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Simon Mead on why WSC was a great school and inspirational acting

Simon Mead has been acting since before his years at Western Springs College, featuring in shows such as Nothing Trivial throughout his entire school years and going on to play roles such as Young Sir Edmund Hillary in the mini series Hillary, Harry Harrillambi, the drummer of The Dance Exponents in the TV special Why Does Love, and Doni in the teenage TV show The Cul de Sac. Most recently he has starred in The ASB Waterfront theatre production of Under The Mountain and is currently filming in his first feature film Same But Different which will be released later in the year. In between acting jobs Simon is a Crossfit coach at Crossfit Auckland Central and spent half of 2017 backpacking around Europe.

Attended Western Springs College 2010 – 2014

School life and what it meant to me:
Western Springs was all round just a great school. The teachers were your equals which sets you up perfectly for workplaces and gives you confidence to communicate or even have fun with anyone regardless of seniority. In fact it makes your work even better. I honestly think the quality of teaching was the best part and just having the freedom to figure out who you were, even though that never stops. TAPAC was pretty good for me being an actor and all too, so that was a great work space to put on shows etc. Sports teams and being able to literally try any sport was also a massive highlight.

Greatest Achievement:
I haven’t achieved what I want to yet but I’m proud of my career so far. As cheesy as it sounds, I think what has gotten me to where I am is what I’m most proud of.

Greatest Influence:
Solid mix of my parents and my ambitions for my life/career.

Source of Inspiration:
Literally every time I walk out of a movie theatre or finish a TV show going, “man, I want to be able to do that, or make someone feel the way that person just made me feel.”

Working Style:
I like to be pretty relaxed. I think I work best when someone is pushing me and trying get every last bit of goodness out, a bit like in a workshop sort of format, so trying new things and not being scared if it doesn’t work. But if I’m on set or teaching a class, I want to make sure I have done the work beforehand so you can just have fun and not be too self conscious otherwise that’s when you forget why you actually love what you do or why you’re good at it.

Special to me:
My family have two caravans on a section in Onemana in the Coromandel. I have spent every summer of my life there so it sits pretty strong with childhood memories, family and what I would call home if I was overseas.

Manchester City Football Club, Football, Harry Potter, Crossfit, Coffee, Travelling, Football and Football (Soccer).

Thought on Life:
Travel. Its the best thing I have ever done. You also don’t need a lot of money to have a really good time. Thankfully travelling and meeting new people is technically an actors education but none the less I think we should do it more, no matter what your age is. People get stuck in routines and worry about crap that doesn’t matter in the long term. Just do what makes you happy, and if you’re not happy change something.

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