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Are you and your family/whānau protected from measles?

With people travelling overseas again, there’s a risk that someone with measles could unknowingly bring the disease back to Aotearoa New Zealand. Measles spreads easily and quickly, usually between people who are unimmunised or only partially immunised. It can be serious and life threatening. In the 2019 measles outbreak in Aotearoa New Zealand more than 30% of the people infected had to be admitted to hospital. The best protection against measles is the free MMR vaccine. It will protect you and your family/whānau, and prevent the virus from spreading.

You will be protected against measles if you:
• have had 2 doses of the MMR vaccine
• have had measles before
• were born before 1 January 1969.

If you’re unsure if you or your children/tamariki have had any or both doses of the MMR vaccine, check by calling your GP or hauōra provider. Alternatively, check your Plunket Well Child Tamariki Ōra book. If you’re still not sure, be safe and get immunised – there are no safety concerns with having an extra dose. MMR vaccines are free at your local health provider and many pharmacies. As measles still occurs in many countries, if you’re travelling overseas it’s especially important to be immunised to prevent the risk of being unknowingly infected and causing an outbreak in Aotearoa New Zealand on your return.

More information about the measles vaccination can be found here:
Measles vaccination – Ministry of Health

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