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My Vege Wall  won runner-up in the Young Enterprise Award Regional finals last week.  “My Vege Wall” is a Young Enterprise project designed for vertical building dwellers who want to maintain a garden in a smaller footprint area such as an apartment.  Mikayla and Helena worked through many technical challenges to solve their problem of how to grow an apartment garden.  Mikayla also won the Regional Entrepreneur Young Enterprise award for West Auckland.
Mikayla Stokes and Helena Copsey pitching “My Vege Wall” to the Young Enterprise Award (YES)  judging panel

Earlier the same day, Mikayla won the Brightsparks Award after she entered the creation in the BrightSparks competition (

You can read more about Mikayla and the Bright Sparks Award 2018 here. Congratulations Mikayla on this outstanding win!!!
Ben Hinton (teacher), Helena Copsey, Mikayla Copsey, and Kay Wallace (teacher)
International Spot team: Henry Doyle, Jo Bailey, Jack Gong, Otis Bailey won the YES Creative Award for their social innovation called “The International Spot” which provided notifications about local activities and information for International students.
We want to thank PAG for their support of Young Enterprise at WSC NPoW this year as students do all of the work in their own time.
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