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Senior Reports:

Reports for Years 11, 12 and 13 students are due to be sent out to whānau at the beginning of Week 10 of this term (July 5th).

These reports are crucial in signalling progress towards NCEA this year. Final results for internals that have already been completed will show on these reports, as well as progress grades. Progress grades reflect portfolio, project work and/or internals currently being completed. 

If you have any concerns about overall progress towards NCEA please contact the relevant Head of House or the Year 13 Academic Directors in the first instance. 

Derived grade exams

These will take place in Week 9 of Term 3. The results from these are crucial for any derived grade applications made to NZQA in Term 4 if students are unable to sit their external exams due to extenuating circumstances. 

A generous donation

A gift of $27,000 has been donated to the College by someone who has watched the school from afar and admired the direction and essence of our education practices and the well-rounded young adults we guide into the world. 

We are very grateful for this gift and believe scholarships are a wonderful way to give back to deserving students and to give them a helping hand with their bright futures. 

Our thanks goes out to this donor, their generosity certainly has the ability to change the path of students’ lives.

Please, please, please – stay home if you’re sick!

Students are still not staying home when they’re sick.  This problem has the potential to get worse as winter has just begun! 

Our teachers are doing a great job of sending sick kids to the nurse so that they can be sent home, but as I said last year to parents, it’s totally not acceptable to send sick kids to school. 

Ivan Davis


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