The 48hr Film Challenge - a win for WSC

WSC has won Best School team for the third year in a row at the Auckland finals of the 48hr film challenge, held on October 7th at Sky City Theatre. Two teams were nominated this year. Marck Wan Productions (last year's Auckland winners) and P-Snappy. The winning team were P-Snappy with their film 'Odd Socks'. Congratulations to team members Soloman Moores, Julius Dingle-Bell, Luca McLean and Kaito Ibaraki.

The 48hr film challenge requires teams to make a film with a specific character, prop, line of dialogue and film technique. The teams are given one of a range of film genres that they must abide by, and the film is to be completed in 48hrs. P-Snappy were given puppet movie as a genre - not an easy ask, but they completed a hilarious puppet rom-com in the time allowed.