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Western Springs College is on the journey to become a new school. The opportunity to construct new buildings and facilities for 80% of the school presents the community with a state of the art, modern and innovative secondary school learning environment which will further enhance the delivery of an already outstanding education.

All successful educational institutions benefit from self-review and self-renewal. Planning for the new school has sharpened our thinking both about the essence of a Western Springs College education and about the ways we need to change in order to future-proof the educational experiences through which our young people will thrive and develop.

We emphasise our commitment to WSC’s core business of producing graduates who gain the academic qualifications required for competitive access to sought-after tertiary
level courses.

We have also reaffirmed our identity as a school distinctive for nurturing individuality, creativity and critical thinking. Accordingly, we seek to offer an increasingly personalised education which recognises and caters for the unique individual interests and strengths of each of our students and in doing so opens up a range of challenging pathways beyond school.

We retain our mission to develop well-rounded young adults who hold sound values, including, above all, self-respect and respect for others. We celebrate our coeducational and bi-cultural identity and the opportunities presented to establish healthy friendships and to become at ease living and working with people from the diverse range of backgrounds which is Auckland today.

For parents, membership of our school community means ready access to, and direct communication with relevant staff and the chance to belong to a very active and supportive parent network with clear links to staff and trustees.

Ivan Davis, Principal

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