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If you are late to school – up to 9.15 in the morning, go to the KHCL foyer to sign in.  Please state your reason and/or show your note.

If you arrive later in the day go to the main office and sign in at reception.

To leave school during the day we require notification from your parent/caregiver. This can be a phone call, email or note.

  1. Get permission from a senior leadership team member in the admin corridor
  2. Sign out in the book at reception.
  3. If returning to school following an appointment sign back in at the office.

To report an absence the parent or caregiver can :

  1. call the main office on 09 815 6730, then press 1


  1. Use the SchoolApp Absentee function;


  1. email the school office

Absentee notifications should be submitted as early as possible.

If you are feeling unwell or have had an accident or suffered an injury, you must see a nurse in the first instance.

You will need a note from your teacher if you need to see the nurse during class time.

We have two nurses, a part-time physiotherapist, and counsellors located in Waiora (Student Services Centre), who will contact parents/caregivers if deemed necessary. Students should not contact their parents directly during class time.

Longer planned absences  (more than three days),should be advised in advance by parents/caregivers to a student’s Head of House, with the admin office copied into notifications.  For absences in excess of 5 days a request in writing must also be submitted to the principal.

We may request a medical certificate for absences due to sickness or injury which exceed 3 days.

We have an expectation that students put their phones in their bags during class time. If you need to urgently contact students during class please ring the school office. Otherwise students will be able to check their phones during breaks (from 10.30-11am and 1-1.40 pm). Students should NOT be using phones to contact their parents/caregivers during class.

For information on any sports programme, please see our sports information page.

The Physical Education department have a uniform, this can be purchase from The Uniform Shoppe in Avondale – 521 Rosebank Road, Avondale, Auckland 1026 or online here.

Contact information for all aspects of your student’s education (eg learning and future pathways) see here

For guidance and wellbeing see here

For all other contacts please visit the Contact Page here

A username and password is generated for the parent portal and sent to caregivers of new students at the beginning of the year.  Students are given their username and password by their head of house (HOH) and/or whānau teacher at the beginning for the year.  Caregivers and students can change their password if they wish to.

If students are unable to access the student portal please see your HOH or the office who can access usernames and passwords or reset them.
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