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Daniel McBride releases first solo EP

Daniel McBride (Year 13) has released his first solo EP under the name


The EP, called Ablutophobia, contains five tracks on which Daniel plays all the parts. Daniel has recorded this in a studio he has built in his bedroom.

Free download avalible or you can name your own price from Bandcamp here:


The Music Alliance Pact (MAP) from Britain's Guardian newspaper haved picked one of Daniel's songs to feature among its May 2011 international picks.

"Each month, the Music Alliance Pact – a group of 36 music blogs from around the world, including the Guardian newspaper– simultaneously post tracks chosen by each blog."

Sheep,Dog&Wolf - Not Aquatic
A MAP premiere - former Bandicoot drummer Daniel McBride presents his solo project Sheep,Dog&Wolf, leaving behind his punk roots to weave a complex fusion of Motown, jazz and pop music. After months recording in his bedroom, the 17-year-old multi-instrumentalist's music resembles a young Sufjan Stevens, layered with strings, horns and percussion, while curious time signatures and his beautifully incandescent voice balance an unusual amalgamation of whimsically flirtatious styles.

Read the May 2011 Map playlist here: