Enrolment – Details & Policy  

Enrolment – Details & Policy

Western Springs College is a co-educational secondary school with a proud record of academic, sporting and cultural achievements.

We are dedicated to offering excellence in secondary education to families in our community by providing:

  • Skilled and effective teaching delivering high academic standards
• A safe, disciplined and supportive learning environment
• Access to a rich range of extra-curricula opportunities.

Open Week 2017: Was held in early April

Year 9 Enrolments for 2018:
In-zone applications only can be submitted to the school office from the end of the open week.

Interviews with students and their parents/caregivers will be scheduled thereafter.

2018 Enrolment Packs will be available in hard copy or download here from start of Open Week
Contact Reception (09) 8156730 or admin@wsc.school.nz

Home Zone:
All students who live within the home zone shall be entitled to enrol at the school.

The boundary starts at the North Western motorway / Pt Chevalier on ramp and travelling North following the coastline towards the container terminal to the inlet between Freyberg Wharf and Fergusson Wharf. 

Then travelling across the intersection of Tamaki Drive and the Strand (Northern side only) and along The Strand (Northern side only) to the intersection of Parnell Rise and Stanley Street (not including Stanley Street).

From the intersection of Parnell Rise and Stanley Street (West side only) to Alten Road (North side only) through to the intersection of Waterloo Quadrant (North side only) and Kitchener Street.  Then travelling along Bowden Avenue (North side only) to Victoria Street (North side), up along Queen Street, to Upper Queen Street, then the boundary leaves Upper Queen Street travelling across the motorway to Exmouth Street, Newton Gully to New North Road then follows the railway line through to St Lukes Road, travels along St Lukes Road to the North Western motorway then back to the Pt Chevalier on ramp.

Special Programmes:
The school operates the following special programme:  Nga Puna O Waiorea Rumaki te reo Maori immersion, years 9-13.

Students who live out of zone are able to apply for enrolment into this special programme.  Students who live within the school’s home zone and meet the criteria for enrolment in the special programme will be enrolled ahead of out of zone students.

The criteria for acceptance into the programme are as follows:
The students must have a demonstrable commitment to the learning of te reo Maori and tikanga Maori.  The student’s family must make a commitment to the full participation in the affairs of the immersion Kura. We are accepting enrolments now into the rumaki for 2017, 2018 , 2019
Please contact the rumaki office direct: rumaki@wsc.school.nz or phone 09 8156742

Out of Zone Enrolments:
Enrolment at Western Springs College is governed by an enrolment scheme adopted by the Board of Trustees.
The Board has decided that there will be no out of zone places available in 2017, except for the te reo Maori immersion special programme

International Student Enrolment:
For all international student enquirees and enrolments please visit the international student page.


The School Donation

School donations make a vital contribution to the running of our school, including, but not limited to, providing:
a comprehensive sports academy programme
school wide performing arts programme
comprehensive student health services
development for our IT programme

We really appreciate the payment of your donations:
Currently the 2017 school donation is: $370 for one student or $470 for a family

In 2018 we will be increasing the school donation to: $500 for one student or $600 for a family

You can pay by bank deposit ASB 12-3020-0333033-00
Or through the WSC Parental Portal here

Western Springs College Board of Trustees



Zone Map
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2018 Enrolment Pack