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Western Springs College,  known to those who teach and learn here as ‘Springs’, is an educational environment where students can discover and develop unique personal strengths that allow them to share in the building of a just and sustainable society.

Our college occupies a special place in New Zealand’s educational landscape.  We characterise ourselves as a ‘waka hourua’ – a double hulled canoe of English medium and Māori immersion education.

We encourage academic achievement not as a prize fight, but because it opens doors that allow our students to follow any pathway they choose. We’re actively engaged with the communities we serve and the tertiary establishments that accept our graduates.

Our school has completed the largest rebuild in the history of New Zealand secondary education.  The result is a school like no other.  A truly exceptional piece of architecture designed to change the way we think about pre-university learning environments.  Come and experience it for yourself!



Eco News

    Recommended Products       Solid shampoo/conditioner, available at Ethique, Ecowarehouse, Healthpost ($18-$25).…

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WSCW Senior Girls Qualify for Premier Grade

The WSC Senior Girls' Water Polo team qualified for the 2021 Premier Grade in February…

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O Week

A few weeks ago, Western Springs College held their very own O week! Clubs and…

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