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At Western Springs College our core focus is producing graduates who gain the academic qualifications required for competitive access to sought-after tertiary level courses. We have also reaffirmed our identity as a school distinctive for nurturing individuality, creativity and critical thinking. Accordingly, we offer an increasingly personalised education that recognises and caters for the unique individual interests and strengths of each student and opens up a range of challenging pathways beyond school.

Enrolment Process

Enrolments begin after Open Week in July. Parents/caregivers who live in-zone should complete an online enrolment application here.

To check our in-zone area you can use the online tool below

If you unable to complete the application online please contact to request a physical copy

Enrolments are governed by the Ministry of Education enrolment scheme.

The Board of Trustees has decided to accept no out-of-zone enrolments for 2024.

The School Donation

Parents/caregivers are asked to make an annual donation. These funds help provide for educational, cultural, social activities and health services not covered by government funding.

School donations make a vital contribution to the running of our school. They provide, but are not limited to, these services and programmes:

  • a comprehensive sports academy programme;
  • school wide performing arts programme;
  • comprehensive student health services;
  • development of our IT programme.

We really appreciate the payment of your donations:

Currently, the school donation is: $500 for one student or $600 for a family.

You can pay by bank deposit, ASB 12-3020-0333033-00, at the front office or through the WSC Parental Portal here

PE Uniform

For parents looking to buy PE uniform, this can be purchase from The Uniform Shoppe in Avondale – 521 Rosebank Road, Avondale, Auckland 1026 or online here.

Online Enrolment Application

This is for In-Zone Enrolments, please fill out all sections.

To check our in-zone area you can use the online tool below

If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact Reception (09) 8156730 or


Our Zone

All students who live within the home zone are entitled to enrol at the school. You can check if you are in zone on the Zone Checker in three easy steps.
1. Enter your street address and number.
2. Select secondary as the school type.
3. Click advanced search.

The boundary starts at the North Western motorway / Pt Chevalier on-ramp and travels north, following the coastline towards the container terminal to the inlet between Freyberg Wharf and Fergusson Wharf.

The boundary continues across the intersection of Tamaki Drive and the Strand (northern side only) and along The Strand (northern side only) to the intersection of Parnell Rise and Stanley Street (not including Stanley Street).

Then the boundary travels from the intersection of Parnell Rise and Stanley Street (west side only) to Alten Road (north side only) through to the intersection of Waterloo Quadrant (north side only) and Kitchener Street.  It continues along Bowen Avenue (north side only) to Victoria Street (north side), up along Queen Street (western side only), to Upper Queen Street (western side only). Then the boundary crosses Newton Road to Exmouth Street, along to New North Road. It follows New North Road (north side only) to Dominion Road.  From here it follows the railway line through to St Lukes Road, travels along St Lukes Road to the North Western motorway then back to the Pt Chevalier on-ramp.

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