Parents' Action Group

PAG Meetings

The PAG meets once a month, normally on the first Monday/Tuesday of the month at 7:30pm in the school staff room, to plan our activities. Dates may change to fit around school holidays and other events.

Email to receive reminders and details about upcoming PAG meetings.

PAG Charter
Click here to view the 2012 Parent Action group charter and objectives

Join the PAG email list for reminders, information about the school, and a copy of the monthly meeting minutes.

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Supporting Our Students and School

Welcome to the PAG, the Parents’ Action Group of Western Springs College. PAG is made up of a group of parents who work together to support our school and strengthen the school community. PAG is open to all parents of students at Western Springs and new members are always very welcome – all you need to do is email and you can join the PAG email list to be part of the PAG forum, get meeting details, information about PAG related events and a copy of the monthly meeting minutes. Joining PAG is a great way to meet other parents and to hear about what’s happening at our school.

Some of the types of activities that PAG may get involved with include fundraising to buy equipment for the school, hosting workshops on topics such as parenting teens, organizing the new parents BBQ at the beginning of each year, hosting the annual Quiz night, the movie night fundraisers and much more.

PAG is also there to raise issues or concerns from parents to the school. If you or your student has a concern, let us know. If you have a particular passion that you would like to offer our school, also let us know and we will see if we can facilitate it, put you in touch with other like-minded people and maybe even fund it for you.

From baking a cake or making a salad to marketing an event, there are many ways you can get involved to support our school. PAG meets once a month at 7.30pm in the school staff room. If you are on the PAG mailing list a reminder will be sent out before the meeting . Meetings are also attended by a representative of the Board of Trustees and a member of the school management team, so we have first-hand knowledge of what is happening at school.