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Western Springs College Health & Safety Policy Revised With a View to Rebuilding the School.


Western Springs College has released its revised Health & Safety Policy following an environment report commissioned by the Ministry of Education.

The Health, Safety and Environment Summary Report finds that the health, safety and environment risks at the site during and post redevelopment “are likely to be acceptable”, with comprehensive management. With this advice, the Board has recommended a complete school rebuild, in keeping with the design last consulted on with the community; and it has overseen preparation of the revised Health and Safety Policy.

Best practice health and safety management has been developed and implemented with the support of specialist health and safety, environment and property consultants, funded by the Ministry of Education. The policy addresses a number of site specific risks associated with being located on an old landfill. A series of procedures, monitoring & reporting tools have been developed in each case.

The procedures and risks include:

  • hazard identification and regular maintenance to manage ground settlement around WSC buildings and fields;
  • training in and use of a gas meter to monitor landfill gas emissions (general school users are not considered at risk from landfill gas);
  • removal and containment of asbestos containing materials (ACMs), polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs), and lead paint (undisturbed, intact, contained asbestos is considered safe);
  • assessment of landfill and capping materials (this finds no risks to users as a result of soil contamination);
  • and specialist cleaning and an ongoing monitoring regime to address weather-tightness issues affecting TAPAC, and additions to the library and administration block.
  • A more detailed precis of the Health, Safety and Environment Summary Report and the issues and health and safety actions arising can be found on the school website here, along with answers to what may be frequently asked questions. A copy of the Health and Safety Policy, and the Health, Safety and Environment Summary Report are available online. The full Health, Safety and Environment Report and appendices are available at the school office.

    The Board is committed to ensuring a high level of attention to, and management of health and safety matters. It recognises that monitoring and management of the risks associated with the location need to be undertaken now, during the re-development, and in the long term. The school continues to be supported by a Ministry of Education funded Health and Safety consultant to advise on health and safety issues. The Board considers that a full rebuild of the school, in keeping with the design last consulted on with the community, will best enable these responsibilities to be met.

    Questions about WSC’s policy can be addressed to: Ivan Davis, Principal – and Tracey Watkinson, Rumaki - .

    Questions about the report can be addressed to: Mere Martin, Ministry of Education -