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Closing the school for the day to maximise access to teachers for parents of senior students last Thursday was a great move.  I managed to ‘bump into’ happy and satisfied parents and students that all was on track for a successful end of year outcome.  I know anxiety has been high post lockdown and the volume of bookings clearly signaled the need and desire for engagement.  I am pleased that we were able to deliver on this – many schools have not been able to.

It was pleasing to hear from first time visitors how mightily impressed they were with the new school.  Both by its architecture and its teaching staff!  I repeat, I have the best job in education in New Zealand!

The new school is featured in the latest edition of Architecture NowProfessor Andrew Barrie (University of Auckland, School of Architecture) visited the school before lockdown and I thought his concluding two paragraphs were uplifting:

“The scale and thoroughness of the re-imagination of ‘school’ at WSC/NPOW is arresting.  It prompts many fascinating questions but we can be confident that WSC/NPOW will find answers.  It has a solid record of innovation – it was the first secondary school to become a green-gold Enviroschool, to become a Living Wage employer and to be co-governed.

Borders Bookshop lasted only a decade, overtaken by swift changes in the retail industry.  WSC/NPOW is fleet footed and deeply committed, and Jasmax’s design is full of good ideas used well.  This is a campus with a future.

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