrace our school’s unique culture!

Stage Challenge

By Ruby Arden, Chelsea Tidswell, Olivia Shaw and Sophie Wagener

On Friday the 1st of July, Western Springs College competed in the 2011 Stage Challenge. After 5 months of rehearsals and meetings with our 60 dancers and 30 backstage crew members, we were finally ready to perform. Our theme was text bullying and the harsh effects it has on any individual. Our story followed the day to day lives of three students being text bullied by their peers. Towards the end of the story the three main characters commit suicide; it is the sad but truthful reality which some people experience. At the end of our performance a previous bully deletes the next text message received. It is a resolution to the story and a way to move forward and to prevent the cycle from happening again. Western Springs’ performance was amazing. From the set co-ordination and lighting to the dancers and actors, everybody did a fantastic job. Even hair and makeup was outstanding. Although we did not place, we won six awards; Award of Excellence for Soundtrack, Visual Enhancement, Concept, Set Design and Function, Drama and Student Achievement. It was a very successful day and we would like to thank Barnaby James for supporting us and guiding us through it. Well done and thank you to everyone who was involved. Our performance will be shown during the week of the 22nd of August on Sticky TV.

  Description: Description: Description: C:\Users\kiliant\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Windows\Temporary Internet Files\Low\Content.IE5\E4Y8RL5O\Stage%20Challenge[1].jpg

Travel Wise Facts

By Beth O’Reilly

* In 2008, 11773 people on the planet were killed in alcohol impaired driving crashes.

* In 2009, an estimated 24 000 people were injured in crashes involving cell phones causing distraction.

* This year,  10839 people will die in drunk driving crashes – 1 every 50 minutes.

* A drunk driver will have driven drunk, on average 87 times, before their first arrest.

* One in three people will be involved in an alcohol-related crash in their life time.

* One in three people will be involved in an alcohol-related crash in their life time.

* Every minute, 1 person is injured as a result of an alcohol related crash.

* Car crashes are a leading cause of death amongst teens. 1 out of every 3 is alcohol related.

Western Springs College Health Wise

Just a Taste Cooking Competition


Phase 1 – Complete the entry form below. Place it in the box at the front office or e-mail your entry to kiliant@westernsprings.school.nz by midnight on Friday August the 19th. You may enter as an individual, or in a pair.

Phase 2 – You will be informed whether you have been selected as a finalist on Monday 22 August. There will be 5 junior and 5 senior finalists. Finalists will be selected based on the nutritional value of their recipes.

Phase 3 – All finalists will make their meal in the food tech room on Thursday 25 August. All ingredients will be provided and you will be given a senior food tech student to support you on the day.

Phase 4 – A junior and senior winner will be announced and prizes awarded during the following full school assembly.  First place in each category will win a fully paid dinner for two.

REMEMBER: You will NOT be required to cook unless your recipe is in the top 10.



Entry Form:

Name(s):  __________________________________________________________

Form Class: __________________________________


Attach your chosen recipe along with a brief description of why you choose this particular dish.


Cultural Update

By Daniel McBride

There’s rather a lot coming up in the next few weeks in the arts at Western Springs. On Saturday the 13th of August, the year 13 drama class production of Mother Courage and Her Children opens in TAPAC theatre. This play, written by Bertolt Brecht, has been in rehearsal for the past few months, and thanks to the students’ hard work in developing their characters and honing their skills, the result is quite a show! Being a ‘Brechtian’ musical, the music to accompany Brecht’s lyrics has been composed by Taylor Groves, a year thirteen music student, and backstage assistance is being provided by PAT students, meaning that this is a truly student-driven production. The show will be on from Saturday the 13th to Thursday the 18th (excluding Sunday night) from 7 pm. Tickets are on sale from the TAPAC website. This show should not be missed!

In addition to that, another Year 13 student, Victoria Chellew (whose talent will, incidentally, be on show at Mother Courage), has made it to the finals of the Stand Up, Stand Out competition in the solo singing category with her stunning interpretation of Elton John’s Benny and the Jets. She wowed the judges with her unique take on the song, and has been selected as one of only 8 finalists. Making it to the finals alongside Victoria was Eden Roberts, for the solo instrumental category. Eden’s incredible improvised harmonica performance was more than enough to get her through to the finals, as one of only 5 in her category. They’ll both be performing at the finals on September 2nd at 7pm at the Telstraclear Pacific Events Centre, so good luck to Victoria and Eden!

And finally, coming up in Week 4 of this term is a library music showcase, at which the school’s music students will perform pieces they’ve been working on, for NCEA or otherwise. These concerts never fail to impress, and are a perfect opportunity for students from the wider school community to appreciate the many talents who would otherwise remain hidden in our music department. Make sure you head along to the library on Wednesday of Week 4 to see a truly impressive display of musicianship and talent.


So far it has been an action-packed year in the Philosophy Department: new staff, new rooms, new courses and new projects.  Just before the summer break, Jonathan McKeown-Green X and Vanya Kovach from the Auckland University Philosophy Department, along with a group of post-graduate students, came in to work with our Year 9 students.  With the help of the students they identified and rated new Philosophy resources for schools.  (See the classroom picture with Vanya in action.)

