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Languages Department

2018 International Languages Week took place in the last week of term one, with three events planned to celebrate the week.

We started the week with the annual Cultural Dress Day on Tuesday, which was also a house point event competition. The staff and students were encouraged to dress up in a culture they represent or any culture they wish to showcase. The students who dressed up fully entered the competition for the house points. This year the top three winners and their culture representation were Louis Lowman (French), Netane Vaiaku (Tongan) and Teghan Jamieson (Spanish). Thank you to all the participants for making this event possible and congratulations to the winners.

The week celebration continued on Wednesday lunchtime with the online activity — Kahoot — which is very popular amongst the students. After that, on Thursday lunchtime, we had the chopsticks challenge to test our students’ chopsticks skills. They were required to use traditional Chinese chopsticks to pick up various small objects, such as jelly beans, M&M chocolate, within a set time. The competitors had so much fun that even our Year 13 student helpers couldn’t resist the temptation at the end they also had a go at it.                                                                                                                                                              Renae Liao-Marsden (HOD)


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