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As Omicron case numbers rise across the nation we anticipate the need to transition to a rostering home plan for year levels as teaching staff impacted by isolation requirements around contact with Covid continue to grow.

Today we have 22 staff out for a range of reasons, but isolation requirements account for 11 staff away.  Consequently, relief is currently a nightmare to manage, so to assist with teachers being available for classes, beginning on Wednesday next week (Feb 23rd) we will begin a year level rostering home system – similar to that adopted by many other schools.

Next week will look like this:

Monday 21st:        Normal school day

Tuesday 22nd:      Period 1 and 2 only.  School closes at 12.30 for PUM.

Wednesday 23rd:  Year 10 rostered home

Thursday 24th:      Year 11 rostered home

Friday 25th:           Year 12 rostered home

and then

Monday 28th:         Year 9 rostered home

Tuesday 1st:            Year 10

Wednesday 2nd:    Year 11

Thursday 3rd:         Year 12

Friday 4th:              Year 9

Monday 7th            Year 10

and so on for as many days/weeks as necessary

Year 13’s will not be rostered home (this is their exit qualification year). Also, this allows for a ‘rolling’ sequence to ensure that the same year level does not get rostered home on the same day each week.  Sequential planning like this rather than random selection allows families to plan for care at home too.  Learning will be online (via Google Classroom) on the days students are rostered home.

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