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Brian Kitchen

Brightspark Brian Kitchen develops cave mapping device

Western Springs College year 9, Brian Kitchen was the 2017 overall male winner of the ASB Brightsparks inventors competition.  The competition is open to all primary, Intermediate and Secondary students and has up to 40 finalist competing for the top awards.

Brian developed a 3D cave mapping device it took around two years of tinkering to perfect. Other cave mapping devices are available at a cost of over $100k, incredibly, Brian’s cost him about $500 to develop.

The device records the distance to each point within the cave, a computer then stitches each of the frames together to produce a  3D model of the inside of the cave. It can used to get an accurate picture of the inside of caves, very important in Auckland where we have over 50 volcanos and many lava caves.  

Mum, Adrianne, says Brian has always been a super inquisitive kid, as a small boy he would ask endless questions, his quest for knowledge was huge.  So what’s next for Brian? Well, he still has a little perfecting to complete his cave mapping device, but I’m certain we will be seeing more of Brian Kitchen in science world in the not to distant future.

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