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Six of our young women attended Wahine Kākano on Saturday 26th of May; Nganeko Wilson-Newman, Miracle Walker-Te Are, Shontae Blom, Jordyn Iosefa, Edie Balme, Helena Copsey and Khushee Jain. The event was hosted by The Human Rights Commission to mark 125 years of suffrage, and included a heartening keynote discussion from Jacinda Ardern, a variety of diverse and uplifting panelists, and engaging workshops directed at young women.
Helena Copsey reflects on the experience:

There is something about being in a room full of young and empowered women, you feel so safe and accepted. One of my favourite things that I took away from the event was the understanding that I am not alone. Being in a crowd of people who were all experiencing, or had experienced, the same insecurities, doubts and concerns that I was made me feel supported, even by strangers.

The event itself was fantastic, inspiring, hilarious and moving panelists who spoke amazingly and honestly about their own lives. The workshops that I attended helped to motivate me towards goals and provided me with knowledge of possible opportunities I could take part in after high school.

I extremely enjoyed Wahine Kakano 2018 and was proud to be sitting in the crowd as a young, strong, empowered Wahine, just like everyone else.

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