Mission Statement | Vision | Treaty of Waitangi

Western Springs College

School Charter



All students and staff, inspired by a love of learning, are challenged to discover and
develop their unique personal strengths so that they are well equipped
to share in the building of a just and sustainable society .



Western Springs College is an inclusive learning community where:

  • Academic achievement is highly valued and encouraged through excellence in teaching.
  • Students receive a balanced and personalised education which addresses the needs of the whole person in a caring and supportive climate.
  • Individuality, critical thinking and creativity are fostered along with a sense of community, respect for and service to others.
  • There are expectations of high standards of behaviour which are collectively owned, clearly communicated and actively upheld.
  • Diversity is embraced and individual differences are affirmed.
  • Students feel safe and there is no place for violence, prejudice or discrimination
  • Students develop enduring friendships in a healthy co-educational environment.
  • There is a wide range of opportunities and a high level of participation in sporting, cultural and community activities
  • School governance and management are based on a commitment to power sharing according to Treaty of Waitangi responsibilities.


The Co-Governance Partnership: Meeting Treaty of Waitangi Responsibilities

Western Springs College is committed to meeting Treaty of Waitangi responsibilities by working in partnership with the Maori school community to reach the educational and cultural aspirations of Maori students and their whanau.

The partnership involves:

  • Maori school community participation in decision-making at all levels of school governance; and
  • Senior managers reflecting the partnership in decisions, day-to-day practices, and procedures; and
  • Teaching and support staff reflecting the partnership in their practice and participation in school life.

This commitment includes working towards achieving the goals of the National Education Goals (NEGS) and National Administration Guidelines (NAGs), particularly:

  • Acknowleging the unique place of Maori;
  • Increasing participation and success on the part of Maori through the advancement of Maori education initiatives, including education in Te Reo Maori;
  • Collaborating with, and regularly reporting to, the school’s Maori community concerning plans and targets for improving Maori student achievement
  • Maori students finding WSC is a safe and supportive environment.

Implementation of the co-governance partnership is further detailed in Board of Trustees’ policies, including its Treaty of Waitangi policy.


Western Springs College produces independent, disciplined and motivated learners who are well equipped to succeed academically at tertiary level. We measure our effectiveness in this regard by:
  • The proportion of our students who leave school with qualifications, especially the percentage who achieve the university entrance standard;
  • The proportion of our students who make the transition to technical institute or university courses;
  • The proportion of these students who pass their papers and successfully complete their degrees or diplomas.

At Western Springs, there is a genuine commitment to developing the unique talents and strengths of individual students. We have built a climate which encourages individuality, creativity and critical thinking. We aim to produce strong, self-disciplined individuals who have been challenged to think for themselves. Our students learn the skills of conducting independent research, working in teams, devising innovative solutions to problems and communicating their findings and viewpoints clearly and confidently.

We also aim to develop well-rounded young adults with sound values, including, above all, self respect and respect for others. A balanced education at Western Springs College Springs involves developing the ability to establish healthy relationships with others regardless of their background.

With a coeducational student population of close to 1365 plus 100 full-time equivalent international students, Western Springs College’s size means that the school is able to deliver students a high level of individual care and attention, and at the same time offer a broad curriculum and a rich range of extra-curricula opportunities.

Western Springs College has a particularly active parent body and a board of trustees committed to continuing community consultation designed to help shape the future direction of the school.

Western Springs College:
Location and Context

Situated close to the centre of one of Auckland’s finest urban cultural and recreational areas, adjacent to the Auckland Zoological Park, the Museum of Transport and Technology and Western Springs Lake & Park, Western Springs College’s favourable geographical location is further enhanced by the College’s close proximity to and links with the University of Auckland, the Auckland University of Technology and Unitec, destinations for the vast majority of our graduates when they make their transition to tertiary education courses.

Western Springs College is a decile 8 school with a vibrant multicultural student population which is 61% European, 25% Maori, 9% Pacific Island and 5% Asian.

Western Springs College has recently experienced a period of rapid roll growth. During the last decade the roll has increased from 633 in 2003 to 1360 in 2014. The school operates an enrolment scheme guaranteeing a place to all in-zone applicants; there have been no out-of-zone enrolments since 2009 into the English-medium mainstream school. The vast majority of students enrol from the two main contributing intermediate schools, Pasadena and Ponsonby Intermediates, with Kowhai Intermediate being the other main contributing school.