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Student Learning Centre


We are located downstairs in B Block.  We are open all day from Monday to Friday and after-school on Wednesdays until 5 pm.

We have 3 teachers available to provide support. Helen Thorpe can help with a range of subjects. Trina Sellers specialises in English, Music and literacy based subjects and Simon Henley specialises in Maths and Sciences.

Any student may come and refer themselves to us for help for any learning need, (small or large), and we will endeavour to get them the help they need.  We do this on an appointment basis. We may work with a student once or several times, or periodically, but we are unable to offer a permanent weekly appointment slot to anyone. The students who gain the most from working with us are those who come early, (as soon as a problem arises), and those who genuinely want to learn. So don’t wait until a teacher or a Head of House directs you to us. Make the choice to take charge of your own learning. Call in to book a time to discuss your learning need and work with one of us.

Peer Assisted LearningTutors

We are soon to begin training year 13 students as Peer Tutors for 2019. Most of these students will go on to work with and provide support for year 9 students, focusing on Maths. Some may opt to work with other students, at other levels, in other subjects. Each student will receive a training and participation certificate at the end of 2019, in recognition of the work they have done.

We are calling for volunteers from year 13 students who would be willing to give up the equivalent of one hour per week, for terms 2 and 3. This is a superb opportunity to show leadership and give back to the school. If you would be interested, please call in to the Learning Centre at any time in the next couple of weeks to add your name to our list. Training to be a PAL tutor will start around week five.

Homework Centre and NCEA Study Support
Learning Centre
After-School, until 5 p.m

The Learning Centre is running a Homework Centre every Wednesday. Students who attend these sessions find them very helpful.

If you are a student who has difficulty getting your homework done at home, or could do with some help, then you should be attending our Homework Centres. You simply need to turn up.

If you are a senior student and you would like to get help with essay writing, reading logs, research, breaking big assignments down into manageable pieces, subject content in Maths or Science etc, time management, study skills and exam techniques, please either: come to the after school sessions, or book a time with Helen, Trina or Simon.

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