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Story091 2017 Rhona Roberts Flying High

Rhona Robertson, flying high

Nikki Mandow
Photo Credit: Alphapix Photography

When 17-year-old Western Springs College student Rhona Robertson taught herself a front flip as a kid on her backyard trampoline, she never imagined that a decade later she’d be up against some of the best trampolinists in the world – and winning medals.

Rhona has just competed in the international Indo Pacific Trampoline and Tumbling Championships, held this year in Napier. And she came away with a silver medal in synchonised trampoline. Earlier in the year she won gold at the New Zealand nationals for junior women’s synchro.

”Trampolining is amazing to watch and feels amazing to do,” she says. “There’s that moment when you reach the peak of your bounce and fly over the top, and you are almost weightless.” Isn’t it a bit scary to launch into a double somersault with a 540-degree twist?

“The strange thing is I don’t like heights, because I have a fear of falling. I could never go to the top at the Sky Tower, or jump off; I’d be scared. But on the trampoline, you never feel like you are falling. You are completely in control.”

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