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On Saturday 10th March our Senior Sports Academy students participated in Relay for Life on the North Shore. This event is run by the Cancer Society where all funds go towards research and helping care for those who are going through treatment. Our Sports Academy students raised over $9,000 for Cancer Society which is an absolute amazing amount.

This event runs for 18 hours from 4pm-10am where students are to run/walk around the 400m track as many times as they can. They then record the amount of laps they do to get an overall team amount. The team managed to reach 3,388 laps altogether making us reach second place over all the teams.

Sylvie Frater and Austin Turnbull both reached 200 laps each which is roughly equivalent to two marathons. Many of the students reached over 100 laps making them run over a marathon.

One of the goals for Sports Academy this year is to be involved in the community by being part of events that help others. This event was perfect for these students and they are very thankful that they could help the Cancer Society organisation.

We would like to thank everyone who supported us for this event with donations and coming on the day to watch us be part of the event.

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