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Auckland Writers’ Festival 2018

On Thursday 17th of May, a group of 30 students went to the Aotea Centre to attend the annual School’s Programme of the Auckland Writers Festival 2018.
Maia McRoberts reflects on the day:

The Readers Writers Festival was an amazing opportunity, and generally a fabulous day. We were given the chance to hear from four different authors and poets. Being able to listen to, not only the process and fundamentals behind their writing, but also the inspiration behind all of it; their lives. These extraordinary people had experienced unfathomable adventures, such as working for drug lords and being appointed New Zealand’s Poet Laureate.

There was definitely variety, to say the least. Yet, no matter the topic, whether it be cans of succotash or embracing your culture, we were hooked. Their words left us clinging to our seats, and wondering how time could fly by so fast when it felt like they had just stepped on stage. Being able to see the faces behind the pages, and see the words come to life was an unforgettable experience and I’m sure any student from the dozens of schools packed into the Town Hall would agree.

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