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International students school holiday trips

During the October school holidays, we had two international trips.   We went to Parakai Springs in the first week of the holidays and enjoyed playing in the lovely hot water.  We also had a picnic lunch by the pool under the gorgeous weather. 


In the second week of the holidays, we got lost at the sensory maze in City and had a unique experience with illusions, lighting effects, scents, sound effects and strange sensations.   After the lunch at the food court, we had a relaxing movie time at the cinema.








Farewell to Year 13 students

On 30th October, our amazing Year 13 students had the last day of school.  Here is feedback from some of our Year 13 students.

Winnie Huang has been with us for the last two years and liked the teachers and classmates best and enjoyed studying at Western Springs College.  She also appreciated the warm care and support the International Office provided.

Smiley Wu, who has also been with us for the last two years, liked the environment Western Springs College offered, and thought the teachers here were great, too!  She attended most of the school holiday trips the International Office organised and enjoyed a variety of experiences.

William Wan has enjoyed his school life at Western Springs College for the last three years.  This is what he said.  “Western Springs College is a very nice school.  They have a lot of great activities like the School Ball and the international students school holiday trips that let me enjoy the school life very much.  I really enjoyed the three years here.  Also, I am very thankful for the International Office.  They helped me a lot.”

Cathy Yin has been with us since April 2015 and gave us a lot of support as an International Student Leader this year.  She enjoyed learning from terrific teachers at Western Springs College.  She liked that the school didn’t have uniform and appreciates the help and support she got from the school nurse and the school counselor.



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