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The new moon is beginning to expand ever so slightly. See Nature through a new lens and take some time to take notice today and “”mindful”” of what is happening around you.
Send a photo to Sue on how you Take Notice/Me Aro Tonu in nature today.
The purpose of this is to reconnect with nature and see it through fresh eyes. Let Nature in to strengthen your wellbeing.
Brought to you by the Healthwise Team.”



Lunchtime meeting inside the sport centre TODAY for all Junior Boys cricket team members…

TENNIS – Boys & Girls

Lunchtime meeting inside the sport centre on WEDNESDAY for all
boys and girls tennis players, regarding the after-school tennis comp.

TOUCH – Junior Girls

Touch training after school on THURSDAY for all junior girls touch team members.

WSC Clubs & Groups Photos

Photography for the yearbook is happening this Thursday in the Hall. (NOT Tuesday as previously mentioned).

Please make sure you arrive 5 mins before your photo.


Photo Time Name of Group/Club TIC
9.00am Junior Learner Council Paul & Margaret
9.05am A-Z Sue
9.10am Peace Ambassadors Linda
9.15am PSSP Sue
9.20am PALS Helen Thorpe
9.25am Drone Club Emma D
9.30am Netball – Karoro Waiorea
9.35am Netball – Parera Waiorea
9.40am Netball – Social Waiorea
9.45am Netball – Kotare Waiorea
9.50am Netball – Karearea Waiorea
9.55am Netball – Kurangai Waiorea
10.00am Ki o Rahi – Regionals Waiorea
10.05am Ki o Rahi – Nationals Waiorea
10.10am Ki o Rahi – Tournament Team/Selections Waiorea
10.15am Waka Ama – Regionals Waiorea
10.20am Waka Ama – Nationals Waiorea
10.25am S&C Waiorea
10.30am Eco Warriors Emma D
10.35am Healthwise Sue
10.40am Wastewise Kathryn & Sophie
10.45am Travelwise Trina & Petra
10.50am Ball Committee Damon G & Rowena
10.55am 40 Hr Famine Katrina
11.00am Librarians Sharda
11.05am Mathex Zi and Olga
11.15am Engineering Scientists Alistair & Halley
11.20am Calcex team Alistair
11.25am YES (Young Enterprise Scheme) Ben & Kay
11.30am Sheila Winn Rob P
11.35am Addams family Cast and crew Rob P
11.45am 48Hr film festival Deb
11.50am Po Fia Fia Tupe
11.55am Chamber Group Trina
12.00pm Jazz Band Margaret
12.05pm Jazz Combo Margaret
12.10pm Rock Quest and Pacifica Beats Margaret
12.15pm World Challenge – Peru 1 Rusty & Sophie
12.30pm World Challenge – Peru 2 Stacey H & Rowena
12.35pm YouDance and Tempo Festival dancers Kelly McCrorie/David Okey
12.40pm Niue Group
12.45pm Hawaiian Group
12.50pm Cook Island group
12.55pm Samoan Group
1.00pm Tongan Group
1.05pm Arts Leaders and Committee Kirsty Britton
1.10pm Student Leaders Karen
1.15pm Feminist Group
1.20pm Chess Club Te Toki
1.25pm Spoken Word Group Alice
1.30pm Subversive poetry Kate
1.40pm Lacrosse Sami
1.45pm Orienteering Sami
1.50pm Tramping Club
1.55pm Book club Sharda
2.00pm Waiorea Junior & Senior Council

WSC Christian Group

Come to D9 Friday lunchtime for great conversation and free food.  All welcome.

Mental Health Awareness Week

“MARAMATAKA-WHIRO The moon phase is called Whiro, meaning the new moon. The beginning of the new moon was traditionally when activity for Maori was minimal and instead more focus was on learning. This makes it a great day to Keep Learning. Don’t forget to get those photos in to Sue. Thanks to Sutham for his great photo yesterday.
Send a photo (to Sue) on how you Keep Learning/Me Ako Tonu in nature today.”

WSC Clubs & Groups Photos

Photos for schools GROUPS and Clubs are happening Tuesday 16th October in the HALL – during the afternoon! A timetable will be emailed to all teachers are students later today. Please arrive 5 mins before your photos is scheduled!


The Healthwise Team is bringing to you the Mental Health Awareness Week activities. The Theme is letting nature in. We are running a Photo comp for each day on a diff aspect. On the last day of the Lunar cycle, Mutuwhenua, focus on connecting with others and nature to uplift your Wairua (spirit). Send to Sue Poupouare photos of how you connect with Nature, with Ranginui (sky father)and Papatuanuku (earth mother)

40 Hour Famine

40 hour famine sign ups will be happening at orientation week, which is this week from Tuesday to Thursday. It will be held at the village green. Make sure to come and sign up!

Mathex 2018

Thanks for those who came to the first practice on Monday. We decided to make the practice twice a week. As discussed, the regular schedule will be on every Monday and Thursday during lunchtime in B12. If you missed the first one, please join us ASAP. And we are still looking for seniors students to help us out. Thanks, Mrs Gibson and Miss Yang



Year 9 Bowling Trip Today

Kia ora, If you belong to 9OA, 9AT, 9AA, 9AE, please go to your maths class right after period 2 for the bowling trip. Do not go to interval.

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