 Description: Description: Description: Philosophy%20Auckland%20Uni


At the start of this year, a second member of staff joined the department, Damon King.  This year Damon has taken the Year 9 and the Year 10 philosophy courses, both of which have increased in size from last year with record numbers in Year 9.

Also this year, the WSC Philosophy Department has teamed up with the Auckland Zoo Education Department, identifying themes in the Philosophy courses from Year 9 to 13 which overlaps with what the Zoo can offer.  The first project was organised by Mr King and involved a 3 lesson Year 9 zoo visit, which focussed on ethical issues.  For instance, the trade in endangered animal parts and products. (See the photograph of the Zoo’s Education officer Tali photographed with items confiscated by customs.) 

               Description: Description: Description: Philosophy%20Zoo%202


The class also discussed the ethics of feeding live prey to zoo animals, and witnessed the crunch of live locusts being fed to the monkeys!  In addition keepers provided us with a tactile encounter with a large, but friendly, lizard, and discussed the ethical issues around handling zoo animals

                                   Description: Description: Description: Philosophy%20Zoo


As well as developments outside the classroom, there have been developments in the classroom – for the first time the department has its own designated teaching space.  The rooms came along with a secure lock up, which has also proved perfect for Year 11 in acting out Plato’s Analogy of the Prisoners in the Cave (see the picture of Ashley Candir and Daimen Holt enslaved), as well as providing a set for role plays around positive and negative freedom, and a prop for the Year 12 Philosophy of Punishment theme.

                                  Description: Description: Description: Philosophy%20New%20Room

Earlier in the year Ashley and Damon, along with the other Year 11s, were even let out on day release to attend a Philosophy conference at Saint Cuthbert’ Colleges, which was led by Julie Arliss form Oxford University.

Finally, this year has seen Philosophy move into Year 13, meaning that Philosophy is now an option in every year level in the school, which we think is a first for any school in the country.   The Year 13 course allows students to gain NCEA credits as well as sitting a first year University of Waikato paper.  Provisional results for the 12 Year 13 students who took the course have all 12 passing, with 8 gaining ‘A’ grades.  Taylor Groves (extreme left in the picture with cake) gained the third highest mark nationally, and Max Diack (second from the right) the highest of any student who sat the paper. 

                      Description: Description: Description: Philosophy%20Waikato%20Uni%20Course


Talia Sellers from The University of Waikato (in the centre of the picture) came in 6 times to hold seminars with the students.  On the last occasion students provided a shared lunch, with each of the twelve students bringing food that reflected one of the 12 themes of the course.   Oliver Mills (crouching) tackled ‘Research Ethics’ and suggested we fill in consent forms before tasting his offering, and Maddie Barratt (extreme right) baked one of her famous cakes.

At the recent careers fair there was some confusion about the status of the Year 13 Course in relation to University Entrance.  From next year the situation will be straight forward.  All students taking year 13 Philosophy will complete at least 14 NCEA level 3 Credits drawn from Social Studies Achievement Standards.  As Social Studies is a University Entrance Approved Subject, these credits CAN be used in gaining UE.

Paul Alford

(Head of Philosophy)


Hello!  Thanks to those families who attended a very successful Careers Evening earlier this month.  We had a very good turn out and engaging discussions were had by all. 

Description: Description: Description: Careers

 A busy Careers Evening

Waiora Activities  University Liaison Visits for University Course Planning   Term 3 and 4  2011

Thursday 15 September  Victoria  University   1.30 till 4 pm

Tuesday 25 October  Auckland University    1 – 4 pm

Thursday 27 October Unitec    11-2.30 pm

Monday 31 October    11-2.30 pm and Wed 2 November - AUT Course Planning 11-2.30 pm for both days.

We will work out a schedule and register (book at Waiora Reception 8156730 Ext 743) for students attending these.


AUT Information Sessions  Visit  www.aut.ac.nz/infosessions

Course information evenings: 9–30 August 2011  -   All are 6.30pm-8.30pm  

To register Phone: 0800 AUTUNI (0800 288 864) press "1" or Email course.information@aut.ac.nz

Languages, social sciences, hospitality, tourism and event management
Wednesday 17 August

Education, health, sciences, sport and recreation
Thursday 18 August

Te ara poutama (Maori development)
Tuesday 30 August

Saturday 13th August 10 am – 3 pm  Massey – Albany Campus Programme 2010    Register online at www.massey.ac.nz

Sat 26th August  Study at Vic Open Day

Saturday 27th  Auckland University Open Day

Unitec Information Evening  31 August 2010 3.30-6.30pm


Other Careers Notices



Undergraduate -this means that you do not yet have a degree and applied to secondary school students

Post-graduate -  after you have a degree already and want to undertake further study (not for secondary school students).

Closing Dates


You may apply for up to 6 different courses online at Auckland University and it is recommended that you do this to keep your options open.


Some AUT and most UNITEC courses are admitted by application on a first come first served basis unless there are other entrance requirements.


