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I am thrilled to  welcome Andrew Raba as our new Library Assistant.  He comes with many library skills, being previously employed at public libraries and the Alexander Turnbull Library.  Both students and staff are benefitting from his experience from working  with young adults. He is harnessing his knowledge of books by connecting each student with their genre needs.

Andrew has begun his job in earnest, working with English classes, reading to them and working with small groups, resulting in increased borrowing.  His knowledge of books has been invaluable in book purchasing, adding titles that will appeal to all interests.

Our first ever Springs Library News (see below) produced by Andrew has been so popular that it will be a regular for our library.  Andrew has plans to make it more interactive – we will watch this space with anticipation

Another passion Andrew has is the practice of Yoga and guided breathing.  Hopefully we will have classes of interested staff and students coming to Springs very soon.

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