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Three key events that I am highlighting in this issue:

  1. Senior Parent/Student/Teacher Interviews:

These are scheduled for Thursday June 25th in the Ken Havill Centre and Waioteao.

We have closed the school for the day to maximise booking opportunities, and interviews will be bookable from 10.00 am in the morning until 7.00 pm in the evening.

Note that I have labelled these interviews Parent/Student/Teacher interviews.  Given the lockdown hiatus to normal school programmes it is vitally important that all parties are present and engaged in the interviews.

Junior school reports and parent/student/teacher interviews will take place early in term 3.

  1. ERO Visit:

The Education review Office will visit us on July 18th in a vastly changed format than that which is usual.  Their aim is to “collect information about the actions schools are taking in response the Covid-19 context, the short term challenges and solutions schools are finding, and their successes to date”.  My community information pages and the dailt staus reports will provide much of the ‘fuel’ for this revue along with the pages and pages of supportive comments from parents featured in the previous (May) Newsletter.

  1. Open Week for 2021 Enrolments:

Public demand for this is high and our regular timing was again stymied by ‘lockdown’.

This year’s Open Week is scheduled for Week 2 of Term 3 – July 27th to 31st.  We are taking bookings this year (limited to 40 families per day) to make the visits more manageable and meaningful to visitors.  Remember these are not ‘showpiece events’ but day to day visits of a working school in operation.  We will extend the Open Week beyond week 2 if ‘demand’ exceeds our ability to cater for numbers in one week.

Ivan Davis

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