NOTE !  Check early application closing dates for pharmacy, veterinary, music, nursing and all other medical courses, dance as well as performing and fine arts courses. 

Go to provider’s websites to check for closing dates because each course differs.

Enrolling – make more than one application to keep your options open.(Plan a, Plan b, and so on..)

Online – Go to University website

BE SURE THAT YOU RECEIVE CONFIRMATION EMAILS OF YOUR ONLINE ENROLMENTS.  Sometimes people have registered online, not realising that this does not constitute an enrolment and are shocked to find in January that they have not been enrolled!

Defence Careers has a new website   Go to  www.defencecareers.mil.nz/

The defence forces have multiple closing dates according to course of study.

Tips for parents  - Helping your Year 13 teen to set career goals

1.     Have casual career conversations with your son or daughter about their plans for after Year 13. If they haven’t decided yet, make it clear that you’d be happy to sit and talk through their ideas, and that there is no pressure for them to make a decision right now.

2.     Help your son or daughter identify their top three jobs or industries using our 'Find jobs by industry and interest area' section. Point out specific information on job market statistics and discuss if their preferred jobs are in demand in New Zealand and if so, why.

3.     Look at the subject entry requirements for the jobs your son or daughter is interested in. Check these against your child’s current (or previous) subjects and their latest NZQA reports to see whether they are on target for achieving the credits they’ll need for entry to their chosen training or course.

4.     Draw a timeline with your son or daughter of what they’d like to achieve and where they’d like to be one, three, and five years from now. Ask them to explain what they think they would need to do to make their aspirations happen.

5.     Create a career action plan to help keep your son or daughter positive and focused on their career goals. Praise achievements big and small, and point out how much closer they are to making their plans a reality.

6.     Use the tertiary study action plan to help your son or daughter reach conclusions about where they might prefer to study.

7.     Remember your child's plans may change between now and the end of Year 13, so consider writing a pros and cons list as a way of discussing their career changes along the way.

8.     Encourage your child to make multiple applications as a way of keeping options open if they do not get into their first choice of study/job.                                                                                    

Kay Wallace





                                                                         Westmere School Hall

After many years of community fundraising Westmere School is very pleased to
announce the opening of Stage 1 of our new School Hall, Te Whare Kotahitanga.

We will be holding a full school assembly to mark this milestone on Friday 26th
August 2011 and the Hall will be open for ex pupils and families to pop in and
visit from 12pm - 4
.30pm on this day.


Pt Chevalier Community Centre, 18 Huia Rd, Pt Chevalier, is holding a Kids Only Market from 9am to 1pm on Saturday 20th August.  At this market kids and youth are the stallholders.

There is a chance for kids to recycle old games, books, toys, clothing and sports gear.  They will also sell crafts, baking and much more.  Kids will price and sell their merchandise.  All stalls will be manned by kids (with parents helping to supervise younger kids).  Stalls are $5 each.  Call 846 1094 to book a stall or email: ptchev.communitycentre@xtra.co.nz


Safer Journeys for Teen Drivers

Dear parent/caregiver

If your teenager is learning to drive (or about to start), please read on. This can be a stressful time for both of you. But don’t worry, help is at hand.

·         www.safeteendriver.co.nz is a new FREE website to help parents and caregivers like you

·         The resource was put together by the NZ Transport Agency in collaboration with a parent/teen relationship psychologist and an expert in driving psychology

·         The website has lots of great tips to help you connect with your teenager and tools to teach them how to become a safer driver.

The Graduated Driver Licence System (GDLS) is a three-step process. So the things you need to teach your teenager will change as they progress from Learner through the Restricted phase to their Full Licence.

At the Learner stage:

·         Teach them the practical driving skills (in a range of conditions and situations) using the tools on the website

·         In February 2012, the restricted driving test is getting harder to encourage around 120 hours of supervised practice.

At the Restricted stage:

·         Young drivers are most at risk during the first 6-12 months of driving solo

·                     If your teenager has friends in the car with them, they’re ten times more likely to be involved in a fatal crash

·         Learn how to manage the risks using the tools on the website

·         It may be convenient for you to let your teen break their Restricted Licence conditions but:

o    your insurance may be compromised if they breach their Restricted Licence and cause a crash

o    they could be fined $100 and receive 35 demerit points (licence suspended for three months if they get 100 or more demerit points within two years).

Your teenager still needs you
It can be hard communicating with teenagers. But you’re still a positive influence on them, even though it might not feel like it at times.
So it’s important you get involved with your teenager’s driving education and stay involved until they have a Full Licence.
www.safeteendriver.co.nz to use the tools and help your teenager become a safer driver.

If you don’t have the internet, you can order hard copy resources.
For the Learner phase call 0800 772 284 to sign up to Practice.
For the Restricted phase call 0800 822 422 for a Safe Teen Driver pack.

Yours sincerely,

Jennie Gianotti

Education Manager

NZ Transport Agency




Western Springs College

MOTIONS RD  l  WESTERN SPRINGS   l  AUCKLAND PHONE (09) 815 6730   l  FAX (09) 815 6740

email: admin@westernsprings.school.nz