Nga Puna O Waiorea

Te Rumaki Reo o Nga Puna o Waiorea

22nd May 2006

Te Rumaki Reo o Nga Puna o Waiorea
Western Springs College
100 Motions Rd
Western Springs
Auckland 1002.
Phone [09] 846 – 8196 Fax [09] 815 - 6740
Whaia te Matauranga kia tuohu koe me he maunga teitei
He wehi ki te Runga Rawa. Kia whakapaingia tona ingoa tapu i nga wa katoa. Ka mahara hoki o tatou tini aitua, tini mate! Haere Haere Moe Mai Ra! Koutou kua ngaro atu kia koutou. Kia tatou nga waihotanga o ratou ma, Tena Koutou e rau Rangatira ma. He mihi nui tenei kia tatou katoa o Nga Puna o Waiorea; Tena koutou e nga Matua, e nga Whaea, Rau Rangatira ma! Tena Tatou Katoa!
Kia ora and Greetings to All Students, Whanau and Supporters.

1) WHANAU HUI - (Wednesday, 24th May) 6pm to 8pm
This Hui is a continuation from last week.
If you are not attending this meeting could you please either phone and leave a message on the Marae Phone 815 6742 or email us on rumaki@westernsprings.school.nz

2) Play Monies Owing – There are still some Tamariki that have not paid for last weeks play. The cost was $5.00 could this money please be in by Thursday, it needs to be handed into the main office.

3) Late & Absences – A reminder whanau that if your tamariki are late to school they must have a written note. Absences must be phoned through to the main school number and followed up by a note on your tamariki’s return to school. Thank-you

4) Asia Wise – All Y9/Y10 students will be enrolled in this at a cost of $5.00. Could monies please be handed to Whaea Hana.

5) Junior Parent/Teachers Interviews – These will be held next Tuesday. Please ask your Tamariki for a time sheet.

1) Senior Exams – These will be held on the 31st May thru to 7th June

2) Study Guides – Y11/Y12/Y13 these can be purchased from subject Teachers for a cost of around $10.00, so if you are interested make sure you ask.

3) Exam Study/Technique Wananga – For all Y11/Y12/Y13

All Whanau: If you anything you would like to put into the Panui e.g. notices, upcoming events that are relevant either call Tracey on 815 6742 or email it to rumaki@westernsprings.school.nz (This is our new rumaki email address), this needs to be with me by midday every Monday. Panui will be sent out Monday afternoon.

If you have any ‘take’ please do not hesitate to contact Pa Chris at kura, 846 – 8197 main , or DDI 815 - 6742 (marae).
Chris Selwyn
DEAN/TUMUAKI: Ng_ Puna o Waiorea

Ko te Manu e kai i te miro, Nona te Ngahere

Ko te Manu e kai i te Matauranga, Nona te Ao!

[The bird that eats of the miro berry survives in the forest

The bird that partakes of knowledge owns the world


Congratulations Senior A’s another great win.

Unfortunately again this week we had girls from the Senior D team turning up late…if this lateness continues we may look at withdrawing this team. All these players will be reminded of the commitment they gave at the beginning of the season at training this week. Parents we ask for your support on this matter.

This Weeks Draw
Where: Te Pai Courts, Henderson

Senior A
8.30am Western Springs College SA vs Massey High Ct 1
Senior B
9.20am Western Springs College SD vs Avondale College Ct 21

Reminder: Netball Skirts $30.00

Transport: Please let Whaea Ka’u know early in the week if you require transport.

Weekly Practice Times: Tuesday 3.00-5pm / Thursday Lunchtime 1.30pm-2.10pnm

All players must be training in appropriate training gear these are; Running Shoes/Cross Trainers/Sandshoes, tracksuit pants, shorts, netball skirts, t-shirts, sweatshirts.


Congratulations to the First IV, a great win on Saturday against South Cross and again for the 2nd week in a row a Rumaki player was named runner-up player of the day – well done Bradley

Game Times for this week. Both home games.

27/05/2006 First IV Western Springs Col Auckland Grammar Western Springs College 10.30
27/05/2006 UNDER 14B Western Springs Col Tangaroa College Western Springs College 09.15

Whanau if you want to download the draw on a weekly basis yourself just go to www.collegesport.co.nz and go in draws and then into Western Springs College.

Under 15’s
this weeks game:

Where: Western Springs College Gym
Against Who: Glendowie College
Time: 4.15pm

It would be great to see as many supporters (Tamariki and Whanau) their to support as possible. A great way to spend your afternoon Whanau.

Western Springs College
:: 100 Motions Rd, Western Springs, Auckland 1022, New Zealand
:: Phone (+64 09) 846 8197
:: Fax (+64 09) 815 6740

:: Email admin@westernsprings.school.nz