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We arrived back this term with less space due to the construction of ‘The Wall’. Since the library is destined to become the new cafeteria the fiction area and the Careers Office had to go.  We have successfully moved the fiction section to another part of the library and Careers is now located in Waiora. Many thanks to our wonderful property Manager Selwyn and his assistant Mike who sorted the library before and after the changes.


Term 4, 2017 we trialled ‘device free friday’ in an attempt to get students off their devices. To assist this move the library purchased a range of board games, which were mostly untouched for a term and the trial was difficult to maintain. Roll on 2018,  we are thrilled to see students of all levels are playing the games. Libraries throughout the country are struggling with the issue of games on devices. Please have conversations at home about this issue. The quote below from a year 9 says it all:

“ I think board games are important because they help us to get off our devices and interact with our peers”  

A similar sentiment is echoed by year 13 students who say “ I like playing with my friends”.



This initiative has also gathered momentum. Each morning the office is a hive of activity as students are involved in an animated discussion deciding on a significant event for ‘Today in History’. Library monitor Archie leads the search and Cesarina draws the images.

Some of the events are displayed below.



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