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Careers Department – Need Help to Choose School Subjects?

  1. WSC NPoW website is an incredible resource to research possible subjects.  Under the ACADEMIC heading, go to “Course Details” to access Year 11-13  course books which show subjects’;
    • credits – external (exam) or internal (assessed by the teacher)  and the subject entry requirements .
    • subject content and tyoes of assessment.
    • entry requirements for the next level, to allow for a pathway into a subject for the following year.


  1. Careers NZ website

Not only is the Careers NZ website a tool for finding information about work, but it also suggests recommended subjects for particular jobs. Below are the steps to research  recommended subjects for a job…

  • Start at Careers Website Go to “Jobs Database”, then “More About The Job” then “How to Enter the Job” then scroll down for “Secondary Information” to read information about subjects recommended for jobs.
  • Choosing School subjects – General advice here from Careers NZ


3.  3.   Careers Hub       

  • Look under Tertiary/Private for recommended subject guides and entry requirements (above) for various degree courses.

Consider what your career goals are along with your ability.


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