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Stop Press – Springs/Waiorea wins Architectural Award

Our architects at Jasmax have been acknowledged in the education category of the New Zealand Institute of Architects Auckland Awards for the WSCW redevelopment.  As a school we are very proud of this recognition. The citation reads as follows:

This project involved a massive overhaul of a tired campus overburdened with relocatable classrooms and car-dominated courtyard spaces.  The architects’ first transformational move was the development of a school masterplan that prioritised the students, making the connections between the buildings almost entirely pedestrian focused.  The two new teaching blocks impart a contemporary university sensibility to the campus.  One of the blocks, housing the jewel in the school’s crown, Ngā Puna o Waiōrea, the college’s Māori immersion-Rumaki unit, is the product of a collaboration with local mana whenua artist Graham Tipene, whose knowledge of the whakapapa of the area was applied to the creation of integrated art pieces.  The almost aircraft hangar-sized opening to a capacious kapa haka stage is a sight to behold.  The school’s transformational results in both student attendance and academic achievement are testament to the quality of the new campus, and the pride it has engendered in the students and the wider community.

Respect – A school-wide programme:

Sometimes lines can be blurred between banter and bullying – be it physical, verbal or online so we are working on a programme relating to and emphasising respect for each other and behaviours in support of each other, especially if a person is experiencing hard times.

We are also focussing on the power of the ‘bystander’ to intervene and call out behaviour that has crossed the line of acceptability.  We feel it is important to empower our students with the strategies to speak up in a situation, whether they are the victim or the bystander.  Student leaders have started this programme off by speaking at house assemblies in relation to ensuring we respect each other and who students can see if they need support.

In addition to this we have engaged Richie Hardcore to present to our Year 9 and 10 Springs students on consent, and ‘bystanders’ becoming ‘upstanders’.  Richie comes well recommended.  He has a profile and a reputation that resonates with young people as well as having worked with the Light Project and the Ministry of Social Development.  This presentation will take place on August 18th in our school Hall.

Following on from Richie’s presentation, form teachers will be doing a ‘scenarios quiz’ which explores some of the situations that students could find themselves in.  These could be difficult situations, potentially tricky to confront or downright challenging!  The quiz informs students what is appropriate behaviour in the different scenarios and what they can do if they find themselves in these situations or as a ‘bystander’.

If you would prefer you child to opt out of this presentation by Richie Hardcore, please contact the Head of your child’s house.  They will ensure that your child remains in form class and does not attend Richie’s presentation.

Thank you for your support,

Ivan Davis

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