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The Mental Stillness App is a free, evidence-based meditation resource that is available to the public, professionals and, most importantly, to young people. It provides simple guided-meditation sequences on video that can be used on demand. These sequences have been developed over several years of rigorous research and testing. They can be used by anyone of any age however it has been designed with young people in mind.

This App is provided as free public service, and is not for commercial, or promotional purposes. We value your privacy and do not seek access to any personal information other than the information about your usage of the App and it’s features within the App. We stress that no data will be given to any third party for commercial interests. In the future we will seek to scientifically evaluate the usage of meditation and its impact on wellbeing. However, at that stage additional information will be provided and your voluntary participation with any data collection will be requested.

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Sue Poupouare
Head of Counselling/Waiora
Western Springs College
09 815 6730 x740
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